By Ariel Mirabel

The Watterson**

“Marry me” Raymond said.

“Huh?” Scarlett exclaimed..

Scarlett was shocked to the bones,, but not as much as Stephanie. She was completely frozen…

“That’s the only way Miss, well let’s do it this way.. We’ll get married for two months then once all these rumors are down, we annul the marriage and go our separate ways..” Raymond said.

TROUBLESOME FAMILY : CHAPTER 11 – 20. Thingscouplesdo

Scarlett looked back at her parents who had a look which says ‘good idea’. She looked back at Raymond.

“I’ll think about it..” She replied.

“Okay, have a nice day” He said and left immediately..

“This is so unfair!” Stephanie finally spoke. She quickly rushed upstairs in tears.

“Steph..oh no” Scarlett muttered.

It dawned on her that Stephanie had a liking to Raymond and them getting married will disfavor Stephanie.

Scarlett sighed and sat back on the couch, burying her face in her hand. All these because of one night..


? ? ? ? ?

La Ty Designs**

“What?! What do you mean by you didn’t fk her!” Tony yelled on the phone.

“I don’t know,, I went to the room you asked me to and i saw no one.” The man replied.

“Dmn.. ” She angrily hung up.

She switched on the TV and her eyes almost fell off their sockets when she saw the news..

“Oh no..” She muttered in fear.

She dialed Maya’s number but she isn’t picking her call. Panic stroke her really hard.

“I’m sure Raymond find out she’s the one behind this.. What if she says its me..” Tony began panicking.

Everyone knows how dangerous Raymond can get when you step on his shoes.


? ? ? ? ?

Howards University**

“The questions were so easy!” Phoebe smiled as they walked out of the hall..

“Yeah.. I hope we pass” Melody smiled.

“Let’s go tour round the school, come!” Phoebe pulled Melody.

They began walking round the school, admiring the building and then everything with it..

Suddenly someone bumped into them. Melody almost fell but she was pulled up, making her crash on the person..

“Sorry pretty..” The person said.

Melody looked up to see it was a guy. He quickly released her when he heard some noises behind them..

He quickly ran away. Not long after, a group of girls ran pass them..

? He’s so cute!!

They screamed as they ran after him. Melody just stared at everything, she didn’t even have time to speak.

“Gosh!, guys in this school are so cute and handsome.. Think I’m gonna love being here” Phoebe gushed..

“Let’s just go, I have to go for work in few minutes” Melody said, heading to the exit.


? ? ? ? ?

“Help!! Help!!” Maya screamed at the top of her voice. She was so exhausted..

Both of her hands were tied upwards by chains, leaving her dangling.

“Still won’t talk..” A female voice said.

Her face came to view, it was none other than Lucy (reread chapter 4 if you’ve forgotten who Lucy is…).

She smirked and crossed her hand.

“Let me go,, please” Maya pleaded.

“After tricking Don Ray,, no way! Just tell us who hired you to do it and we’ll let you go” Lucy said.

“For the last f*cking time i can’t!! Don’t you have a brain to understand english!!”

Lucy sIapped her really across the cheek, making her lips bIeed. She grabbed her by the neck tightly..

“I don’t care whether you can or you cannot. If you want to leave this place, you better start talking” Lucy spatted.

She released Maya who started coughing loudly..

She looked one last time at her before leaving the room. She entered another room which had 10 computers. Each computer had a person working on it..

“Have you located their exact location?” Lucy asked with a stern look on her face.

“Yes boss.. He just landed in America,, with the corpse to sell” One of them replied..

“Good, don’t loose track of him.. Till you find out the place where he stays, I’ll inform boss.” Lucy said and brought out her phone.


“Yeah” Raymond said, working on some documents in his company..

“Mr Fenhua Haoyu has landed in the country with his goods to sell.. He’s currently heading to his house” Lucy said.

“Alright Lucy. Don’t make any moves till I update you guys..” Raymond said.

“But why..” Lucy asked.

“I’ll personally handle him” Raymond said and hung up.

Lucy frowned..

“He never handle minor cases like this on his own unless he’s,,, angry” Lucy said inwardly.


? ? ? ? ?

The Watterson**

“I’m done with cleaning your room ma’am, is there something I can do ma’am” Melody asked with a smile.

“Nothing,, you can leave” Scarlett sighed.

Melody furrowed her brows.

“Ma’am, if I may ask is there something bothering you?” Melody asked.

“Nothing I’m just in a huge dilemma” Scarlett said.

“Okay, have a nice night ma’am” Melody said and walked out of her room.

She almost bumped on Angelo who made to knock on the door.

“Miss SIapper?” Angelo said.

Melody rolled her eyes and made to leave but he pulled her back.

“How’s my sister doing?” Angelo asked

“She’s unusually calm and silent” Melody replied and Angelo sighed.

“What’s happening?” Melody asked

“You haven’t seen the news?” Angelo asked and she nodded.

