By Chidimma M.



Emilia walked into the company and went straight to her office. She sighed as she saw the pile of files on the table.

Well Ricardo and Valentina traveled today so she was kinda the one doing all the work now.

“When it concerns work, that’s when he’ll remember my name” Emilia grumbled as she packed the files in order.

UNBREAK MY HEART : CHAPTER 81 - THE END. Thingscouplesdo

Her eyes suddenly caught the card Evelyn gave her yesterday. She slowly picked it up and stared at it.

With a determined look, she brought out her phone then dialed the number.

“If you’re calling me that means you agree” Evelyn smirked.

“How do you know it was me?” Emilia raised her brow.

“I have my means” She replied.

“Well like you said, yes! I will help you get your kids in exchange of Ricardo” Emilia said.

“Good decision” Evelyn smiled.

“So what’s the plan?” Emilia asked.

“Why hurry? In order to begin my plan, I need another one else in my team. Do you have access to the company’s personal information?” Evelyn asked.

“Yeah why?” Emilia asked.

“I need you to send it to me now” Evelyn said.

Emilia raised her brows.

“Sure” She replied.

“Okay, we’ll meet once my plan is ready” Evelyn said and hung up.

Minutes later, Emilia sent her the personal information of Thornton Investment. Evelyn smiled staring at it..

“My plans will soon be complete..” Evelyn laughed and picked up a stick of ¢igarette then lightened it before placing it in her mouth.

She huffed out the smoke and smile.

“I can easily obtain what I want by klling everyone in my way but no..I don’t want to be suspected, that will ruin my plans and thats why you two are gonna be my pawns” Evelyn smiled and continued smoking.

A cool music could be heard blaring from all corners of the hall. The graduates with their dated where all dressed fancily.

They were discussing here and there, some could be seen dancing while others were busy drinking….short, the party is lit!

Gavin and Iris could be spotted at one corner, sitting on their table while sipping on their drinks as they watched the others.

Iris was beautiful in her white gown which hung tightly to her body revealing her feminine curve and the makeup on her face just made her glow.

Gavin wasn’t left aside too. With his white top and black jeans and his hair which styled making him look hot! A real eye candy.

Kimberly and Maxwell walked in the hall with Kimberly hugging his arms. Kimberly could see some other girls staring at them especially at Maxwell. He was dripping hot too!

“There’s Gavin and Iris, let’s join them” Maxwell said.

“Okay” Kimberly replied and they walked to them.

“Hey guys” Maxwell said, sitting down next to them.

“Wow Kim! You look sxy” Iris smiled.

“Not like you babe” Kimberly smiled.

“Has anyone reserved a seat for us?” A voice said

They all looked to see it was Luca with Riley.

“You two look cute together!” Iris smiled.

“Thanks” Luca smiled.

They settled down and ordered some drinks then began discussing as the party went on.

“Oh no..he broke her heart” Kristina said and suddenly burst out in tears.

Logan who was busy pressing his phone stopped and look at her in surprise.

“That’s so sad” Kristina kept crying…

Logan sighed and pulled her closer, hugging her while rubbing her back. These days she’s been having mood swings here and there.

“Sorry babe…should I change the channel?” Logan asked and took the remote controller.

“No! I wanna watch it” Kristina took the remote from him.

“But…it makes you cry” Logan said.

“Who said I was crying” Kristina scoffed and folded her arms.

Logan stared at her unbelievably and shook his head then resumed pressing his phone.

About 10 minutes later, he watched as Kristina came and sat $traddle on him, hanging her arms round his neck.

“Babe, I’m I fat?” Kristina pouted.

Logan furrowed his brows.

“No babe..you look more beautiful and you’re glowing” Logan smiled and kssed her nose tip.

Kristina grinned widely like a kid. She suddenly furrowed her brows again.

“Babe, I’m hungry. I want to eat chicken wings and butter” Kristina pouted.

“What…what kind of combination is that?” Logan asked.

“But…that’s what I wanna eat” Kristina pouted, fighting back her tears.

“Okay okay!! I’ll go get it for you” Logan said.

“Yes!!” Kristina pecked his lips and got down him.

“Next time I’ll think twice before scoring another goal” Logan said inwardly.

Logan stood up and left. She smiled widely and continued watching the movie.

Valentina opened the window of their room and smiled. She watched as the sun rose majestically. From where she was observing, she could see the Eiffel tower.

She felt arms wrapped around her waist as he kssed her neck.

