Chapter 11



“What are we gonna do now? Should we go back home and wait until it’s over?” Fatima asked, with a hint of panic in her voice.

Fatima panicking? Ok, this is something new and I don’t wanna get use to it.

“Rachel, say something, should we go back home?” she asked again.

Even Mike is also asking the same question silently, because he nodded in agreement with her.

HIDDEN WIFE : CHAPTER 11 – 20. Thingscouplesdo

“Go home? Then what about my cafe? I should close it when I’m supposed to be making money?” I scoffed. “Do you know how much I’m gonna miss if I close my cafe for five minutes?”

I reached for the door handle and pushed the door open, but Mike grabbed my hand before I could alight.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Going to check out what’s going on” I answered.

“Huh? Can you withstand those angry mon$ters?” Fatima asked, nodding at the paparazzi and reporters.

“Of course, I haven’t be in the spotlight before, I guess it’s time I know how it feels like being in the spotlight and having everyone’s attention on me”

“But they…”

“Relax” I cut Fatima off. “I can handle them, I don’t flinch from situations like this because I’ve been through h’ll”

I shrugged Mike’s hand off my arm and alighted the car, I rearranged my outfit, fixed my hair and wore the brightest and most beautiful smile ever, then crossed the road and headed towards my cafe.

The paparazzi and reporters noticed me in time, because I made a grand entrance after all and they flocked towards me.

“Miss Richards, Tasha claims she’s Duncan’s mysterious wife, but you were spotted with him last night, does that mean he’s having an affair with you? You’re a homewrecker?” A male reporter asked me.

I ignored the question he asked me and turned to Fatima, I raised my brows questioningly at her but she shrugged her shoulders.

If she doesn’t know what they’re talking about, then how did I ended up being spotted with Duncan?

Then again, Tasha claimed she’s Duncan’s wife?

“Hey, you boyfriend snatcher!” Another girl suddenly yelled from behind the paparazzi and reporters.

Her words got heads and cameras turning towards her, they made way for her and she leaped forward to attack me, but luckily for both of us, Duncan’s bodyguards caught her in time and prevent her from reaching me.

I stared at her with a frown, a very confused frown at that.

“Who are you? Do I know you?” I asked, making it so obvious that I’m oblivious of her accusation.

She scoffed loudly and wiggled herself out of the guards grip.

“You don’t know who I am, but I know you, because you’re the reason my fiance called off our engagement!” she snapped.

Wait, what now?
This is a shocking news, the reporters had all turned to face her by now, and they’ve started interviewing her to get more details.

Her fiance called off their engagement because of me? Wait, doesn’t that mean she’s Mike’s fiancee?!

I turned to Mike with a frown, he’s massaging his forehead, he looked kinda flustered, he’s shifted his gaze from me and he’s staring at the ground as if it’s way interesting than the drama unfolding at the moment.

He slowly raised his head and locked gaze with me.

As if he understood my telepathy question, he shook his head in denial of her accusation about him breaking off their engagement because of me.

Now I understand why he said it’s complicated earlier, when I asked why he and his fiancee didn’t do their pre-wedding photoshoot.

I sighed mentally, poor girl, she doesn’t know her fiance is just my lawyer and there’s nothing going on between us.

“So, you’re not only having an affair with my husband, you’re also seducing other people’s fiance” Tasha clapped her hands and gave me a thumbs up. “I’m impressed, you’re truly a professional golddigger and I must admit, you really take your job very seriously” she said.

The reporters turned away from Mike’s fiancee and faced me.

Tasha’s words were so annoying, that I felt my hand itching and urging me to give her a resounding sIap -she’s the golddigger here and she’s trying to force her name on me.

“Miss Richards, both ladies are calling you a homewrecker, what do you have to say about their accusations?” A female reporter asked me, and the others nodded in agreement with her question.

I turned away from the reporters and faced Mike’s fiancee, ignoring their questions because I don’t feel the need to deny or explain myself or anything to anyone.

“Listen, girl, Mike is a good man and he’s very faithful to you, you wanna let your insecurities push him away?”

