WHEN IT RAINS….IT POURS : Part 1 – The End


By Onyinye Simon Ononobi

~PART 1~

I looked up frustratedly as droplets of rain hit my face and my head. Wow! I thought almost close to tears. This is just what I need to end the crappy day.

I had gone to an interview that morning that progressively got worse as the interview went on. It was just as if one of the female interviewers had it in for me.

“why haven’t you worked for the past three years?” she asked superciliously. Her nose in the air as she stared down at me. I looked at her askew necklace and her face with the wrong colour of foundation and I just wanted to snap at her.

“I have been looking for a job since then Ma but I have been unsuccessful. I have done some trading on the side hoping to get a job as soon as possible” I answered calmly twiddling my fingers under the desk and clenching my hands together. I really needed the job.

“Maybe you should continue trading. If no one has employed you since three years, then I don’t think you are a good fit for this organization” she said contemptuously, looking to the man and woman sitting with her as interviewers for validation of what she just said.

I opened up my mouth to speak, plead with her, anything at all as long as I get employed but the other woman beat me to it.

“Are you pregnant?” she asked looking at my slightly protruding stomach. This subject was a sore one with me and always brought out my insecurities. It was also one of the reasons I had remained ‘boyfriend less’ in years.

“No Ma” I said rather defensively. “I had a medical emergency years ago that resulted in the protuberance but I am working on it and it is reducing in size now” I finished barely able to look at their faces.

“We need physically attractive and physically fit staff members” Lady bitch butted in saying. I looked up in shock with my mouth hanging open. I couldn’t believe my ears. An interviewer was saying this right in front of the candidate? I almost responded but once again I was beat to it.

“Please hold on outside. If you are successful, we will call you in for the second level interview” the handsome and only man amongst the interviewers said to me. He had barely said anything throughout the interview and I got the vibe that the two ladies ran the show.

I nodded and stood up without another word and walked to the waiting room. The faces that looked up to me as I walked in were looking tired, disappointed and hopeful in turn. I guess I had the same look on my face before I went in for the interview.

Being unemployed really sucks I thought sadly remembering all the things that I couldn’t afford now that I had no job to fund them and the fair weather friends…. don’t even get me started on those. There were so many things I wished now that I had done differently and would do differently if I ever get the chance.

Falling in love being a prime example. The clearing of a voice brought me back to the present and I looked up….

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