Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ??

? Episode 11 ?

? Theresa ?

Jessica is such a kill joy!

How dare her crush on that guy who I already have eyes for?

Although I’ve got a boyfriend but its not that I’m getting married to him!

I’m just having fun.

Theresa had always be the fastest one between us,always going for the best but this time…I’m not going to let it happen.

That guy has got to be mine. I have to act fast and over take her.

She came back from his hospital room smiling.

I glared at her as she sat. “You are really enjoying this.” I mumbled and she rolled her eyes.

” I told him to come see me here when he gets discharged! That guy is cute! I’m so excited.” Jess said and I smirked secretly.

” I have this feeling he’s someone great too. Wish me luck,sis. I can’t wait to get hooked up with him.” Jess said dreamily and I looking away with a big scoff.

No, Jess. This time around,I’m taking the best.

I said in my heart.

? Marianne ?


The sound of the alarm that particular morning was just too loud.

I groaned and reached out, turning it on and going back to sleep.

I snapped my eyes open almost immediately, remembering why I set the alarm.

The time was few minutes past six when I got out of bed and noticed I had spent the night in the living room.

I dressed up and decided to go for a walk out.

I put on my sneakers and stepped put into the early cold morning.

I let my hair fall back and began jogging towards the white gate.

I opened it and jogged down the street.

I was heading down a narrow part when a car suddenly appeared in front of me.

I stopped, panting a little and wondered who the hell was obstructing my way.

I watched as someone came down and it turned out to be Robert.


He smiled walking up to me. It was still a little bit dark but I could see him clearly.

“My love.” He whispered coming towards me.

I looked back becoming suddenly apprehensive.

The road was still deserted. “What do you want?” I asked.

“Good morning.”

“There is nothing good about this morning, Robert. What are you doing in my estate?” I asked again.

” You. ” He simply replied and I laughed.

” I don’t understand.” I scoffed.

“Then why did you laugh? ”

” Look, I’m out for my workout. I don’t know what you are talking about so I need you to get out of my way. ” I said.

” You are still in love with me baby and both of us knows that. ” He said and I stared at him.

” I’m love with you? “I exclaimed.

“Yeah. That kss at the bar said it all.”

“Oh, that? Well, that was an empty kss dear.

I only did it to get back at someone. I can never be in love with you, Robert. You are an a$$hole. ” I said into his face.

He smiled and looked away. ” I will take that ba$tard down and have you back, Marianne. Watch me.” He said and headed back to the car, turned and drove off.

My heart skipped as he said that. What does he mean by taking that ba$tard down?

I lost my strength to jog and headed back home really frightened.

What does he want? I shouldn’t have kssed him.

Now he thinks I’m still secretly in love with him.

? Davidson ?

I woke up that morning with the worst more ever.

I got up from bed, frowning deeply when I noticed she wasn’t there beside me.

I groaned as suddenly something powerful crept into my head and exploded in there.

I lost my control and reasoning as I roared and pushed the full length mirror beside my wardrobe on the ground.

It smashed into pieces and I stared at it with my eyes becoming red.

I wanted to stop myself but couldn’t.

What’s happening to me?

My fists tightened as I stared frantically about.

I seriously wanted to destroy things as my head continued exploding.

I wanted to control myself but couldn’t. I pushed the tea tray on the counter on the floor, smashing the glass cup in it.

I wasn’t yet satisfied as I pushed down the counter groaning.

I buried my fingers deep into my head and roared out another scream.

My whole body shook and my heart pounded non stop.

I banged my fists hard on the wall countless times not feeling the pain at the moment.

My fingers and knuckles whitened and started bl.eeding still yet, I was full of that crazy force.

Suddenly the door bursted open and someone rushed in.

I breathed heavily, glaring at her as she stared at me…. alarmed.


Her soft voice called out and almost immediately,I recognized her again.


The full force left me as I felt so weak immediately just staring at her as she glued herself to the door.

I dropped back into bed in time as she ran towards me.

“Davey! Oh my God… What’s happening!” She yelled and I passed out just when she pulled me into her soft and tender arms.


Guess something is wrong with Davey!

What could that be??

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