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My name is Abigail Abiodun and I am already 53 years old. I lost my husband at a very young age. It didn’t take up to 6 Years that we got married before he died prematurely.

I had to mourn my husband for a year according to my beliefs and customs.

My late mother initiated me into THE WIDOWS GANG so I had no option that to kill my husband in cold bI.ood.


I never knew my mother was a member of that dreaded gang. The widow’s gangs has been causing chaos in our state and i didn’t believe that I was going to be among them.

After my wicked mother initiated me into the gang, I had no other option than to kill my husband. I poisoned his food and he died a very painful death after eating it.

He was diagnosed of cancer. He died very slowly and painful. I couldn’t watch the man I loved die that king of tragic death so I went to stay with my aunt.

It’s been over 5 years since My husband died but I haven’t been able to get over his de.ath.

I only agreed to join THE WIDOWS’ GANG because I thought I would get vengeance on the death of my husband… I needed to blame someone for it… had I known…

My dear husband has been hunting me. Ever since I killed him, I haven’t been able to sleep with my two eyes closed.

It’s either I am seeing him or he’s $trangling me. He threatened to kill me if I don’t confess but I haven’t been able to do it.

Our spiritual Oraclist in the gang is the same person that has been protecting me from my husband.

He’s the one always protecting we the widows from our spirit husands because almost all the widows in the gangs killed their husband so he’s protecting us against them.

I am the chief commander of my branch. We have almost 20 branches with different units and I control my branch.

My life is really at stake and any moment from now, I am going to die.

I already know it’s My dead husband that’s going to kill me. I am ready to die so I can go beg for his forgiveness at the world beyond.

I am already regretting my actions. I don’t even know what came over me that made me kill my husband.

Any time from now, I would be dead so I have to Take my own share of the widow’s gangs by going to the dark forest to take all their money.

The widows gang always saved their money in the forest so the police won’t trace them down.

I have already made preparations to go there. Our spiritual oraclist cast a spell on the forest and it made the place where they kept their money invisible to people.

He also guided the tower by putting a demon in charge of the place.the demons name is The guardian devil.

The prophet I met gave me A scared pot. I can’t wait to get to the forest so I can get those bags of money…. Gosh…



I had my bath and drove down to the forest with the sacred pot. I borrowed a car to go there to avoid any suspicion from any body.

When I got there, I brought out the sacred pot and walked to a tall tree. The prophet told me that the tall tree was where the tower was located…..Hmmmm..

I opened the pot and brought out a red knife…the prophet told me to stab the tree with it…. I used the knife and stabbed the tree with it and suddenly I saw a small mud house appeared before me….wow..

I dropped the pot and started running towards the hut….I was about entering into the hut when suddenly a light from nowhere shone on my face and everywhere turned dark… nooooooo….I can’t be blind….I can’t be blinddddd…

I fell down and landed on the ground…. I started searching for the sacred pot but I couldn’t find it…What the hell is happening to meeeee???…

“Who are you and what are you here for”I heard a voice ask me and I looked up but I found no one…that was when it dawned on me that I was really blind…..Noooooo…

“Don’t harm me…Please sphere my life…,please”I pleaded as tears streamed down my cheeks…

“You shall die you stubborn thief…how dare you attempt to steal from your sisters….you shall die you stubborn fly “ The demon said and I heard footsteps approaching me…nooooooo……i am deaddddd….

I felt something sharp and cold entering into my pale body….ahhhhh..,.

“Please sphere my life…please don’t harm me…I promise to leave and never return” I said as blood gushed out from my broken mouth..

“Hahahahaha… shall die you fool”The demon said and my body changed at once…I started shaking like an epileptic patient..,

I regret coming here in the first place..,.noooooo….the pains are too much…I can’t help it…..I gave up….


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