“Good morning my beautiful wife” Ricardo smiled.

“Morning love” Valentina smiled.

“I don’t know why I just love Paris so much. Maybe because that’s where I was born” Valentina said.

“Really? You were born here?” Ricardo asked and Valentina nodded.

“Then how come you guys live in New York,” Ricardo asked.

“Well, I never had the time to ask my mom. Will ask her once we get back but for now…” Valentina said and pushed Ricardo back in the room. They both fell on the bed.

“Let’s do what we came here for” Valentina whispered and smirked before kssing him.

Ricardo slowly brought his hands to her hair as he deepened the kss.

It was almost 11AM and a car just stopped in front of R-B Corporation, that’s Ryan’s company.

A lady came out of the car and removed her shades, revealing none other than Evelyn. She smiled and walked into the company.

“Good morning, please can you show me where the CEOs office is?” Evelyn asked a worker.

The worker just stared at her for some few seconds before clearing his throat. She was really beautiful and no one could deny it…

“Well there it is miss” He said.

“Thanks” She smiled and walked away.

The man turned back and stared at her butt which shook dangerously as she walked…

Evelyn gently knocked on the door.

“Come in” He said.

Evelyn opened the door and walked in his office. Ryan just looked at her from head to toe, admiring her physique.

“Good morning Mr Browns” Evelyn smiled..

“Good morning, please have a seat” Ryan said and Evelyn sat down.

“What brings you here miss?.” Ryan asked.

Evelyn brought out some files from her handbag and placed it on the table. Ryan looked at it and then at her. He slowly collected the file and it opened it and his eyes almost popped out from what he saw.

“These are…”

“All the personal information from Thornton Investment. I’m aware of the spy you placed at the company… unfortunately the spy was discovered and was sacked. Here is another chance to blow back like before” Evelyn said.

“But on one condition..” Evelyn showed her her index finger.

“You’ll have to team up with me” She added


“I know Valentina Thornton is your ex and you want her back. I can help you get her and also get back at Ricardo for taking her away from you…if only you can team up with me” Evelyn said.

Ryan looked at her skeptically. He sighed and closed his eyes then leaned on his seat.

“Deal. I hope I’ll get back Valentina” Ryan asked.

“I promise you.” Evelyn smirked.
One week later, nothing much happened. Valentina and Ricardo had the best honeymoon one could ask for, Myles and Minnie had fun at Peggy’s house, Kristina with her mood swings (lol) and Evelyn still working on her plan.

The car stopped in front of the airport and out of it, came Gavin and Iris. Iris held a very sad look on her face, same as Gavin.

They were at Gavin’s place where his family wished him a safe trip and also to always contact him.

Kimberly was really depressed because Maxwell left already for his own university. He’ll be studying at France…

“Guess I’ll be leaving now” Gavin said sadly.

Iris nodded and looked down sadly. She looked at Gavin then suddenly hugged him really tight, letting her tears out.

“I will miss you so damn much Gavin” Iris teared.

Gavin looked up, blinking back his tears. He never thought it will be this hard to say goodbye to her.

Many thoughts kept running in their heads. What if they are been forgotten as time went on? What if he/she moves on with his/her life? So many questions as such.

Gavin hugged her back and burried his head on her shoulders. They broke the hug and Gavin cleaned Iris’s tears before kssing her lips. He broke it shortly.

“I promise I’ll wait for you…” Gavin said and Iris smiled shortly.

“I almost forgot” Iris said and brought out something from her pocket.

It was a chain, which she slipped round Gavin’s neck. Gavin looked at it, it was in the form of a key.

Iris brought out hers and smiled, fighting back her tears. She showed him the necklace in the form of heart which he gave her.

“I gave you that…to show you that you will always be the key to my heart and no one else can unlock it” Iris said.

Gavin smiled. He felt flattered yet it hurts more when he thinks he’s no longer going to see her for a long while.

Gavin pulled her closer and kssed her deeply as the wind disheveled their hairs. They broke the kss only when they were out of breath.

The speaker blared, signalling them it was time part. Gavin cupped Iris’s cheek and kssed her forehead.

“I love you baby. Always know that…my ugly baby.” Gavin said.

“Love you too Mr jerk” Iris said.

Gavin released her and that instant she felt cold. They looked at each other one last time before Gavin turned and walked away.

Iris stared at him as she finally let out her tears. She hugged her self tightly as the wind disheveled her hair.

He left, just the way he came in her life.. Now, it’s all left to destiny.


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