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“Move an inch and watch as I blow off your skull….kapow!!” Lucy said.

The man immediately stopped what he was doing. He raised his hand up.

“Slowly stand up dude” Lucy said.

The man slowly stood up. Lucy made to tie up his hand but with a swift move, he h it Lucy on the face.

TROUBLESOME FAMILY : CHAPTER 41 – 50. Thingscouplesdo

“Sht! I told you not to move…” Lucy said and made to hit the person on the face but he dodged.

He caught Lucy by the neck and made to push Lucy down the rooftop. Lucy gasped and immediately held his arm that was holding her neck.

She kicked him on the groin and immediately got out out of his grip. The man groaned, trying to recuperate.

Lucy kicked his back hard and he fell on the floor. She kept kicking him over and over till he passed out.

“F*ck, trying to kll me. You’ll pay for it.” Lucy said and removed the mask she was wearing, touching her bruised cheek.


? ? ? ? ?


Ingrid’s hospital**

Angelo came in the hospital with Boris. They reported the case to the police force and the police are trying all their best to catch the culprit.

“Good morning doc” Angelo and Boris chorused.

“Morning boys” Ingrid replied.

“How’s my sister” Boris asked.

“Well her condition is stable now but she’s still unconscious. We just hope she wakes up very soon and that the incident doesn’t affect her legs” Ingrid said.

Boris sighed and looked down sadly. Angelo rubbed his back and smiled.

“Your sister is a strong person. She’ll be fine, trust me…” Angelo said.

Boris nodded with a slight smile. They both walked in Melody’s ward.

“Sis!” Boris called like she could hear him and went to sit next to her. She took her hand and touched her forehead.

“Please wake up! I promise I’ll stop being stubborn” Boris muttered, fighting back his tears.

Angelo just stood aside as he watched them with his hands in his pockets.


? ? ? ? ?

Ethan’s Apartment**

Phoebe brushed her hair before putting on her shoes. She picked up her handbag before walking out of her room.

She went to the living and met Ethan sitting on the couch, pressing his phone.

“Let’s go to the hospital, I’m ready” Phoebe said.

Ethan stood up and turned. He smirked as he looked at her from head to toe.

“Always s*xy” Ethan said.

Phoebe shook her head. She’s already used to him this way..

“Let’s go” Ethan said and picked up his coat to leave.

“Wait..” Phoebe held his arm.

Ethan turned and looked at her. Phoebe bit her lips, looking down

“Uhm Ethan…about my family, can you release them now?” Phoebe said.

Ethan furrowed his brows.

“Why? After all what they did to you?” Ethan said.

“I know but,,, they’re still my family. They’re the only family I have in this world” Phoebe said slowly.

Ethan sighed..

“You always act tough when deep down you have a heart of gold” Ethan said.

“Okay, I’ll release them in the evening but if they touch just a single and I mean a single piece of hair on you. I’ll have them arrested for life..” Ethan said.

Phoebe smiled and immediately nodded. Ethan smiled and cupped her cheek.

“You look cute when you smile” He said.

Phoebe just looked at him. Ethan immediately smirked an quickly pecked her lips before dashing out of the house.

“Hey!, how dare you do that! Wait till I catch you!” Phoebe ran after him.

“I’ll turn your thing upside down, just wait!!!”


? ? ? ? ?

Donovan’s mansion**

Scarlett came out of her room dressed for work already. She walked into the dining room and stopped on her tracks as she stared at Raymond who was sitting next to Emelda.

“Good morning grandma” Scarlett said.

“Oh my Scar, come have breakfast with us..” Emelda said.

“No grandma, I’m not hungry. I’ll be going now, bye” She said and looked again at Raymond before leaving.

Raymond immediately stood up.

“I’ll be back grandma” Raymond said and left the dining.

Emelda just smiled as she watched them.

“Looks like my mission is accomplished. Then I have nothing to do here again” Emelda smiled..

Scarlett went down the stairs and went to the garage. She made to open her car door when.


Scarlett turned to meet Raymond walking to her direction.

