Written by Raji Abigael

Episode 11


Five months after the incident, Ariel lived free from any form of danger. Mr James was fired and a new principal was employed.

The ABC girls were expelled from the school which was now owned by Ariel suggested by Mrs Damien. This was to show how much she loved Ariel and for her to gain respect from the society like wise the school authorities and students.

Ariel and Kathrine had become best buddies as they were always together. They did almost everything together, they were more than inseparable now. Some times they hang around with Jon and somr times with Miranda and Tania, which was all part of Miranda’s plan to be Ariel’s favorite.

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People often refer to them as twins because most times they both put on the same clothes and go out to places .

Mrs Damien already visited Doctor Charles’ friend who resides in China. He had come to pay Doctor Charles a visit and was then introduced to Mrs Damien. Mrs Damien told him about Ariel’s disability to see and some tests were done. Mr Garry informed Mrs Damien about what he had found out.

“Ariel is going to see? Mrs Damien asked overjoyed of the news Mr Garry had passed on to her. She was at Doctor Charles’ hospital.

“Yes, she is going to see again but the surgery is very expensive and is going to take a lot of process, but first the patient must be willing to want to see so that it can be successful. Mr Garry explained.

“Ariel sure wants to see, and the bill is nothing I just want to know when the surgery will commence. Mrs Damien replied.

“In three months time the process will begin by then I will be able to focus on just her but for now I have a lot on me which I have to take care of. I advised you employ an expert that would help her in getting used to her environment and things of the world. Mr Garry said.

“Okay Doctor I will do as you have said. Thank you very much for your help Doctor Charles. It’s a pleasure knowing you. I will take my leave now. Good bye, Mrs Damien said before leaving the hospita.

And just as Mr Garry had suggested Mrs Damien hired a professional teacher to help Ariel get used to her environment, which turned out well.

Ariel no longer uses her rod in finding her way or ring a bell when she needs something, for the past months she had been learning and getting used to her environment through the help of the personal expert teacher that’s was hired by Mrs Damien. Ariel could now do things on her own, she also took cooking classes and was getting really perfect each day.

Things were now always kept in order and pattern Ariel wanted it so she would be able to assess anything she wanted. But Miranda and Tania still remained her personal maids suggested by Mrs Damien even though Ariel really didn’t need them. Miranda had to agree so that her plan could manifest.

Not to forget, Ariel was also doing well in school, she learnt a lot from Mr clement, made some friends from her class and had good grades in her exams.

Mrs Damien had never been so proud of anyone not even her son Jerald as she was proud of Ariel. She was a child everyone would wish to have even in her condition.

Summer holiday was fast approaching and Jerald was returning home in few days time. Mrs Damien had began preparations for Ariel and Jerald’s birthday which was coming up in a few weeks. It was something to celebrate Ariel’s sweet sixteen and Jerald’s one step to becoming a full adult. Mrs Damien was more than delightful.

But on the other hand, she was also worried about Kathrine and Ariel’s inseparable friendship. To her, it felt like it was more than friendship, on few occasions she had mistaken Kathrine for Ariel because Ariel no longer behaved like a blind person anymore, to clear her doubts she decided to do a DNA test secretly. She was presently waiting for the results to be out to finally see reasons to be at peace or not.

Mrs Damien paid a visit to Doctor Charles, she told him about her worries and gave him samples of both girls hair, in which the DNA test was carried out, and finally the results were out.

“Good day Mrs Damien, I see you arrived early today. Doctor Charles asked immediately he walked into his office, he was surprised to see Mrs Damien so early in his office.

“You have no idea how troubled I feel about my doubt being true. Mrs Damien said worriedly.

“Well am sorry to say but, I think you doubts were right after all. Doctor Charles said.

“What do you mean by that? Mrs Damien asked already getting scared.

“Have a look. Doctor Charles said, handing some papers to Mrs Damien.

Mrs Damien took them immediately and went through it, she broke down immediately, she was right all this while. This was very bad and might destroy her happiness.

“How can this be, why does this have to happen now? Mrs Damien cried sadly.

“Am sorry ma’am, but it’s the truth Ariel and Kathrine are sisters, twins for that matter. It’s more like a blessing no need to cry, you helped her find her sister and parents as well. Doctor Charles said.

“No!, this is not a blessing, it’s a cur$e. I don’t want to share my daughter with anyone and I am certainly not going to let her see her real parents. I won’t deprive her of her sister’s love but she doesn’t need her parents. I am enough for her, no one should know about Ariel being Kathrine’s twin sister or I will destroy your life. This should remain between us and no one else. Mrs Damien said and Doctor Charles nodded in disappointment. He didn’t expect such from her, but there was nothing he could do about it.

“You don’t really have to do this Clair. He called her name for the first time in years.

“I will and there is nothing you can do about it, and Charles don’t you dare betray me or else you won’t live to tell the story. Mrs Damien said and Doctor Charles gulped in fear.

She stood and left his office in deep thoughts. She tore the paper into pieces to avoid any suspicion from anyone. This was wrong but she would do anything to keep Ariel with her and no one else.


Ahh Mrs Damien is really angry? oo, so if Ariel and Kathrine are twins, how come Ariel grew up on the streets.

I want to know everyone’s thought on how Ariel ended up on the streets .


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