Lord, speak!




And slowly, I turned from my ambition, my first love, my past and walked towards the jeep where my husband was!

My husband jumped out of the car and started running towards me, smiling gleefully.

“She chose me! Just me! Yes, she chose me! I told him you might have been with him for years and all but your heart now longs for me, only me! He said we should see if the job and his fresh look wouldn’t make you go with him! He challenged me! He asked for a test! He asked for a test darling and I didn’t want to do it but I told him I would do it for him to see my wife’s submission to His will! Then, you listened to Him! YOu did!”

When did my husband become a talkative?

My face was already wet with tears as he spoke.

I had series of goosebumps as he spoke to me.

“Does it mean, there is no Pearl Agency Worldwide anywhere?” I asked and my husband held my hands together and smiled deeply.

“Nothing like that! It was a test! An expensive test! I thank God you passed! You chose me!” he continued excitedly and swirled me into the air too for the first time.

But I wasn’t smiling at all!

I was pained in my heart!

I had not passed the test really!…I had chosen the whole juice, pleasurable offer over James…I had!

Only speaking to God made me choose the best!

Tears clouded my eyes again!

Oh how he vouched for me!

Oh how he trusted I wouldn’t fail him!

Oh how!…

I wept on and on.

He dropped me to the ground, disregarded my tears and pulled me to the jeep. He opened the door and brought out a brown envelope from his briefcase. He opened and some photos fell. He picked them and hid them under the envelope while he unfolded a very long white paper.

I waited anxiously.

“This is it. I had started working on it..see..” he said as he showed me the paper works that I couldn’t comprehend. He noticed my confusion and folded the paper.

“See these” he said as he handed the photos to me and I collected them

A very big uncompleted building

“What’s this?” I asked

“Emerald Initiatives PLC building under construction!” He said excitedly and tears just jumped out of their ducts in quick succession out of my eyes!

“You’ve been working on that behind my back?” I asked in utter shock, falling further into fits of cries

“I’d always be working for my queen to be the best. Best among the best and gladly, she is just so submissive to love little me. Chai, the love has just began!” He helped me enter the jeep and planted a quick kiss on my tear stained lips.


Oh wait wait wait!

Yeah, I am here again to stop the story from going further till we have learnt what God wants us to learn.

1. Jude is the devil, James is Jesus! We dated Jude in the past and had lots and lots of sinful pleasures but now married to Jesus, we say bye!

2. Jude had been a lookout for Emerald even though she was married. Why now? Well, the defeated foe is forever doomed and he doesn’t want to go to hell alone. He is on the lookout for you and I no matter how long or how not long you became married to Jesus!

3. Jude was even courting Emerald stylishly in the presence of her husband! What audacity! Well, does that evil guy care? No he doesn’t! He can bring temptation anywhere to us, even in the church! Beware!

4. James was not going to talk too much. No is no. if you seek for any other option, that is now left to you. That is the same way God says He has set life and death before us. He thereafter urges us to choose life!

5. Jude was only testing Emerald to see her level of devotion and commitment to James over her ambitions and goals in life. If there is a chance for us to choose between what we loved doing most and God, sincerely, what would be our choices?

6. James didn’t drive off even after he had told her to do her wish. He stood right there in the jeep waiting for her. Even in temptation and trials of faith when God seems silent, He actually is there, waiting and sincerely wishing that YOU CHOOSE HIM!

7. Emerald closed her eyes in prayers while in dilemma. She was confused as she weighed the pros and cons. Who is our first port of call when we are in a triangle?

8. She also closed her eyes, mind, all, till nothing else mattered but His sure voice alone! Do we seek to listen at all? Do we? Above all the noise around, do we seek His voice?

9. Emerald chose to follow God’s will for her life. What about you? Have you sincerely waved at all pleasures and wants that are not in accordance with His will? Have you?

10. James jumped to his feet with joy as he was the chosen one! When next you are tempted, remember the smile of God that can calm the raging sea and chose right. You wouldn’t want that smile turn to frown, would you? He would run to hug you. Ask the prodigal son if he didn’t run. God runs to welcome a straying sheep.

11.Emerald was not going to be an employee! She was being designed to be a boss! Thank goodness she didn’t settle for less. What about you? You wanna settle for less than God?

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