Just of recent, I found an interesting article written by Obie Usategui. Obie Usategui was the ex-President and CEO of Poly-Ply Group, Inc.. He is an author of book “The Beginning of the End”. Author of multiple political articles published in Canada Free Press.

Before going to his article, Obie, the Federal Reserve had a numerous meeting, they are going to raise interest rates at least 4 times. Chairman Powell said that because the inflation is going so strong they need to raise the rates to tried to halt the inflation.

This raise of interest rates is going to hurt everyone, credit cards, mortgage rates, interest charge on any type of loans are going up.


In the atticle he wrote, he said:
So, this morning, a very good friend asked me about a rumor of government raising interest rates. He asked me, if interest rates go up, isn’t that going to hurt many people who are struggling financially? Isn’t that going to prevent many from buying homes, or paying their mortgage? The answer to my friend was an unequivocal “yes”, which he followed by asking me, Why is government doing this? Why would government raise interest rates now?

The answer, I thought, deserved my sharing it with you all, as otherwise we could all be mistakenly led to believing the latest in a continued web of lies by this failed Biden Marxist / Socialist / Communist regime.

I will preface my comments by openly admitting, I am not, by any means, skilled in the science of economics, nor do I pretend to be. When it comes to our “national economy”, as such, however, I am just an ordinary citizen, albeit I am college-educated to where I feel sufficiently informed as to be able to offer an intellectually responsible opinion, without making a fool of myself.

So, yes, historically, government, in normal times, uses fiscal or monetary policies, such as raising interest rates, to combat inflation. For instance, back in 1981 interest rates went up to a whooping 16.3%. For the sake of this narrative, and, for the record, as of late, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS], recently reported that inflation today, measured by the Consumer Price Index, was up 7% in the 12-month period ending December 2021 – the highest 12-month increase since June 1982!

The caveat to all this is, if you noticed above, I said, “historically, in normal times.” Only problem though…these are not normal times, are they? In normal times, customarily, ordinarily, inflation, per se, comes following a buoyant economy. Inflation, in ordinary times, which is not where we are today, refers to a general progressive increase in prices of goods and services to where, the general price level rises resulting in people buying fewer goods and services; consequently, all told, inflation corresponds to a reduction in the purchasing power of money.

So, how does Biden’s inflation differ? Well, while I am not ready to suggest that inflations are good, I do dare say, some inflations are more toxic than others – all depends. There are, in fact, different causes for inflation, which I do not care discuss in detail, as, doing so, could become boring and distracting.

Suffice it to say, that, there are inflations that result from too much prosperity, and there are inflations that are just the result of a declining, dwindling, or a deteriorating economy – ours today, a quintessential example of a very poorly run national economy.

Let me make it very clear folks, the COVID-19 pandemic DID NOT, or was not, the cause of our failing economy nor our inflation, as much as this is what this administration would want you to believe. Admittedly, COVID did help make matters worse, still, regardless, what really got us to where we are today was Joe Biden and his Marxist, Socialist, Communist policies. To wit, the first thing this imbecile [Biden] did when he first went into office, was, of all things, stop the Keystone Pipeline and all natural oil and gas drilling. Result, gas prices went up-the-roof which, in turn, increased prices of everything in the economy.

To add insult to injury, the Biden administration, went on a spending spree like we have never seen before. The sick mentality of this Marxist coalition, à la Cuba, à la Venezuela, à la Communism, is for “Big Government”, to subsidize everything, from college tuition, to, you-name-it. Government, after all, according to the them should be [the] “Savior”, the “Good Neighbor”, and the “Don Quixote”, all rolled into one. Doesn’t matter that we have a $29 trillion-dollar debt, let’s spend some more. Hey, who cares, you and I will foot the bill after all, so…not to worry.

Let’s spend another 3 trillion dollars to turn America ‘Green’ as proposed by a low-life bartender from New York and a self-proclaimed Communist senator from Vermont. Why not? Oh, and let’s send more COVID relief checks to people so that they can get paid more money than what they regularly earned at their jobs. Let’s pay people so that they can stay home as small businesses desperately try to hire help that is not there.

And so, you wonder, why do we have supply-chain shortages? And you wonder why truckers don’t show up to haul containers backed-up in the ports? And you wonder why shelves are empty? And you wonder why everything in the nation is upside down? Common please, let’s get real here. This is what Communism is all about. None of what is going on should come as any surprise, does it?


Back to how I started this narrative, so the SOB’s, are talking about an increase in interest rates? Really? If you, naively believe, as they would want you to, that raising interest rates is a gracious, generous, and an elegant way to combat inflation, I got news for you. A raise in interest rates at this point-in-time can and will only result in the average American, in you and I, paying more for everything. Paying more for mortgages; paying more for interest in credit card purchases; paying more for everything and anything.

A rise in the interest rates today will serve only to increase our already high cost of living and to dampen an already crippled economy – the result of a self-inflicted toxic inflation by the worse administration in the history of this nation, bar none.

Bottom line, the answer to my friend’s question this morning, one I find proactively in need to share publicly is, yes, the administration’s proposed increase in interest rates can only hurt the American people.

In summary friends, braise yourself to pay even more for a gallon of gas; braise yourself for more empty food shelves; after all, our economy is, according to Biden, flourishing, prosperous, in dire need to curve it – in dire need to curtail our out-of-control prosperity.

Oh, and I almost forgot, yes, we definitely must pass Biden’s $3.5 trillion dollars “Build Back Better [BBB]/ Green” bill, which is still pending in Congress. In other words, let’s raise interest rates to try and slow down our inflationary spending, but…let’s spend more to combat the obvious end-of-the-world climate change threats. I ask you though, what do you think? Will climate change bring us closer to the end of the world? Or…will it be Joe Biden and his economic policies? Your call!. May God save us and may God save the United States of America.


This article is superbly written and very informative. However Covid may not be the cause of our misery, but is one of the excuses. Blame Covid or racism that’s the mantra of whoever is manipulating the administration.