By Mr Allen

Episode 1

Lara got lost staring at her husband Jeff carrying their 3 year old daughter Jojo as
they sat in the living room happily watching cartoons.
Jeff had been a wonderful husband to her and an amazing father to Jojo. She loved him for many reasons and one of them was his playful and carefree nature; that explained why he enjoyed watching cartoons and playing games with Jojo. She never stopped to marvel at how
comfortable and at home Jojo felt wrapped in her father’s arms, the bond between father and daughter was so strong that it was unbreakable. She couldn’t help but be thankful for such a wonderful family.
On a Saturday like today, 5years ago she had stood before the altar with Jeff in front of family, friends and loved ones and they exchanged vows promising to live as man and wife until death made them part ways. She still could never forget the day he went down on one knee asking her to be his wife, it had been an intimate proposal at his place. He had made a special dinner for two for them both,all along
she had thought he was just being his usual romantic self when suddenly, he went down on one knee saying all kinds of sweet words. That day, he looked into her eyes and promised her that he would have nothing to do with any other woman besides her.“ I would rather die than betray your love” he had said and she believed every word.

Jeff had a great job, he was manager in one of the biggest telecom companies in the country earning a handsome salary with benefits; his
salary was so good that he could afford to take his family on regular vacations every year, sometimes even twice a year. His wife was his best friend and he loved her very much, he had never even been tempted for once to be with another woman; not even when they had struggled to have a child for 2 years after marriage because her fallopian tubes were blocked as a result of the Pelvic Inflammatory
Disease (PID) she had suffered some years ago. PID as she had explained to him then is an infection of the female reproductive organs
that usually occurs when sexually transmitted bacteria spread from the v@gina to the womb, fallopian tubes or ovaries. Women who have this infection may experience symptoms like pain in their lower abdomen or pelvis, abnormal vaginal discharge which may be foul smelling, pain during se.xual intercourse and irregular menstrual bleeding. However, some women may not experience any symptoms at all until much later when they find it difficult to conceive after the infection has damaged or blocked their tubes which
was exactly what happened to Lara. Although that could have been avoided if the infection had been treated with

Jojo turned out to be the long awaited miracle child they had been waiting for and Jeff loved her dearly; he named her Josephine after his late mother, Jojo was only a pet name he had given her. At 3 years old, she was probably due
for a younger sibling but he wasn’t in a hurry to have another child as he was more than satisfied with having just one. He wasn’t the typical African man that wanted to have children as many as Abraham’s descendants; for him, a family size of 3 was just perfect.


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