Ever since Jane left, Jeffery has been pacing the room, refilling his glass every minute, with the rate he was going, the bottle of Scotch will be finished in no time and he really didn’t care, at least the drink will help to numb his pain. How could she do this to him, how could she throw everything they shared away because of what some else told her? He thought what they shared meant something to her, but clearly it didn’t.

Ever since she left him, his life has been a nightmare. He couldn’t go back to his house without being reminded of Jane, everything seems to have her name and memories written on them. He decided to stay in a hotel and throw himself into his work, hopefully that would help him to get his mind off her. But that didn’t help either, for anytime he worked late, he kept hearing Jane’s voice in his head, telling him he was over working himself and needed to take a break. He has checked into over 4 different hotels for the past two weeks, because anytime he sees someone that looks like Jane in any of the hotels, he checks out immediately.

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He couldn’t go back to his parents place because his mother would kill him with her bickering on how he should go make things right with Jane. And when he went to pay a visit to Anita and the baby, she kept giving him a pitiful look, he goes over to Dele’s place, the moron makes it a topic of discussion. It was as if he had no hiding place from her, every single place he went there was something to remind him of her.

He kept pacing the room and when he got frustrated, he smashed his glass of drink on the wall. He would have to pay the hotel for the damage done to the wall, but he was glad to vent his anger on something else.

Just then his phone rang, his sister Erica was calling.

“Hey sis, good evening”

“Actually it’s morning over here”

“Oh sorry my bad, totally forgot about the time difference, good morning then”

“Good morning, how have you been?”

“I’m doing okay, and how is Japan?”

“Japan is good, how are things with you and Jane?”

“How do you mean? Things are still the way they are”

“Oh, okay but Anita called to tell me Jane was coming over to see you, so I figured you both must have worked things out”

“So you are in on this too? Whatever happened to not interfering and minding your business?”

“You are my brother Jeffery so that automatically makes you my business”.

“I’m a grown man Erica, I don’t need you or Anita interfering in my business all in the name of trying to help, if I needed your help I would have asked for it”.

“Oh really? Weren’t you the one who bought my flight ticket to Japan so I can come work things out with my husband?”

“How is that going?” Jeffery had convinced Erica to go visit her husband who was on a three month business trip to Japan. Desmond traveled a lot and was barely home. This was beginning to affect their marriage. So Jeffery had advised her to go visit him and spend some time with him.

“It’s going well, very well actually and you know what?”


“Coming here was one of the best decisions of my life and I have you to thank for it Jeffery. You did what you did even when I didn’t ask you to”

“So are you trying to pay me back by interfering in my affair? Because if that’s what you are doing, there will be no need for that so I suggest you back off”.

“No I’m doing it because that’s what family do, we stick up for each other. Now whether you like it or not we are in this together okay?”

“Honestly sis, you and Anita should just forget about this whole thing. If you are bothered about what is going to happen to me, I will be fine so you don’t have to worry”

“Jeffery you need to get her back, you are obviously miserable without her”

“I don’t think I want to sis, I’m drained from all the drama, I just want peace”.

“Don’t talk like that Jeffery, you are going to get her back”

“Why are you all so concerned about Jane anyway, it’s not like she’s the first girl I’m dating, I think you guys need to chill out”.

“It’s because she is the first girl we have ever seen you with that makes you happy. You always had this sparkle in your eyes whenever you talked about her and when you were with her you were happy. You weren’t even this happy with Tania. Jeffery you had something beautiful with Jane please don’t throw it away because of pride”

“Well I thank God for the beautiful experience, but it’s all in the past now I have to move on with my life”.

“Are you trying to convince yourself or me? because from what I hear you are definitely trying to convince yourself into believing what you just said”

“I’m not trying to convince myself or anyone else for that matter, I’m just stating the obvious, whatever Jane and I had was beautiful but it’s in the past now and we both need to move on with our lives”.

“The only obvious thing here is that you still love that girl, if not why have you not gone back to your apartment ever since?”

“Anita told you that too? I really need to talk to her about minding her business”.

“Leave Anita out of this, we all knew you weren’t able to get yourself to stay in any of the apartments you shared with her, that girl has gotten deep into your heart more than you would want to admit . Don’t let something this beautiful go because of some stupid mistake, we all make mistakes but that doesn’t mean we should be crucified for them. Go get your woman back Jeffery”.


After Jeffery ended the call with his sister, he called Black the body guard he put in charge of Jane.

“Hope you are following her everywhere she goes?”

“Yes sir, she is on her way home now, I’m right behind her cab sir”

“Good and when next you sense she is coming to see me, always give me heads up first okay?”

“Noted sir”

Jeffery might be angry at her but the last thing he wanted was for anything to hurt or harm her. They will continue to guard her and her friend until Mr. Okafor’s son has been found and taken care off. Then his mind would be at peace.

He decided to do what he was supposed to have done a year ago, he called Tania.

“Hello darling, I was beginning to think you weren’t going to call”

“Hello Tania”

“You still have that sexy voice that makes me weak in the knees baby”

“I’m glad I still have that effect on you, can we see? We need to talk”

“Of course sure, you don’t know how much I have been dying to hear you say that, when would you like us to meet?”

“How long will it take you to meet me at the Royal Palace hotel?”

”an hour thirty minutes baby”

”good, meet me at room 501”

“Oh my Jeffery that’s what I love about you, ever so proactive, I’m on my way”

“Good, I’m expecting you then. And Tania?”

“Yes darling?”

“Come alone, no cameras no stunts. You know how much I hate those?”

“Of course, I’m just going to bring my sexy self and nothing else”

“That’s more like it”

Jeffery ended the call and decided to go down to the hotel’s barbing salon and have a haircut alongside with his beard trimmed. He was done looking like a caveman.

