Episode 21

? Winters high

* Brandon lounge.

” Unbelievable bro, you did that without thinking twice ” Bella said, sitting down close to Brandon, Brandon pushed him slightly and he fall off the couch.

” What the fk ” Bella asked getting angry.

” Sorry mehn, but you deserve it ” Brandon smile.

” Fk you ” Bella said.

* I love you bro ” Brandon said and Bella gave him a glare.

” Eiish, do I look like a lady to you ? ” Bella asked making glossy faces.

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” Maybe he want to practice homo ” Edward laugh and Brandon threw a pillow at him.

” Fk you Edward ” Brandon said.

” But seriously, I think you have a soft spot for this crazy girl ” Edward said.

” A Play boy in love ” Bella laugh.

” I am not in love ok ba$tard ” Brandon frown.

” What ever , I need to see someone now ” Bella said and stood.

” Just now, we are having games ” Edward said.

” I know fk you Brandon ” Bella said and left.

” What if you got stabbed in the stomach ? ” Edward asked.

” Luckily, I am not , I dunno mehn, I just keep seeing her face ” Brandon said ruffling his hair.

” You will soon figure it out mehn ” Edward said and left.

” What did he mean by that ? ” Brandon asked no one in particular.

” Ion confused dmn “.

* Junior class.

” You are crazy baby ” Lisa said, laughing at the joke Jasmine crack.

” girls ” Selene called coming to join them.

” Hey baby, you are looking so cute ” Jasmine said touching her hair, making selene to blush.

” Thanks baby, all of you are looking stunning ” Selene said.

” Awwn , so sweet ” Lisa said face palming herself.

” Silly ” Andy said.

Michael came into the class , he went straight to his sit and took his bag pack and rush out.

” I am coming ” Selene said and follow Micheal.

” What is up with her ” Camella asked.

” I dunno, but I think that bch is following Michael ” Susie.

” Bch “.

Shelton and Jenny came to school at the same time, they parked their car and got down.

Shelton walked and pass Jenny like she doesn’t exist, and somehow Jenny felt bad.

” Did he just snub me, why am I even bothered, it is not like I really care ” Jenny said and walked to her class.

immediately she step into the class, her eyes sighted Jasmine and her hatred enraged the more, he gave her a wicked smirk and went to her sit, the guys can’t stop drooling.

? The queen is here

? Look at that bum mehn

? I wish I can fk her

? Rocking that is an opportunity mehn.

She ignore the guys and sat down with a straight face.

” Hi cutie ” Susie said.

” What’s up baby? ” Camella asked.

” I caught Brandon and Jasmine kssing ” Jenny said.

A gasped escape both Susie and Camella mouth.

” But they hate each other right ” Susie asked not sure of what she just heard.

” haven’t you heard of two enemies becoming lovers ” Camella replied.

” She doesn’t know what is coming her way, no one mess with what is mine, Brandon is mine alone ” Jenny said with a evil smirk.

* Library.

Michael just got into the library, he find a nice place and sat down, he didn’t know Selene is following him.

He took out his Novel and started reading it ” The dark misery “.

Selene got in the library too, she saw him reading and her heart jump with joy.

She walk to where he is reading and sat beside him.

” Hi mich ” Selene in sweet tiny voice, flashing him a cute smile.

Michael slowly turned and face her.

” Hey cutie ” Michael replied.

Selene blush and look away.

” blushing again, it make you more cute ” Michael said.

Selene become flattered, she wanted to say something but her words got stuck up in her throat.

” How are you ? ” Michael asked seeing her nervousness.

” I am fine, why didn’t you come to school ? ” Selene asked.

” You miss me right ? ” Michael asked.

Selene look at him and look away, right now her heart is palpating.

” Yeah, uhh, no, I just miss you coz I wasn’t able to read when you weren’t around ” Selene replied fidgeting with her hands trying to hide her nervousness.

” I wasn’t too good ” Michael said.

” Huh, sorry how are you now, you are okay right ” Selene said with concern.

Michael just smile within him.

” I am okay now, Selene ” Michael called.

” Yes ”

” What about our date ? ” Michael asked looking at her.

” What if we go out today ” Selene smile.

” Really ? ” Michael asked happily.

” Yeah “.

” Thank you so much Selene ” Michael said.

” Let’s read ” Selene said.

” Okay ” Michael said and draw out a book and gave her .


* An hour later.

” Gosh mich, I am tired ” Selene said tiredly.

She got no response, she turned and saw Michael sleeping on his books.

His so calm and handsome while sleeping, Selene can’t help it but stare at his cute face.

She felt the urge to touch him, she slowly scooted close to him and she slowly touch his face, she felt chill down her spine immediately she did that, she kept rubbing her hand on his face.

” He is so handsome and perfect, I love you Mich ” Selene said in her mind.


Jasmine, selene, Lisa and Andy had just change into their game outfit.

” wow, that look good on you Jas baby ” Lisa said.

” Andy what was Bella saying to you ? ” Jasmine asked.

” None of your business b*tch ” Andy said rolling her eyes.

” fk you ” Jasmine said.

” Let’s go girls ” Selene said and started pulling the girls out.

All the students went to the game field.

There are many games to be played.

Basketball, football, skilling, hand ball and the rest.

Selene and her friends got there at same time with Jenny and her minions.

She exchange hateful glares with Jasmine and walk away.

” Bch ” Jasmine said.

? Wow, the lord is here.

? I am already fainting.

? He is dripping hot.

? How can he be this handsome.

? Bella is more handsome, I love him.

? I love the way Edward chew his gum, he is so hot.

The girls kept screaming until Brandon got there with Edward and Bella.

his eyes met with Jasmine and she look away shly.

Jenny noticed that and boil with anger as jealousy.

” He should be looking at me and not you ” Jenny said in her mind.

” Time to start the games ” The master for games shouted.

The students divided, everyone choosing his best game.

Brandon came there just to watch with his friends.

” Let’s play basketball girls ” Jasmine yell.

She turn and her eyes met with Brandon, Brandon gave her a smile and she gave him a middle finger.

” Fk you “.

” Ok, girls, get on it ” Selene said.

They are divided into two teams.

Jenny and her minions are on the opposite side.

The game started, Jasmine team started dominating already, Jenny didn’t find this pleasing to her, thirty minutes into the game, Jasmine team is winning, an evil thought popped into Jenny head.

She took the ball and aim at Jasmine who is coming her way, she speed intentionally to bump into her to make it look like it is a mistake, like a slow mo, Brandon saw this, without thinking twice, he ran to where Jasmine is coming

” Jasmine watch out ” Lisa yelled.

Before Jasmine will realize what is happening, Brandon came in between them, Jenny tried to dodge him but it is too late, she bump into him so hard making him to fall so hard on the floor.

” Brandon ” Jasmine scream.


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