WASTED LOVE : Episode 1 – The End


A Story By Christabel Nwoko

Episode 1

Caleb was an hardworking, well cultured, kind hearted and very respectful young man. He always gave his best in anything he does and He was the only child of his late parents. Caleb was just two years old, when he lost his Father and he was in his early twenties when he lost his sweet mother, who had raised him with some much love. He wished his mother stayed alive a little longer to enjoy the fruit of her labour.

Growing up, Caleb was so close to his late mother, He loved his mother so much, and almost died of sorrow when his beloved mother died after a brief illness, as she was the only parent he knew and had. Caleb was properly raised by his late mother, who singlehandedly brought him up ever since his father died.

Caleb was in his final year in the university when he lost his beloved mother and it took him a year to recover from the shock. life wasn’t easy for him when he lost his beloved mother, by the time he fully recovered from the pain and shock caused by his mother’s sudden death, he was already rounding up with his NYSC program.

Due to Caleb’s good up bringing, he kept less friends because he didn’t want to be led astray. Life was mostly lonely for him till one day, he ran out of luck, when he met a very beautiful girl named Laura. Laura and Caleb were classmates during thier secondary school days. So it happened that when they wrote thier WAEC they both scattered into different directions. They lost track of each other untill they ran into each other at a busiest bus stop in Lagos. From that day, they got talking and Caleb felt bad when he found out that Laura didn’t further her education, ever since they left secondary school as her parents couldn’t afford a University education.

Caleb had always had a soft spot for Laura and after they met again, Caleb’s feelings for Laura became stronger and he thought Laura would bring him happiness. There was just something about her that drives Caleb crazy, ever since he reconnected with Laura, he was drawn to her, his loneliness and the void his late parents left was not helping Caleb reason properly. Caleb had a crush on her during thier secondary school days and seeing each other again after many years trigger those feeling of love to return. After the excitement of reconnecting with each other settled, Caleb went straight to ask her out and she accepted.

With the look of things, Laura could tell that Caleb was above her league as he was a graduate while she had no plan of furthering her education because her parent had told her countless times that they couldn’t afford it. Laura didn’t hesitate to accept him into her life, because she had been crushing on Caleb for a long time, before he approached her. When they started dating, everyone knew about their love affair even Laura’s parents, thier relationship was enviable and very beautiful. Caleb came into Laura’s life and he changed her life positively. He taught her so much about life and even supported her in anyway possible.

A year into their relationship, Caleb got a job and the first thing he did was to get his beloved Laura admitted into a prestigious University for her to further her education. All to Laura’s utmost suprise. Laura’s parents were so glad when they found out, They couldn’t believe their ears when Laura told them that Caleb had also bought all the required textbooks, a new smartphone, new clothes and given her some cash to buy other things she would need in school.

For the past one year, Even though Caleb’s salary was very meager he always got Laura everything she needed and supported her in anyway possible. Caleb knew that things were so tough for Laura and her parents and for the past one year, he would stylishly give Laura some cash knowing she would give it to her parents. Caleb was so thoughtful and generous to Laura and her family and with time Laura’s parents began to see him as their divine helper, sent by God to save them. Laura’s parents felt bad, when they got to know that he was an orphan. As they had liked him so much because of all he does for thier family.

During the four years Laura spent at the University, Caleb put it on himself to pay her bills and when he was low on cash, he would take up a loan to met up with Laura’s school bills. Not that he earned much, most times Laura had seen him starve after making sacrifices for her and her family. He always ensured that Laura was not broke as he always send her money.

Caleb sacrificed Everything For her girlfriend’s Future and he never thought that one day all his sacrifices especially his genuine love for Laura would be a WASTED LOVE. Caleb trusted Laura more than anyone in this world. After Laura graduated from the University and completed her NYSC Program, things changed drastically between the love birds.

One day, words came to Caleb that Laura had gotten a good Job, all thanks to the young man she was dating. “That man is a very wealthy man and very connected too. His name is Reuben” Chike, a nosy neighbor told Him. Caleb didn’t believe him and Laura also managed to convince him that the news was fake.” My uncle got the job for me, no one else, Caleb, I love you so much and I can’t hurt you not after everything you have done for me and my parents” Laura told him and he believed her, in a short while, Laura resumed her duties in her new place of work and Caleb was genuinely happy that Laura was now independent but still he never stopped caring for Laura.

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