When he got back, he took a shower and ordered for food to be brought to his room. And did something he hasn’t been doing lately; he ate.

His plates has just been cleared out by the room service when he heard a knock on the door, he opened it to find Tania standing there in a see through dress which barely covered her bum, Jeffery wondered how she was able to leave her house looking like that. When they were dating in the past, her body usually pulled him like a magnet, but seeing her stand in front him looking so $eductive, he felt nothing for her but pity.

“Hello there, Jeffery” she greeted with a very sxy voice.

“Hi Tania, please come in” He opened the door wider so she could go in.

“So good to see you again Jeffery, I never thought this day would come but here we are baby back together” she smiled.

Tania tried getting closer, but Jeffery stepped back to put a distance between them.

“Have a seat Tania” he took a seat himself on the single couch in the room while Tania sat on the double couch opposite him.

“Jeffrey I know I have hurt you and I’m sorry, baby that’s all in the past now the good thing is that we still have feelings for each other and that’s all that matters”

“You are very funny Tania, I knew you were self absorbed but not to this extent”

“What are you talking about Jeffery?” Tania asked with a hint of hurt.

“What I’m talking about is you coming here dressed like a sloth hoping for us to get back together, have you no shame? At least some sense of decency?”

“Jeffery I hope you didn’t call me here to have me insulted?” Tania asked angrily

“I called you here to ask you why? Why did you go to the media telling them we are both engaged when you and I know that’s a lie?”

“Speak for yourself, because as far as I’m concerned, we are still engaged after all I still have our engagement ring” she flashed the finger bearing the ring at him.

“Even after what you did? You still expect me to stay engaged to you?”

“Jeffery I said I was sorry, what else do you want me to say? I told you what happened in the Bahamas was a mistake, can’t we just move past it and move on with our lives? let bygone be bygone”

“Really? Move past it you say? Move past me coming back to find my fiancée whom I just engaged few hours ago in bed with another man? Not just any man my business rival?”

“You see that right there is the problem with you Jeffery, you are pissed because Jacob was your business rival, I told you I’m sorry I didn’t even know you both knew each other, it was just a mere fling, no feelings attached. It’s you I want Jeffery, it’s you I yearn for” she tried standing up from her seat but Jeffery raised his hand to stop her.

“Sit down Tania”

“Jeffery I..”

“Shut up please, I can’t believe I almost made the mistake of marrying you. How I come I never knew you were this self-centered? Listening to you speak just made me realize how grateful I should be to God for saving me from making the biggest mistake of my life”

“Jeffery I won’t al….”

“Shut up Tania and don’t speak until I ask you to”

Tania immediately stopped talking, she knowing who Jeffery was, and that he wasn’t joking when he asked her to keep quiet.

“Now I have some questions for you and I suggest you tell me the truth for your own good. Now tell me why you went to the media with false claims of us still being engaged, who put you up to it?”

“What are you talking about Jeffery? I did what I did because I love you and I know you love me too even if you won’t admit it”

“Tania do I look like I’m here to joke? Does this look like a fucking joke to you? I’m just a second away from killing someone and I just suggest you had better get talking if you don’t want to be that person!”

Jeffery was fuming with anger and if Tania was a guy, he would have pummeled his body with pun¢hes. He stood up and paced the room as Tania sat on the couch shaking with fear. All through the period they dated never has she seen him this angry, not even when she cheated. She started regretting her decision of coming here in the first place. When he called, she thought he was going to ask for them to get back together.

“You see, I called the university you claimed to have gotten your master’s from, and guess what? they said you were expelled for misconduct”

“How… do you kn…ow that? You have no proof” Tania said as fear was clearly written on her face.

“Oh my dear Tania, you seem to have forgotten I have my ways with these things, remember? And I have your expulsion letter sitting in my email waiting to be sent to your parents whom I’m very sure they would like to know what their daughter whom they spent money to send to the UK for her master’s was doing all these months when in the real sense, she has been expelled”

“No you can’t do that, Jeffery please I beg you. My parents would disown me. After our breakup, getting my masters and securing a job was the only chance I had of getting back with my parents. Please don’t tell them I was expelled, I beg you don’t”

“I won’t, if you tell me who put you up to this? Because I’m very sure you didn’t just waltz back into the country so you can destroy I and Jane’s relationship. So Tania tell me who put you up to this?”

“I..I can’t tell you Jeffery, I’m not supposed to tell you”

“Well you leave me no choice then, let’s see what your father would say about this email” Jeffery took out his phone from his pocket as he spoke and started typing on it when Tania quickly rushed to his side.

“Jeffery please don’t send it, okay fine, fine I will tell you”

“Now we are speaking same language, so go on I’m listening” he sat down and motioned for her to do same.

“But you first need to promise me that you won’t send that email to my father?”

“Tania you are trying my patience, are you going to speak or not?”

“Okay fine, it was Vivian Otunba who told me to do it” Tania said with so much guilt.

“What? Vivian as in Jane’s boss? Vivian asked you to go to the media about our engagement? I don’t get this, why would she do that? What does she stand to gain?”

“Well I don’t know, she called me to tell me about how someone was taking what was supposed to be mine and that I should come back and take back what was rightfully mine, at first I declined but then she offered me money”

“Hold on, Vivian offered you money just so you could lie about still being engaged to me? Interesting, go on I’m listening”

“Well after you broke off our engagement, my parents got to know about it and they also got to know the reason, I don’t know who told them but they knew I cheated on you and they never forgave me for it. So they froze all my accounts save for one which they usually send a meagerly amount into, Jeffery they slashed my monthly allowance, I became broke, I am still broke. You and I know I am not cut out for that kind of life, so when Vivian came with the offer I had to jump at it”.

“How much did she offer you?”

“Two million naira”


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