?The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)

Episode 11

By: Faith Lucky

I boarded a cab and head straight to the prince’s personal house. Thank goodness I could still recall the path.

As I sat in the moving cab, I couldn’t help but think about it- my life – and everything.

G©sh. No. I don’t think this is the right time to think. Probably, not.

I sighed and continued staring out the window and after a very long while, I got to my destination.

I paid the cabby and continued walking towards the house.

Getting to the gate, I knocked on it – nervously. And it was opened after a few seconds.

“Hi. Good evening”, I beamed to the gateman.


“Danica. Come in” he cut me off and opened the gate wider for me and I mouthed an “oh” before walking in.

Thank goodness the prince has told him about me already.

“Thanks”, I smiled at him and started walking towards the house.

I couldn’t help but admire it as I walked, it was more like a duplex and I wondered why the prince had to live in the palace if he had such apartment.

I got to the gold colored door and took a proper look at myself. I just hoped I was looking good enough.

I was about knocking on the door when it suddenly went open on its own and my eyes dilated when I found the princess standing in front of me – princess Mabel.

“Oh, my! She’s here!” She exclaimed and to my greatest surprise, pulled me in a hug.


I shifted uncomfortably in the hug as she smelt royalty.

“G…Good evening, my princess” I greeted with a bow after the hug.

“Good evening, Danica. And welcome. I was beginning to think you wouldn’t show up. Please, come in”. She held my hand and led me into the house.

O….kay. This feels really cranky.

“My brother had told me about you – he said you’d be his date to the party” She paused and turned to look at me.

“Hmm. Thank goodness I came with the dress. I knew you’d be needing one” she giggled and continued walking while i followed.

O…kay. And what does she mean by that?

I interlocked my fingers in front of me as I walked, feeling really nervous.

We took the stairs, walked down the hallway and finally stopped in front of a door which the princess opened and walked in.

“Please,come in. I need you to primp you up before my brother returns”, she said as I followed her into the room, my eyes gazing around.

Wow! Does she have a room here? I never thought of it.

“Um…the prince isn’t around?” I asked timidly

“Nah. But he’ll be back soon and that’s the reason I need to get you ready before he does. My brother actually thinks I’m worst when it comes to fashion and I wanna prove him wrong today. So, first, I need you to change into this”,

She took a towel and stretched out to me.

Oh. But why? Does she want me to take a bath or what?

I collected the towel anyway and went behind her to change.

“Perfect. And.come sit here, please. Quickly”, she drew out a chair from the make up table and I walked to it and sat.

There were sooo many items on it – so many of them and I wondered if she was really going to use every one of them on my face.

“Okay. And here we go!” She exclaimed happily and commenced work.
It was almost 7.

I returned home quickly cause I didn’t want to keep the prince waiting. I needed to get Danica.

Getting to the house, I found mum in the sitting room, with a boy. I didn’t know him.

“But when would she be back? I just need to see her. Its urgent”. The boy said with a worried look on his face.

“I don’t know, Scott. But as soon as she’s back, I’ll let her know you came and ask her to get back to you”, mum replied.
Huh? Who are they talking about?

The boy sighed and turned around.

“What is it, Scott? You can talk to me. Is there a problem?” Mum asked and I left the door where I’d been standing and went in to meet them.

“Don’t worry, ma’am. There’s no big problem. I’ll just check up on her later. Thanks” the boy answered and started walking towards the door.

“Good evening, ma’am” he greeted me before passing by and walking out the door.


Then, I turned to look at mum

“What’s going on?” I asked and she shrugged and stared at the clothes she Was fixing

“He’s a friend of Danica. And he’s looking for her. but unfortunately, she isn’t home”. , she replied and my eyes dilated in shock.


“She…she isn’t home? Where did she go??” I asked, alarmed.

“Well, she dropped a note for me, telling me she had an urgent work to do. So, she….”

“Whaaaat???” I shrieked.
“What stupid work is that?? Where is it?”

Mum looked confused.

“I don’t know,,Kim. She didn’t say. What’s going on. Why are you upset?”

“That brat! How dare she?? We’ were supposed to go somewhere!” I gritted angrily and turned around.

“Where is that? Why’s it so important?”

“Dmn it, mum! It’s important to me and she knows it but chooses to just toil around with me. How dare she??” I yelled and ran out of the house, looking left and right, wishing I’d just see her.

How could she?? How could she ruin my plans?? The prince had already given part of the money and I’m not meant to disappoint him. How could Danica put me in such a mess?

Oh, Danica! I just pray you never come back to this house cause I swear, I’ll kill you!!

I’ll kill you – you daughter of my enemy!!
Daughter of my enemy????

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