“Here watch it, I’ll be back”

He brought out his phone and gave her before entering Scarlett’s room. Melody looked at it and then at him..

“Why is it that this family trust people too much? What if I decide to steal it?” Melody wondered.



“Scar?” Angelo said, walking to her.

“Baby bro” Scarlett smiled lightly. Angelo sat down next to him.

“Have you thought through it” Angelo said.

“I don’t know what to do.. On one hand is my reputation for life then the other is my sister..gosh!” Scarlett covered her face.

“Well, I don’t know what you’ll choose but to me.. I think you should do what your mind judges best, not what your heart says. The heart can sometimes be too blind” Angelo said.

Scarlett thought for a while and nodded before smiling widely.

“Thanks baby bro, I think I know what to do..” Scarlett said.

“You see, it wasn’t that hard..” Angelo smiled and pinched her nose.

“Come here baby bro” Scarlett said and hugged him tightly.

“Loosen up.. You’re gonna suffocate me” Angelo said.

Scarlett hit his back, making him groan. He chuckled afterwards. Few minutes later, they broke the hug and Angelo left.

Scarlett took her phone and went to the page of Raymond’s company where she got his number

“You’ll have to forgive me sis” Scarlett muttered and with a determined look, she dialed the number


“It’s me,, Scarlett. I called to tell you that, I agree to your proposal..” Scarlett said.

“Alright, my driver will pick you up for the court. Tomorrow” He said.

“Okay” Scarlett replied and hung up..

She hugged her phone tightly..


? ? ? ? ?

Fenhua’s mansion**

“Just look at these goods,, so gorgeous and beautiful..” Fenhua smiled as he caressed the cheeks of young and innocent ladies.

Each and everyone of the ladies were tied up on a chair and they were forced to wear skimpy dresses with makeup on their faces.

They looked so terrified…

“When are my clients arriving?” Fenhua asked one of his guards.

“In about an hour time.”

“Perfect, make sure none of them escapes in not I’ll have your head rolling on this floor” He threatened and left the room.

He went to his room and met two ladies in lingerie, laying on his bed while smiling at him.

“Let’s have some fun while we wait..” He smirked, unbuttoning his shirt.


Raymond got down his car and looked at the building in front of him. Dressed in a black singlet with black jeans.

He brought out his phone and made a call..

“Lucy, I need you to bring a truck to Fenhua’s place..” He said and hung up then kept back his phone in his car.

He brought out two guns and a belt filled with bullets which he wore across his shoulder.

“This should take me 30 minutes..” He muttered and walked in their house..

“Hey!, who are you?” One of the guard aimed his gun at Raymond once they saw he was armed..

“Drop that toy kid, else you’ll harm yourself” Raymond muttered, unfazed by their number.

A smirk grazed his lips when he saw how they were to attack him..



He groaned as he was enjoying himself.. This was what he called ‘life’

They were busy with their threesome that they didn’t notice the slight opening of the door.

Something was thrown in which broke on the floor making Fenhua to turn back.

He saw a huge container on the floor and out of it, liquid was coming out.

“What’s that?” Fenhua asked as he sniffed in.

“That smells like-”

Like a slow mo, Raymond opened the door and stared at him before lightning up a match.

Fenhua’s eyes widened as he watched Raymond dropped it on the floor before closing back the door.

The whole room immediately caught fire. Raymond smirked as he walked away..

“It’s because of anímals like you that I almost lost my sister..” Raymond thought.

He walked in the room which held the young innocent girls captive and quickly shot down the guards before they could move.

“You girls are free.. Go and live your lives the way you want” He said, untying each and everyone of them..

Some thanked him countlessly while those who already lost hope were crying out of joy..

Well Fenhua Haoyu is chinese syndicate who kidnaps ladies from different places and then sells them to potential buyers..

They all walked out of the mansion and met Lucy out with the truck as expected..

The ladies all entered the truck while Raymond entered his car. He rested his head on the seat before driving off..


? ? ? ? ?

The Watterson**

Scarlett exhaled loudly before opening Stephanie’s door. She walked in and met her working on her laptop..

“Sis…” Scarlett muttered.

“I told you to stop calling me that”

“I,, I have something to tell you. I accepted Raymond’s proposal.. I’ll marry him” Scarlett dropped the bombshell.

“What?!” Stephanie spranged up from her bed.

“That’s not fair.. You know how much I love him!” Stephanie flared up.

“But I had no choice Steph, besides it’s just for two months… After that you can”

“I can what? Have him after you, like I just feed on your remains? Nice” Stephanie rolled her eyes..

Scarlett stared at her in disbelief.

“I never knew you loved a stranger more than your own twin sister..” Scarlett muttered..

“Steph,, at the moment we speak. The world think I’m some cheap slut who sold her body just to win a darn award… My whole life will be tarnished because of this” Scarlett said softly.

Stephanie loosened up a bit. Scarlett came and hugged her.

“I’m sorry”


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