THE MASKED SINGERS: Episode 21 – 30


? Korean High School Love Story ?

Episode 21

By Anita ogheneyole

He turned and the person I saw made me shock.

It was Kris,he bought me,how dare him, why do you do it I asked annoyed.

Do what he asked in pretence as he puffed out smoke from his cigrate .

He was wearing a singlet and I could see he had tatoo all over him,he was even drinking and smoking and the person am seeing here is a different person entirely.

Surprise huh he said smiling .

Kris how could you do this to me I asked crying .

Oh you shut that mouth of yours you bl oody animal I don’t give a dmn how you feel or not all I know is that you are mine and you would do whatever i tell you you to do and I can’t wait to see the look on Ian face when he finds out you are mine he said and started laughing.

I thought we were friends I said crying .

Come on jenice,I only got close to you because I know ian loves you,that ba$tard thinks he can take what’s so precious to me and he wants me to let him be no way he said angrily.

His not a ba$tard and you are the real ba$tard here I screamed at him and before I knew it he landed a hot slap on my face making me fall down .

You think am joking huh he said dragging my hair,am gonna use you for revenge and you have the rules and regulations and if you dare disobey me jenice I swear you would regret the day you met me he said and pushed me to the ground roughly.

All he was saying felt like trance to me,all I kept seeing was stars all I wanted right now was to see my siblings.

Don’t worry your siblings are here,I bought them too that means,I owe all of you he said smiling.

Sissy i heard Tie yelled and ran to hug me as the guards brought them in.

Did she hit you guys are asking looking at teddy .

She flogged me because I was crying while Troy just hugged I wonder how they felt .

Enough of this family drama it makes me sick Kris said sitting at the chair opposite us.

What do you want from us I asked.

Take. A guard said handing me a paper,it read rules and regulations.

1??,You must do all house chores before I wake up from sleep.

2??you must not tell anyone how you are treated here.

3?? Don’t ever come to my room uninvited.

4?? don’t ever go close to Ian or any of the masked singers unless you have a death wish.

5??you are never to own a cellphone.

6??you are to satisfy my sxual urge whenever I need it and don’t forget that you are my slave and my property.

If you ever violate any of these rules consider yourself dead it read.

How can you make me do all this I yelled in total h©rror.

See you tommorow,Diego take then to their room he said and started climbing up the stairs.

The guys grabbed us harshly and took us up the stairs and put us inside a room.

The door of the room locked immidiately they threw us in,the room was not well furnished but it’s far better than our room at home .

Sissy are you sure we are gonna be fine here,that guy looks so evil Troy said.

Don’t worry we would be fine I said and hugged them tightly to myself they where my past hope .

The door burst open Immidiately and the guy that brought us in threw in food.

You better eat and don’t do anything silly my boss is watching your every move he said and walked out.

I opened the food and it looks nice at least we could eat than die of hunger.

After we had finished eating,I quickly bath my siblings and put them to bed .

I also took my bath and I wore the nightie I saw in the wadrobe .

I lay on the bed sadly,my heart beat could be heard,I hold my parents responsible for all this,if they hadn’t died and left us I’m this wicked world.

I cried till my eyes where heavy and sleep took over .

Next morning.

I woke up as early as possible,I cleaned the whole house and prepared breakfast according to the time table,by 7 I was already dressed including my siblings .

We all walked out of the room and climbed down the stairs to meet Kris already dressed in his school uniform and eating .

Impressive jenice and you are a good cook he said .

Sir can we take breakfast I asked because of my siblings.

No you guys eat only once In a day and that’s when you are back from school now get going he said I swear I felt my heart stop,I couldn’t even move .

Are you dump,get out and don’t violate any of the instructions he yelled and I rushed out holding my siblings.

We stood outside the gate when a car pulled in front of us and one of the guard came out.

Take eat and don’t let the boss see you he said handing me some money .

Thanks I appreciate I said as I stopped a taxi and we entered .

Hours later.

I sat quitely in class,it’s been complete 3 hours and yet no sign of the masked singers, Kris didn’t even let me seat or talk with Becky he said I should stay alone .

We are the food inside the car before I dropped my siblings and I gave them money to buy lunch thank goodness Kyle money was still with us .

I wanted to call Kyle and tell him my present predicament but I couldn’t, Kris was starring at me,the ba$tard was watching my every move,I really got to be careful if I don’t need trouble.

A loud scream from outside and I knew they had arrived,I just hope he doesn’t sit with me .

I rested my head on my table,I didn’t want to see his face.

I raised my head when I felt the whole class was calm and there he was sitting beside me,he wore a crazy Jean and a t shirt,his hair was dyed blue he had sweet in his mouth and that alone made me wet .

Hello pretty he said turning to face me.

I wanted to reply him back but when I was Kris angrily eyes starring at me,I knew trouble was lurking around.

Why are you sitting close to me I asked.

I could see the shock on Ian face because of my sudden outburst .

Am sorry about what happened yesterday jenice he said holding my hands but I flung his hands away.

I don’t care I said and that was when I saw kris signaling me to come sit with him.

I can’t believe am now someone property that can be controlled, am gonna kill that uncle of mine I thought and just then tears rolled from my eyes,Ian had a confused look on,I grabbed my things and went to sit beside Kris he had a victorious look on his face .

Ian stared at us with anger written all over him and he suddenly stood up and stormed out.

You are in soup for crying,you really want to make it suspicious huh,just wait till we get home and next time you would do as I say. He said and I felt my body froze.

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