TRUTH AND LIES Episode 20,21&22

(She’s unbelievable)
Episode 20
Written by Faith Lucky.

Mico’s Pov:
Oh, shit! What the hell have I done? Why did I have to overreact this way?
I had gone home earlier after what happened with the lecturer in school. Then my sisters had returned and told me all about what happened in school and immediately, I found myself running here to Alyssa’s house.
I had been so worried and couldn’t tell why I had been so affected by it.

I looked at Alyssa and she was staring at me, curiously, waiting for an answer.
What do I tell her?

“I unm…” I paused and cleared my throat. .
“I…I told you didn’t I? I work with a delivery company as a goods offloader. So…Mico’s house placed orders to the company for some deliveries and I went with them. And while I was there, I overheard Mico and his siblings talking about it.” I replied anxiously and hoping I sounded convincing enough.

“You…you go to Mico’s house?” She asked.
“Unm. .yes. just once in a very long while when the company gets called for delivery. I’m just one of the boys that offloads the goods from the truck.”

She sighed and I guess that meant she believes me.

“I’m so scared Nigel” she said dolfully. “I can’t believe I was almost poisoned today. If sandy hadn’t taken that drink, I would’ve been the one in her place and where would I have gotten the money for treatment? I’m sure my mother would have told the doctors to just give me up for scientific purposes because she wouldn’t had been able to afford the money”.
I cracked and laughed. This girl is really crazy; even when she’s sad.

She led me to the backyard and there I saw a big basin of soaked clothes. She sat on a stool in front of it and I took a seat and sat opposite her

Why had I so affected when I heard she almost got poisoned? I still can’t comprehend it.
But why did Mrs Tamara try poisoning her in the first place?

“But why did you take the drink from Mrs Tamara after knowing she doesn’t like you?” I asked.
“Well she…she apologise to me and I thought she was being sincere. I never knew she had such evil intentions.
“It’s just my second day in Mico High yet someone already tired to kill me. Don’t you think I should stay away from there?”
My eyes widened.

“Huh? You can’t Alyssa. You don’t need to let what Mrs Tamara Did to you affect you. Maybe she’s just an obstacle the devil was using to try and stop you from achieving your dreams. Don’t let it affect you” I told her and she sighed sadly.
I kind of pity her. She was getting hurt.

“So tell me…how was school today?” I asked, trying to see if could brighten her up a bit.
“Mmm, school was fine. The bad news couldn’t let me tell you all about it
. “Well guess what? I got registered into the young miss beauty contest! It was like magic to me and I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. Everyone was so surprised and at the same time, jealous…”
And boom! The talkative spirt In her arose.

She continued talking and talking so enthusiastically and when she had gotten to the phone part, she ran into the house and returned with the phone, showing it to me.

“Hold it carefully Nigel” she told me as I collected it and I chuckled.
“Sandy had told me this phone could buy a house and guess what! she also told me Mico might be the one responsible for all my recent fortunes” she told me as she resumed washing.
I rose my brows at her.
“Mico?” I repeated.
“Yes. She told me Mico the the only one powerful enough to do all the things that’s been happening. Do you think it’s possible?” She replied and I took my eyes back to the phone I was operating.

“I don’t know. Maybe he is. Why don’t you ask him yourself?” I replied and she gasped.
“Nigel! You’re such a bad friend. You really want me to become hypertensive right?”

Oh; so I was her friend?

“And why will you become hypertensive?” I asked “is he going to eat you up?”
“You know my whole body vibrated whenever I’m standing in front of him. How will I be able to cope?” She asked and I laughed and almost asked: “then why isn’t it shaking right now?”

“Why are you laughing Nigel? I’m serious. Besides, Mico is so rude. You needed to had seen how he acted in class today. I was so shocked…”
Yes, about that – well it isn’t really my fault. The lecturer only got what he deserved. I hate being controlled.

“I wish he would reconsider his decision of firing the lecturer. It wasn’t like he was doing anything wrong. He was only doing what a teacher should do to his student.

“By the way, Nigel, I finally met Jeremy – the guy I told you about”.
My eyes widened the mention of his name.
I hate that name.

“How did you meet him?” I asked immediately.
“At the girls restroom. You won’t believe it Nigel. He was actually making out with a girl.”

Well of course. That’s what he is – a flirt.
“What did he say to you?” I asked and she dallied a little.
“Uhm…nothing. He just…walked away” she replied.
Why was she sounding they way line she wasn’t sure? Could she be hiding something?

She continued talking and talking and I kept smiling at her. She was so pretty and I’ve noticed her cheeks turn red whenever she was happy.
These days, it seems I kind of enjoy her company.

“Nigel, do you know you’re so ill mannered?” She asked after a while and I wondered what she meant.
“What did I do?” I asked.
“How can you just sit by and watch me Wash all alone? What kind of a friend are you huh?”
Okay . she’s got to be kidding me.

I didn’t say anything but only kept praying she was joking.
“Come on Nigel, give me a helping hand…Please” she said in an endearing tone.
I scoffed.
“I…Alyssa, I…I can’t” I replied and she frowned.
Well, I don’t think I’ve ever washed a spoon before, not to mention a cloth.
My skin!

Surprisingly, she fetched a handful of foam from the foamy water and poured it on me.
What in the name of the heavens!
It landed on my shirt.


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