THE MISTAKE OF MY LIFE Episode 1 to The End



22nd June 1989
I woke up from sleep with a very terrible headache, while hunger and fear occupied the rest of my body.
Nnamdi who was lying by my side instantly coughed, startling me. I rubbed my eyes, got up from bed and smiled at little Winnie who was sleeping peaceful on her cot.

That fateful day was my 19th birthday, but instead of being the happiest day of my life, it brought great suspence, fear and sorrow with it. It was equally the last day Nnamdi, my boyfriend and little Winnie’s father gave me to pack out from his room.

Our relationship suddenly turned sour when i got pregnant for him. He never wanted me to keep the baby, but i refused to terminate it leaving him with no choice than to accept responsibility, when my parents threw me out of their house.

I was in SS3 when it happened, while he was just a struggling brick layer and a motor mechanic apprentice. We both were from poor backgrounds which truly worsened everything.

I was then left at his mercy, and out of frustration he never allowed a moment to pass without reminding me of the hardship i was causing him and how unlucky i was. Those were the moments i felt like killing myself.

I admit i made a terribly mistake by having unprotected se.x and getting pregnant for him, but harming my innocent baby was what i really couldn’t do.

I managed and struggled with determination until i gave birth to my little girl on 21st december 1988. Nnamdi on his part grudgingly supported me by providing the little he had which he never did without complaining, but the love and joy my little girl brought into my life sustained and gave me hope.

As soon as little Winnie was born, he gave me six months to leave his house. At first i thought it was one of his numerous careless comments, but as June slowly drew near, he began singing it almost everyday in my ears. Leaving me confused, demoralized and unhappy.

It really wasn’t as if he was spending much on us. I only ate twice daily while little Winnie survived on my br.east milk and few ‘Tins’ of baby milk concerned neighbours especially our land-lady do give us.

The previous day {21st June}, he almost strangled me simply because i begged him to allow us stay few more months with him. I had no money on me, nor family to seek because to them i was good as dead. Not even when i took little Winnie to them months after she was born did their mind change.

I murmured some prayers as i awaited my fate, wondering where to go, when he eventually wakes up and throws us out.



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