By Raji Abigael


This is a story of an orphan and she is also blind. She is a 15 Year old girl, who grew up in the busy street of New York without any parent or guidian.

She was raised in the street by her fellow street kids, not until she turned three, she began to beg and look for any means to have food like the rest of the kids even in her blind State.

One faithful day, she met Mrs Damian the city Goddess who had an 18 year old son leaving outside the city.

Mrs Damian was devastated to see Ariel in such state, so being the kind woman she was brought the blind girl into her house and sent her to school.

POOR BLIND GIRL : EPISODE 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

She was happy, she thanked God for sending Mrs Damian into her life, but little did she know there was something else awaiting her.

Want to find out, then read this story from the beginning to the end

Written by Authoresses Abigael



By Raji Abigael

Episode 1

On the busy street of New York, Young children can be seen roaming around looking dirty and tattered.

Ariel stood next to a dumpster searching endlessly for something to eat, she held a black iron rod helping her find her way to different dumpsters.

She looked really hungry as she continued searching for food, she searched for hours untill her hand landed on a plate like item, surveying it with her hand she brought it out immediately smelling it brought it out smelling it, she smiled to her satisfaction, it was a disposable plate and it had left over macaroni and cheese in it according to the smell she perceived.

Not wasting anytime she digged in, her stomach grumbled painful as she ate the last piece of the food, being hungry for a week and four days wasn’t that easy.

Getting up from the place she hide herself, incase the other street kids wanted to snatch her food from her, with her handy dandy iron rod she moved to another street, she was very familiar with her environment .

Moving to another dumpster she digged in looking for something to hold her stomach as the worms were mad at her for starving them for so long.

Being blind she smelled anything that felt like food, trust me that wasn’t a good idea, moving to another dumpster again she found yet another plate like item and this was filled to the brim.

“I guess today is my lucky day she said to herself smiling widely as she picked it up from the dumpster.

Heading to her hide out, she perceived a very disturbing smell, she could detect people with thier smell, knowing fully well who the smell belongs to she picked up her iron rod and plate full of food running as fast as she could like I said she was very familiar with her environment.

But unlucky for her the people had came prepared this time, setting stones around the whole place, Ariel fell flat on the floor, her iron rod sliped away from her hand so did her food.

The people chasing after her were the bad kids that escaped from the juvenile centers and couldn’t go back home, so they stayed on the street bullying the other kids and stealing their food everytime, their best target was Ariel because she was blind.

“Please don’t take the food away, I haven’t eaten in a week, she begged the Three huge boys standing in front of her staring lu$tfully at her.

“We are not here for the food Ariel we are here for your amazing body Noah one of the boys said.

“What, Ariel exclaimed scared as he.ll.


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