“Are we really gonna continue like this?” Raymond asked.

Scarlett looked away remembering what happened the next day after her sudden confession.

Well Raymond called her in the dining and told her that he didn’t have any feelings for her and that she should just forget about her feelings…

Due to that, none of them attended the party which took place yesterday.

“Answer me Scarlett”

“What do you want me to say? You asked me to forget about any feelings I have for you and that’s what I’m doing..” Scarlett snapped and looked at him.

“Tomorrow will mark the expiration of our agreement. Tomorrow we can just sign the divorce papers and go out separate ways, simple and short!” Scarlett said and got into her car.

She drove out of the mansion. Raymond sighed as he watched the car leave.

Scarlett stopped her car once she got out of the mansion and leaned her forehead on the steering, finally letting out her tears.


? ? ? ? ?

Silver High**

Monica was sitting on a seat in the lunchroom, waiting for someone.

“Hey” Skye smiled as he sat down opposite her.

“Skye” Monica said.

“You asked us to meet here right?” Skye said.

“Yeah, uhh Skye. I want to seriously talk to you…about the feelings you have for me” Monica trailed down the last sentence.

Skye looked at, urging her to continue..

“Skye” Monica took his hand in hers.

“Skye, you’re a good person and I feel very grateful for all the things you’ve been doing for me. Believe me, I tried loving you back but… I can’t” She said and Skye’s facial expression fell.

“I’m sorry Skye but,,, my heart just doesn’t beat for you. I really tried so much but-”

“Is it because you really fell in love with Jackson when you were younger and now that he’s back those feelings resurfaced?” Skye said.

Monica opened her mouth to speak but Skye beat her at it..

“You try to justify the feelings he still have for you despite the fact that him and Tara were both mean to you by acting like you hate him when that’s really not the case…right?”

Monica just felt speechless…

“In reality, you don’t hàte Tara… Just like Tara, you both are jealous of each other. You both fell in love with Jackson and none of you wants to back down..” Skye said and stood up.

“Excuse me…” He said and left.

Monica sighed and dipped her hands in her hairs. Feeling everything at a time. Her thoughts were all messed up at the moment.



Skye walked in the restroom and not minding the fact that he was in his uniform, he poured water on his head.

He kept pouring water on his head till he felt satisfied before glaring at his reflection on the mirror.

“Poor thing… I warned you not to fall for her right?” Tara said, standing by the door.

Skye looked at her through her reflection on the mirror. Well Tara overheard their discussion so she trailed him up here.

“Get out Tara” Skye said calmly.

“I can help you if you want…” Tara said.

“Get out!! Just get out!!!” Skye yelled.

Tara laughed as she walked away…


? ? ? ? ?

“You still wouldn’t talk won’t you” Lucy said and grabbed the hair of the man who shot Melody.

“Who sent you to shoot Angelo” Lucy asked.

The man just looked at him with weak eyes. His face was badly bruised due to the torture he kept receiving.

Lucy smiled and slapped him hard across the cheek. She brushed her hair back as she paced round the room.

She smirked as she got an idea.

“Just tell us the name of the person who sent you and I promise you a 50 million cash” Lucy said

The man just stared at her, not believing what Lucy is saying.

“You don’t believe me? Well okay” Lucy said and flicked her fingers.

Another masked man like her came in the room with a bag. He placed it in front of the man and opened it.

The man’s eyes bulged out as he looked at the money. He looked back at Lucy for a while.

“The person’s name is…”


? ? ? ? ?

Ingrid’s Hospital**

Angelo patted Boris’s hair as he slept on his thigh. His other hand was holding Melody’s hand.

Well Phoebe and Ethan already came to visit and left not long ago.

Angelo smiled as he remembered all the fun memories he had with Melody. How she will always tease him to sing for her, how she’ll always bug and piss off and the cute faces she made when she’s nervous around him.

Angelo squeezed her hand and placed a kss on it before looking back at Boris who was sleeping


Angelo quickly turned to face Melody with wide eyes…


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