By Chidimma M.


“Here comes the cake!!” Valentina exclaimed bringing the cake from the kitchen.

“Cake!!” Myles smiled, licking his lips…

Valentina placed it in front of Ricardo who kssed her cheek as a ‘thank you’.

“So what are you waiting for Ricardo? Cut the cake!!” Harlin exclaimed.

Ricardo smiled and took the knife then slowly cut the cake while the rest sang the song for him. Valentina took a picture of the moment…

“Happy birthday to you!!” They concluded and all clapped for him. Valentina came forward and hugged him before pecking him…

UNBREAK MY HEART : CHAPTER 61 – 80. Thingscouplesdo

“Can we eat the cake now” Myles blurted out.

Valentina chuckled and went forward to share the cake. She shared it and the whole family ate happily and heartily.

“Thanks for this little surprise love” Ricardo said as he fed Valentina.

“I know you don’t like big parties so I thought of this. Hope you liked it” Valentina smiled..

“I just don’t like it…I love it! This is the best birthday I’ve ever had since ages” Ricardo smiled.

He spotted a stain of chocolate on Valentina’s lips. She made to clean it but he held her hand.

“Let me help you…” He smirked and leaned forward then kssed her, licking off the chocolate off her lips.

“Rick!! What if your parents saw us?!” Valentina said eyeing Ricardo’s parents.

“Well let them see… Not like they don’t know we’re dating, besides we’re adults…” Ricardo rubbed her cheek, staring at her lovingly.

“I love you so much Valentina, you don’t even have any idea of” Ricardo smiled.

Valentina smiled and rubbed his cheek too.

“Love you too very much darling,,” Valentina smiled. Ricardo leaned forward and kssed her briefly before resuming feeding her.

“Where’s Gavin? He’s been gone for like two hours… Classes are even over” Iris asked, walking out with the girls…

“That’s really strange, Kim I saw your mom in school… Maybe they went back” Riley said.

“But why?” Kimberly muttered…

She spotted her driver waiting already for her.

“Girls, think I’ll need to go now. Bye girls,,, Iris come let me drop you off you work” Kimberly said.

“Oh okay. Thank you” Iris smiled and the left for Kimberly’s car.

“Bye girls!” Iris waved before entering, followed by Kimberly.

“Now that they’re gone, let’s discuss about Luca” Charlotte turned and faced Riley..

“I heard you confess to him that day and also you gave him the bracelet he’s wearing right now” Charlotte said.

“Huh?!” Riley exclaimed. She slowly looked down feeling embarrassed.

“Don’t feel embarrassed, it’s normal to fall in love. After all, you’re a girl and Luca is a cool guy” Charlotte smiled.

“Yeah, but in the past I was a jerk and a mean girl… What if he now dislikes me?” Riley said.

“You’ll never know unless you come clean to him..” Charlotte said.

“Oh okay. I’ll try but I can’t assure you anything” Riley sighed.

“Okay, that’s better” Charlotte smiled and began heading to her car.

“Do you still love him?” Riley blurted out. That made Charlotte stop on her track.

“Not at all… I’m over him and that’s better” Charlotte replied and without looking back, she left.

Riley smiled, watching her car drive away…

“Thank you” She muttered and began walking away…

“Gavin, why did you just suddenly disappear without warning us” Kimberly barged in Gavin’s room.

She met him lying on his bed with his headsets on. His right fist was wrapped in a white bandage…

“Gavin, what’s wrong?” Kimberly slowly walked to him and sat down beside Gavin.

Gavin slowly opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling.

“Xander’s plan finally succeeded.” Gavin muttered.

“Huh?” Kimberly said.

“He finally succeeded in separating us…” Gavin said and sat down on the bed.

He took deep breaths and then slowly told all what happened to Kimberly. Her eyes grew by the minute.

“A restraining order?!” Kimberly exclaimed.

“Yeah… I can’t even talk to Iris, talkless of calling her on phone. I can’t even text her… I feel like a part of me has been deprived from me” Gavin said sadly…

“Iris will be so sad when she hears about this” Kimberly muttered.

Gavin stood from his bed and sat down on his reading table. He brought out a pen and page and then began writing on it…

Once he was done, he kept back the pen and handed the paper to Kimberly.

“Please give her this for me. Make sure she doesn’t cry too much…. She might seem tough but she’s a huge crybaby” Gavin smiled sadly.

“This is really touching…” Kimberly cleaned her tears and nodded then looked at the paper in her hands…

“Miss!!” The client yelled.

