Written by bella writes???

Episode 1


?alex pov?
“Your highness,your highness,its her highness,she saw something in your room and since then she has been screaming and shouting “the maid said as she knelt before me

I sighed as i stood up from my royal chair and went in search of my wife

I got her room only to find her yelling and scattering things

“Stop it”i said as i went to her

“No alex,no i wont,you dont… dont love me,you never did”sarah said yelling at me

Starring at the guards and maids watching us,i gave them a sign to leave the room which they did

“What prompt this?why are you suddenly going back to the past”i said angrily

“Its because of this”she said bringing out a picture of melanie

I thought i had burnt everything ,so why is this here,i thought wanting to take the picture from her but she moved away with it

She took it and tore it into pieces

“This wasnt our agreement alex,our agreement was you had to forget melanie and focus on only me”she said

“And that is what have been doing for the past five years”

“Thats a lie,you married me having this picture of hers,you made love to me having her picture around us,you wont let her ghost rest in piece because part of you still wants her with you but she cant be because she is dead,melanie died eight years ago”she said angrily

“I know that okay,she died in my arms ,we buried her ,there is no need reminding me of her”i said

“I dont have to do that,its you that still keeps her in your heart and your head but get something,no matter how much you think about her,she wont ever come back because she is dead and gone for good,open up your heart alex and let me love you “she said before walking out of the room

I sat on the bed feeling sad and alone…

Its been eight years,eight good years and i havent been able to get my first love out of my heart

Now am all grown up and the king,no longer a prince and still i think about her

Wished she was still here with me,wished she was my queen instead of sarah

Yes sarah and i are now married,weve been married for five years now

And though have put in my best to try to make our relationship work,it still collapse

And everything became worse when she couldnt give birth

She hated herself for it and ever since then life has been unbearable

I married her only because dad made it clear to me that they needed their money in the company and also because i needed to get a distraction

someone who could make me forget about melanie,who could make me stop thinking about her

And it had all been going until sarah found out she couldnt give birth and since then she has been feeling bitter,unhappy and she blames me for every little thing

“Alex son?”my mom called entering the room

“I just saw sarah crying in the garden,what happened?”she said

“She found a picture of melanie in the room”i said

“Did you put it there”she said

“No i didnt ,remember i had burnt it all,i just d ?ont know why this one still remained”i said

“Is that what you told sarah?”

“I did but she wouldnt believe me,she thinks i still feel something for melanie”i said

“And do you?”my mother said

“For three years you never forgot her,you kept on thinking about her,calling out her name and wishing she was still here,dont you feel fhat way again “she said

“No mom i dont,melanie is gone ,she had once hold a strong place in my heart but not anymore,i married sarah thinking i could use her to forget melanie but it never worked,i cant compare those two together,they are different”

“And one is still alive ready to show you love if you just open up,open up alex and let her love you,she deserves to be loved back too”my mom said as she pat my back

“Your right mom,sarah deserves to be loved back”i said

Later that day,i went into my father study to see him

To him he needs to tell me something urgent

I got in and bowed gently,i might be the new king but my father still has a higher rank than me

“Have your sit alex”he said and i sat down

“What is the urgent thing you have to tell me about “i said

“My brother marshall just died”he said

“But when? And how?”i said

“He died of a heart disease”he said

“So painful,how are his family doing?”

“They are devastated too and they burying him today i think”he said

“Why dont you go”i said

“for what? my brother and i had fought before he left this place,he never bothered to call me or try to see me,he just left all because of a little fight”my dad said

“Uncle marshall leaving wasnt because he wanted to but because you both fought?”i said


“What did you fight about?”

“The throne,he was suppose to be given the throne but i took it from him and since then he left and i never heard from him until now”he said

“Did you miss him”i said

“A lot,though it hurt when he left and now they call me to give me this sad news”he said crying

This is the first time i would see my dad cry,i thought as i held his hand

“Its going to be fine,why dont you go and give him your last respect”i said

“I cant alex,i just cant do it”he said holding unto my hand as he shed the tears for his lost brother…….

“They will all pay,you suffered a lot and its all because of them,i will make sure i ruin their lives one after the other”

“Starting from that damn king,to his dmn son,i will ruin everyone of them and take back what belongs to me,to us and this a vow i make to you ”

Eight long years???

And who is this person who wants to have revenge???

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