By Ariel Mirabel

Donovan’s mansion**

“How about Mexico?” Raymond asked.

Scarlett shook her head and looked at him..

“Mexico? We’re not yet married” Scarlett chuckled.

“Yeah but we have to start planning” Raymond said.

TROUBLESOME FAMILY : CHAPTER 51 - 60. Thingscouplesdo

“Stop that” Scarlet chuckled.

Well they were both on the pool with Scarlett sitting in between his thigh as they sipped on their drinks.

“I’m sorry…” Raymond muttered

Scarlett faced him and rubbed his cheeks.

“I already told you it’s okay… I forgive you, besides now I understand why you did what you did. Don’t worry, I’ll help you get your revenge”

“No!” Raymond immediately said.

“I don’t want to drag you into this babe. I can’t risk losing you” Raymond said.

Scarlett smiled and kssed him, Raymond held her waist kssing her back.

Scarlett broke the kss and chuckled..

“Can’t believe you went ahead to fulfill all my wishes in my wish list” Scarlett said.

“I’ll do more, I promise” Raymond said..

“Like?” Scarlett smiled naughtily..

Raymond smiled and hit her head.

“You’re naughty…” He said.

“It’s not my fault.. How wouldn’t I be when I have a hot man like this” Scarlett said.

“Say that again..” Raymond, leaning closer.

Scarlett just chuckled. She felt his lips on her shoulder as his hands went to her back, unstrapping the lace of her b.ra.

“What you doing?” Scarlett quickly said.

“My business”

“Wait, what if someone saw us…” Scarlett said, looking around.

“They’ll simply turn and leave. Or they could stand and watch, I don’t mind..” Raymond said.


Scarlett gasped when she felt him remove the b.ra completely.


Raymond smirked, it’s been long he hasn’t pissed her and that’s what he’s gonna do.

Raymond traced his hands from her shoulder and his hands entered the water as he poked her tips making Scarlett shiver.

Raymond dipped his face in the water and svcked on one of her bbs. Scarlett closed her eyes and threw head back.

He pulled his head out and looked at her then smirked before dipping his head back, taking the other.

Scarlett let out a soft, enjoying what he’s doing to her. Raymond looked back at her and crashed his lips on hers, kssing her.

Raymond broke the kss and smirked at her, slowly standing up from the water, he got out of the pool..

“Where you going?” Scarlett asked, a little bit confused.

“To our room…”

“But…” Scarlett made follow him but realized she was not wearing her b.ra.

“Wait babe…” Scarlett called.

Raymond turned to him and winked before leaving.



“Raymond!!! I’ll get back at you!!” Scarlett screamed.

Raymond got to his room and looked out of the window. Scarlett looked up and saw him looking at her. She glared and did the “fk” sign to him..

Raymond laughed out loud…


? ? ? ? ?

The Watterson**

“Where’s Phoebe? Thought we’ll be hanging out together” Melody said, calling Phoebe but she isn’t picking..

“Maybe she’s busy…” Angelo who was laying on his bed said, pressing his phone.

“But how come? I mean Phoebe always stick to plans” Melody said.

“Well you know she’s staying with Ethan… Who knows?” Angelo shrugged..

“Really? That will be so nice!” Melody smiled

She removed her shoes and fell on Angelo’s stomach.

“Ouch!, you wanna kll me?” Angelo said.

Melody frowned and pvnched his stomach.

“What do you mean by that? That I’m fat?” Melody said.

“Maybe..” Angelo smirked.

Melody frowned and began h!tting him with the pillow. Angelo just laughed, he sat up and grabbed the pillow from her…

“Even you were fat.. I don’t mind, I’ll still love you” Angelo whispered.

He smiled as he began leaning in for her lips. They both closed their eyes as they were about to kss but…

The door suddenly swung open, revealing Boris. He stood akimbo, looking at their position.

“Quit that and come downstairs you two… We wanna have lunch and we’re waiting for you. You can kss later and whatever you wanna do” Boris said and left.

Melody looked at Angelo and they both laughed…


? ? ? ? ?

Night, Andrez Mansion**

“Can’t believe you’ll finally be going out with your crush” Jackson’s mother said.

Jackson chuckled and shook his head as he wore his jacket before turning to his mom.

“How do I look?” He asked.

“Handsome as usual… Make sure you ask her out okay?” She said.

“Mom…” Jackson said and shook his head.

That’s just how his mother is, always impatient…

He hugged her before going out of his room.

“Bye mom” He kssed her cheek before leaving.

