By Ariel Mirabel

The Watterson**

“No! Please stay with me. My life has no meaning without you!!” He said, gently caressing her cheek.

She smiled weakly and coughed out bIood, raising her hand to his cheek.

TROUBLESOME FAMILY : CHAPTER 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

“I’ll always be with you my love, till we meet again. I love you” She said and coughed again, slowly giving up the ghost.

“No!! Amanda!!!” He cried loudly, hugging her body to him as his tears wet her body.

“This is so sad!!” Monica cried, wiping off her tears with a tissue.

She stuffed her face with popcorn, her eyes glued on the TV.

“Why did she have to d!e. It’s so unfair, poor Evan” She pouted..


Angelo walked down the stairs with his hands in his pocket. He looked at Monica and sighed, shaking his head.

“Get your lazy self off that couch and go to school” He said, entering the kitchen.

Monica stood up and followed him behind.

“I’ll go if only you go to school” She said and took in her lips, making her dimples to come out.

“You know I hate school” Angelo said, opening a can of soda.

“C’mon,, let’s go. I want you to drop me off,, please best big bro..please?” Monica said.

“Stop pestering me and just go!” Angelo sighed.

“I won’t go too..and you know mom is gonna scold you not me” Monica said.

Angelo rolled his eyes and went upstairs. Monica jumped happily.


She rushed to her room to have her bath..


Few minutes later**

Monica hopped out of her room, already dressed for school. She smiled when she saw Angelo leaning on the wall with his headset on, listening to music.

“I’m ready!” She exclaimed.

Angelo looked at her and began walking away.

“Hey wait for me! Can’t you be a little romantic?” Monica ran after him.

“Romantic my foot..”

They both got in the car and then drove off heading to Monica’s school.

“We’re here” Angelo said.

Monica looked out of the car and smiled. SILVER HIGH was bodly written. She got down the car and waved at Angelo who drove off immediately.

“So rude…” She pouted.

With a shrug, she turned and walked in the school.

? Look it’s Monica
? Gosh!, this cute smile of hers always drives me nuts
? Just look at those!
? One day I’m gonna fk her I swear
? That is if her big brother doesn’t kll you..

The students, especially the boys kept murmuring as Monica walked pass them.

“Moni!!” A voice called.

Monica turned to see Ursula coming to her. She smiled widely..

“Sula!” Monica smiled.

“Stop calling me that” Ursula frowned. Monica just chuckled.

Well Monica and Ursula are like 5 and 6. They practically grew up together, same age (17).

“I have a huge gist to tell you.. So you see”

“Ahh!!!!” Students began screaming, interrupting Ursula. They both looked at were the screams were coming from.

The students kept gushing when a girl walked in the school. With black long hairs, long beautiful legs, round and juicy bbs and a back to d!e for!

She played with her hairs as she chewed her bubblegum sxily. Her skirt was shorter than the others.

Monica immediately frowned when she saw her approaching.

“What’s up! Shapeless baboon” She smirked.

“I’m good cockroach” Monica smirked too.

They glared at each other for a while till the girl turned to the other.

“I’m hosting a pool party tonight and you’re all invited.. Make sure you bring your sxy bikinis” She winked.

? Yay!!
? We love you Tara!!!

Wondering who this girl is? Well she’s Tara Kendall, the second most popular teen model in the country.

Monica despise her so much for a reason best known to them.

“See you around useless” Tara said and walked away, rocking her hips in the process.

Monica gritted her teeth as she folded her fists tightly.

“I so much hate her!!!” Monica screamed.

“Calm down..I don’t get why you hate Tara, she’s really cool” Ursula smiled.

“Enough of her,, what were you saying before she interrupted” Monica asked.

“Skye is back in America!!” Ursula screamed.

Monica furrowed her brows.

“Who’s Skye?” Monica asked.

“Omg! Don’t you know Skye? He’s one of my idol, a music star.. His music are so good and touching and his and his face is gosh!..he’s so cute!” Ursula said in a rush.

“Don’t forget to breath” Monica chuckled..

“It’s because you don’t know him thats why you’re not this anxious.. He’s my crush, my,, gosh!” Ursula gushed.

“It’s funny how girls are crazy about someone who doesn’t even know they exist” Monica shook her head.

“Anyways I think I have a plan,, I’m going for that party” Monica smirked.

“Monica .. What diabolic thing are you planning” Ursula asked

Monica just smirked more and took in her lower lips.


S•W Couture**

“What’s this!! Do you call this a top notch design?!! What’s this baggy top for?!”

The designer who was been interrogated shivered in fear. She gulped down and looked down in fear.

“I’m..I’m sorry boss it’s just that the design was good so I..”

“Good? You call this good?! Take this and get out of my face… You’re fired!!”

“Ma’am please I…”

It took just one glare from Stephanie to shut her up. The designer bowed and walked out of the office.

Stephanie too deep breath to calm her nerves down. She stood up and arranged her mini gown properly before walking to the window.

She hasn’t reached the window when the door to her office swung open. Two person walked in..

“Steph!!” A voice screamed her name.

She sighed and rolled her eyes. Just from the voice, she already knew who it was..

“What?” Stephanie said, turning back.

She saw the designer she fired, standing behind her.

“You fired Nora, like seriously? She’s one of the best designer we’ve got here.. Do you want this company to go bankrupt?!” Scarlett said and crossed her arms on her chest.

Stephanie rolled her eyes and crossed her arms too.

“I don’t want her” Stephanie said nonchalantly.

Scarlett shook her head and turned to Nora.

“You’re hired back” Scarlett said.

“Thanks so much ma’am” Nora bowed and happily left the office.

“How dare you defy my order? We both own this fashion industry so we have equal right and…”

Scarlett walked out of the office, ignoring what she was saying.

“Hey! How dare you walk out on me.. Hey!” Stephanie went after Scarlett..

Well that’s their favorite hobby..arguing over nothing.


? ? ? ? ?

Howards University**

12:00pm signalled the end of the second class as the electronic bell rung.

Angelo walked out of his class, headset on while manipulating his phone as he walked to the cafeteria to grab something to eat.

He kept murmuring a song to himself while going

? Can I call you baby?
? Can you be my friend?
? Can you be my lover up until the very end?
? Let me show you..

“Ahhh!!!!” Someone removed his headset and screamed in his ear, making him flinch..

“F*ck! Avery what’s wrong with you?!” Angelo frowned.

“I was calling you but you weren’t listening..try reducing the volume when you walk” Avery smiled.

Let me present to you Avery Remington. Slim body, cute and gummy smile and always jovial. Monica’s associate in bugging Angelo.

Angelo rolled his eyes and continued his way. Avery hugged his left arm and pouted.

“Will you stop being a bummer for once, can’t you just smile for once? Huh?” Avery said.

“My smile is expensive.. You need to pay before seeing it” Angelo said.

“So you can crack jokes too? Not bad..” Avery winked.


? ? ? ? ?

Night..The Watterson**

“Mom, I’m ready! Leaving!” Monica said, coming down the stairs.

She was wearing a yellow shinny mini skirt and a white crop top, holding a little bag with her.

“Okay safe okay?” Julia said, entering the living room.

“Of course mom” Monica said and pecked her before leaving.

Her driver was already ready. He opened the car door for her and she got in.. The driver drove out of their huge and luxurious villa.

“Let’s see how this party will be” Monica smirked.


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