“You don’t have to teach me any…”

“I’m not trying to teach you anything because I know you’ll never learn” I paused very briefly then continued. “I have a husband whom haven’t come home for six years now, I’m working on divorcing him and Mike is helping me with the divorce papers, but…”

Now all the reporters have wholly given their attention to me, and they’re extremely quiet as they wanna get every single word that proceed from my mouth.

“… I’ve never for once doubted his fidelity, I’m mad at him and I wanna sever all ties with him so badly, but I’ll never question his faithfulness to me…” I took a step closer to her and tapped her shoulders reassuringly. “.. darling, trust is all you need to make your relationship work and trust is the only leash you need to keep your man by your side”

Her shoulders slumped down as my words sank deep in her, she looked at Mike with remorseful tears brimming her eyes and threatening to fall.

My eyes trailed her body from her head to her toes, taking note of some hidden details about her and from what I’ve observed, she must be a daddy’s girl and an over-pampered who doesn’t do anything for herself. I released a sigh and shook my head.

“And you should stop being a crybaby, men don’t love girls who are crybabies” I put my right arm around her shoulder and hugged her sideways. “Take a look at me, I’m married to a man who’s got b@stard money and he’s more than ready to spend every cent he’s worked on me”

I smiled as my mind flashed back to how Duncan sends me $1000,000 everyday.

“But I don’t use his money, look at this cafe…” I pointed at my cafe. “.. it’s mine, I hustle for my own money and I don’t hesitate in investing them on myself” I said and gestured on my outfit.

“A-are you a model?” she asked after taking in my outfit.

I smiled and shook my head.

“No, but I love fashion and I don’t flinch from my love for fashion” I replied her.

She nodded and turned to face Mike again, she took slow steps towards him but he stepped back from her.

“Mike” she whispered his name.

Mike frowned and turned away from her, but I stomped on his feet which made him hiss and faced me with a displeased scorn.

“You’re being very stupid and irresponsible, Mike, take your fiancee to a quiet place, handle the situation in a matured way and talk things through with her, even if you wanna break up with her because of some irrelevant things…” I’m referring to our rumored affair. “.. then break up with her respectfully and responsibly, make her understand the reason you’re breaking up with her”


I sIapped his shoulder.

“Oh what? Now!”

He straightened up at once, he faced his fiancee and locked gaze with her for a moment, then nodded towards his car across the road.

“Come with me” he said and headed towards his car.

His fiancee smiled appreciatively at me with a small smile.

“Seize this opportunity to set things straight” I told her. “Don’t let your insecurities make you loose a good man, they’re very hard to come by these days”

“Thank you” she whispered, then rushed after Mike who’s about crossing the road.

Fatima leaned closer to my ear and whispered. “Since when did my best friend become a relationship expert?”

“Circumstances changes a person’s life and career” I whispered back to her and we both giggled.

I stopped giggling and turned to face Tasha, it’s time to give her the taste of her own medicine -you wanna humiliate me? Ah, in your dreams!

“And you, whatever you call yourself, you’re a public figure, the most popular and highest paid female model in the world… according to you”

I paused and laughed shortly, as I recalled how proud she was saying those words two nights ago.

“Yet, here you are, protesting and destroying your reputation that you’ve worked so hard to build, because of a man who doesn’t give a fk about you” I paused. “Why don’t you ask yourself this question, if he really takes me seriously why wouldn’t he stop staring at another woman’s photo? Oops…”

I gasped and covered my mouth slightly.

“.. what do I expect from a woman whose last name is wood, of course your brain is too stiff and it’s of no use since it has expired!”

“You… ”

“Oh, and about your boyfriend or husband -like you claimed” I smiled tightly. “Keep him to yourself, my husband is already enough headache for me and I’m thinking of getting rid of him soon”

I grabbed Fatima’s arm, flipped my hair back and briskly walked towards my cafe like a bad@ss with a wicked smirk playing on my lips.

“Tasha, what’s your response to Miss Richards comeback?”
“Is Duncan really your husband or you just made it up to cause a wave in the internet?”
“What do you think Duncan is gonna say about today’s incident?”

I heard the reporters bombarding her with series of questions, but I didn’t even turn to take a glance.

“I bet she’s never gonna step on your tail next time” Fatima said as we walked into my cafe.

“Of course” I replied.


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