The driver opened the door for him and he got in before the driver drove off. It took some few minutes before the cat stopped in front of the Watterson mansion.

He got down and went to ring the bell. The guard opened the door for him and let him in. He was asked to wait in the living room..

Soon, he heard the sound of heels. Jackson looked up and his breathing hitched as he saw Monica.

She was putting on a black armless shiny gown that ended above her knees and her hair was tied up in a ponytail. She even applied a light makeup..

“How do I look? Is it too much?” Monica asked.

Jackson just stared at her.

“I knew it… All these is just Melody’s fault. She insisted I dress like this” Monica said.

Jackson held her hand and she looked at him.

“You look cute” He smiled.

“Thanks” Monica replied..

They made to leave but stopped when they saw Angelo standing by the door. He looked at them from head to toe before settling his gaze on Jackson.

“Bring her back late and I’ll subtract your 32 teeths” Angelo said and went upstairs.

“That’s intense…” Jackson thought.

They both left the house for their date…


? ? ? ? ?

Morning, The Sanchez**

“What should I wear for my party? This dress or this one” Sophia asked to Monica but she seemed lost.

Sophia placed down the gowns and folded arms under her brëast.

“Monica… Monica!” Sophia increased her tone.

“Huh?” Monica said.

“What’s wrong? You seem,, lost” Sophia said sitting down next to her.

“Nothing… I was just,, I don’t know” Monica said.

“You don’t know? Cmon…tell me, what’s wrong?” Sophia said.

Monica sighed

Flashback to last night~•

After Jackson and Monica finished having their dinner at a restaurant, they went to a cinema before finishing their date by the clifftop.

The both sat down the green grass, staring at the reflection of the moon on the sea.

“Thanks for the night Jack” Monica said.

Jackson smiled.

“It’s nothing…” He replied and looked at her. He began staring at the sideview of her face.

Monica felt him staring so she faced him.


“Nothing… You just look so pretty with the reflection of the moonlight on your face” Jackson said.

“Oh…uh, thanks” Monica replied and quickly looked away.

Jackson touched her hair and she quickly looked at him. He had this look on his face, a look completely different from the others.

“Mi Alma..” He smiled.

Monica’s eyes immediately widened as her mind went to one of the letters her secret admirer kept sending her.

“It was you…” She whispered.

Jackson removed his hand from her hair and looked front.

“Took you forever to figure out.. I even hinted you but you didn’t even pay attention” Jackson chuckled.

“But why…?” Monica asked.

“Because I love you” Jackson said and looked at her.

Monica’s eyes widened as she stared at him, they began staring at each other.

Flashback ends~•

Sophia gasped…

“I knew it. I knew that Jackson had some feelings for you” Sophia said.

“What did you tell him?” Sophia asked.

“Well that he should give me time” Monica replied.

“But why?”

“Because I don’t know… I just feel bad for Skye and for,,,, Tara” Monica said.

“Hey listen girl… You need to stop thinking less of others and more about you. You can’t please everyone and that’s one thing you must know… It’s not your fault that you don’t feel the same way towards Skye, just think about it okay” Sophia said

“You’re right, thanks Sophia” Monica smiled.

“Oh before I forget.. Here’s your gift!” Monica said and handed her a box.

Sophia took it and hugged Monica before opening the box. She gushed when she saw a really pretty dress it with assorted jewelry and shoes.

“Gosh!, thank you so much bestie!!” Sophia hugged her tightly before checking out the dress.

“I’m even gonna wear it for the party” Sophia said, standing up.

“Oh okay… Hurry, the party will soon start.” Monica said.

Sophia put on the dress and Monica helped her with her makeup and hair.

“Perfect! This dress was made for you…” Monica said.

Sophia just smiled. They held hands before leaving the room.

? Happy birthday Sophia!
? You look so pretty!

Sophia smiled as she greeted the guest who complimented her. Sophia looked around, looking for her twin sister, Ava since it was also her birthday.

Well they don’t really get along too well..

Her eyes kept searching for Ava till it stopped on someone and refused to leave.

Ash was seen talking with Jackson while smiling. He smiled more as he spotted Sophia. Sophia watched as Ash whispered something to Jackson before standing, holding a gift in his hands.

He began walking to her. Sophia’s heart fluttered as he got closer.

“Happy birthday So-”

“Ash!!” Ava came on his way and gasped.

“You came to my party?! And you brought me a gift? Awn…” Ava collected the gift from Ash before he could speak.

“Thanks so much!” Ava hugged him

Ash looked at Ava before looking up at Sophia. Sophia just looked away with sad eyes..


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