Ann sat down slowly in the store room with sob racking through her body she feels so numb.

Her parents had left a countless calls and messages on her phone which she couldn’t pick, the pain was just too much for her she felt like she had been living all her life a lie.

She couldn’t believe she was adopted.

“I Still can’t believe how you people landed with the princess of our land,I can’t believe it” Nkechi scoffed.

“Mama we didn’t know, how are we supposed to know that she’s the princess when she lost her memory” Patricia replied guilty.


“Have been trying her number she isn’t picking up, how do I tell her that she’s not my biological daughter” Richard stated worriedly.

“And who is not your biological daughter?” Bella asked walking into the room.

“Oh Bella don’t start ok” Patricia snapped angrily at her daughter.

“No Mum you don’t snap at me ok ,do you think I don’t know what is the is going on huh” Bella said angrily.

“Bella don’t you curse at your mum” Richard said.

“Dad please give me a break, you guys are all liers, you lied that Ann was with our maternal grandmother when she was young and it turns out that our supposed grandmother is dead before I was born, so I and Ann practically live our lives a lie,I can’t believe it” she sighed with tears spilling out of her face.

“No baby don’t say that” Patricia begged in tears.

“Are you guys even my parents?” She snapped and runs out of the room.

“Oh God” Patricia sighed with tears cascading down her eyes and her husband consoled her.

“I don’t even know what to say this is epic” Nkechi said walking out of the room.

“Oh God where did I ever go wrong” Patricia lamented.

“Please don’t focus on that now let call Annabelle I have this demolition that something is not okay with her” Richard said.

“I will” Patricia replied and tried to call Ann again and she isn’t picking up.

“Then let call her boyfriend, Max” Richard said and they placed a call across to Max to help check up on Ann.

Max walked into the silent sitting room, Ann didn’t remember to lock the door.

He searched through the rooms and he couldn’t find her until he heard her sobs coming out from one of the rooms and he walked into the room.

“Ann” he called softly.

But he was replied with silence

“Ann” he sits besides her and engulfed her in a hug.

She raised her eyes to meet his gaze “it hurts! It hurts” she muttered clutching the file firmly in her hands.

“Talk to me baby stop crying” he soothes, collecting the file from her gently, he opens it and read the content inside “sht” he muttered.

“Do you know how I feel about this whole thing, mum and dad lied to me, I never for once doubted them, but they lied to me” she cried.

“They treated me like theirs, I can swear they loved me more than their biological daughter, but I just don’t know how to process this”.

“You know what Ann take a deep breath and please put that file away, your parents had their reasons and besides you haven’t talked to them” he advised.

“Yes I haven’t talked to them” she exclaimed

“So stand up from there let me get you a cup of coffee”.

“Oh ok wait? What, do you even know how to make a cup of coffee?” She laughed.


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