Iris jolted off from her thoughts. Today, she’s been spacing off abit. Maybe its because she misses Gavin right now.

She looked at the necklace he gave her and sighed before going to take the order of the person who was calling her attention.

“Wassup pretty, we’re back!!” Two boys said. From the looks, they were around her age or even older.

Iris rolled her eyes and made to leave but one them held her arm.

“What’s wrong baby?… We just wanna talk” He said.

“Yea, and your knight in shining armor ain’t here. Better” The other one said.

“Just bug off” Iris yanked his hand off.

“That’s no way to talk to your customer!” He grabbed her hand… This time more roughly.

Iris struggled to get out of his grip…

“And that’s no way to treat a lady. What were your parents doing that they didn’t educate you on how to be a gentleman” A voice said behind them.

They turned back and immediately froze as all colors drained from their faces. Who won’t know this man?

“Tsk!, kids of nowadays…so stubborn” Mr Baxter shook his head.

“What are you still standing here in front of me?” He asked.

No one need to tell them that they need to run away. They immediately took off to their heels and rushed out of the club.

“Thank you Mr Baxter” Iris bowed.

“I see your boyfriend told you about me” He said and went to sit down on an empty seat.

“A glass of whiskey with ice in it… Today was a really busy day” He said.

Iris just looked at him for a whole before going to get his order. She was confused…

On normal basis he could have allowed those men harass her since she was an obstacle to Emery and Gavin betrothal but instead he helped her.

“He’s weird” Iris muttered.

“Here’s your drink sir” Iris served him.

“Thanks. Here’s the money and you can keep the change” He said and sipped on his drink then sighed satisfactorily..

“I know you’re probably confused and I’ll tell you to stop trying to understand me for you’ll never succeed. Only one person understood me… Like I told Gavin I won’t meddle in your relationship. If you’re meant to be then cool and if you aren’t meant to be well cool too. You won’t be the first couple to experience heartbreak anyways” He sipped on his drink.

Iris creased her brows for a while before slowly leaving him. She worked till her hours of work were over. She wore her coat and walked out, heading home.

“See you later mom!! Bye Tina, safe trip” Iris smiled and walked out of their house. She sighed disappointedly when she didn’t see Gavin’s car nor him waiting for her…

“I’m getting too attached to him…” Iris thought…

She began her walk to school, smiling as she watched kids play in the snow. Who wouldn’t be excited when Christmas is in two weeks..

She exhaled loudly when she spotted her school. With a loud sigh, she slowly walked in.

To her surprise, the students weren’t staring at her with the same look like yesterday. Maybe the news quickly died down.

“Hey girls” Iris smiled when she saw the girls..

The girls all looked at her with worried eyes most especially Kimberly. Iris noticed it and the smile she had on her lips slowly fell.

“What’s wrong?” Iris asked curiously…

The girls looked at Kimberly. Kimberly brought out the letter from her bag and stared at it..

“Gavin asked me to give you this…” Kimberly said slowly.

Iris looked at the letter and then back at them before slowly collecting it. She opened it and began reading it in her mind.

?Babe, if you’re reading this then I’m probably in the shower or I’m listening to my music…trying to cheer myself up. You won’t see me for three days, we’ll because I got a three days suspension for be..ating up that m©ron. Not that but my mom…she filed a restraining order against YOU. She forbids me from seeing you and failure of doing so will warrant yoir arrest… Right now, I am angry, sad, I feel useless… Sorry I can’t be with you nor even talk to you…?

Iris’s grip on the letter loosened before she could even finish reading the letter. Her hands flew to her lips as tears slowly streamed down her cheek.

“It’s my fault…it’s all my fault” Iris cried.

“No Iris…it’s not your fault… Gavin did the right thing by fi..ghting that Xander. I’m sure he’ll find a way out of this” Kimberly said.

“But if I didn’t fall for him then this wouldn’t have happened… It’s all my fault” Iris cried and ran off.

This time she locked herself in the restroom and then slowly slumped down on the floor.

She looked at the necklace she had on her neck with teary eyes and then kssed it before closing her eyes, bringing the necklace close to her heart.

Suddenly memories of the beautiful things they did together. The visit at his secret place, how he usually escort her to the club and also home, how he usually came to pick her up to school, the time they played truth or dare and he dared her to do a lap dance on him, how he drank toilet water for her…

A smile broke up on her lips and she looked back at the necklace though tears where still in her eyes.

“I’m never giving up on you my cute j.erk… Never” Iris muttered.

She wiped off her tears and stood then opened the door before leaving


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