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Chapter 11

I think you should rest.” I tell Jayden. He doesn’t react. I move in front of him and look into his eyes.

“Go home and shower, eat something then rest. I’ll update you whenever anything comes up.” I say and he glares at me.

” You promised to take care of him. Where were you when he was taken?” He says his eyes turning into a deeper shade of blue.

WORKING AS A NANNY : CHAPTER 11 – 20. Thingscouplesdo

“I know and that’s why I’m not going to rest until I find Leo.”

I say but he shakes his head.
“He’s my nephew. I have to find him.” He says and moves away from me.

His phone rings and he receives it in a flash. He stays silent for a few seconds and disconnects the call.

“Alexis just arrived home with bruises.” He says and we jog to his car.

Mike shouts my name and I tell him the situation as I get into the car.

“Let me drive.” I say but Jayden starts the car and drives so fast. We arrive at the mansion ten minutes later instead of fifteen and leave the car immediately he stops it.

Alexis sits outside the with a towel pressed around her cheek.

“Jayden… Jada.” Alexis says surprised to see me. “I figured out. I figured out he went to the cemetery.

We talked for a few minutes before some men grabbed us. I tried fighting them bu… but they were so strong and they were three of them. They have Leo.

They sent me to warn you.” Alexis says as fast as she can.

“Alexis take a deep breath and tell us everything you remember. EVERYTHING.” I say and she inhales in a deep breath. I turn my gaze to Jayden and I see his on Alexis.

“We were in some place like a basement I think. They covered my eyes. Two hours later, I heard a man’s voice and told me to warn Jayden about a chip.

Jayden has twenty four hours or Leo dies. He… He said that no police should be involved.”

Alexis says as she lets out a sob at the end. I turn to Jayden but his gaze is still fixed on Alexis.
“How did you get here?” He finally asks.

They took me to a car and dropped me off about a mile from here.

My hands were still tied and eyes covered. I didn’t see anything. A woman saw me and helped me.” She says. I touch Jayden’s bicep and signal him to follow me. Alexis notices this but doesn’t say anything.

“Should we trust her?” I ask when we are at a safe distance.

“I don’t know.” He only answers. “Let me give you the watch. Maybe it could have the chip.”

He adds later on and I nod. I see Sarah move to Alexis and gives her an ice pack but her face shows no emotion before I start following Jayden into Leo’s room.

I find Jayden opening the drawer with a key and takes out a black box. He opens it to reveal a rolex watch.

“This was dad’s watch. Leo’s always loved it and so dad gifted it to him when he graduated. It was his lucky watch.” He says as he looks at it. “It was just a watch to me. It still is.” He says and hands it over to me.

“I’ll make sure it gets back in shape by tomorrow afternoon. Do you know of anything else that could have the chip. Were you given anything by your brother or sister in law?” I ask. We shouldn’t only focus on Leo.

“My car was Jake’s. He gave it to me one day out of the blue. Said it was supposed to be a birthday gift but he decided to give it to me. He died a week later.” He says and my heart breaks.

“Could he have seen his death coming?” I ask and Jayden nods.

“I think so. He gave me the car, gave Leo the watch, Lily gave Leo the locket and they both wrote a will and handed over everything to Leo.

They even placed Leo under mother’s care.” He says.
“You should rest. You need it.” I say after an awkward moment. What was I supposed to say?
“How can I sleep knowing Leonardo’s in danger?” He hisses.

“There’s nothing we’re doing right now. We just have to find the chip and lure the men so that we can arrest them.”

I say. Almost shouting and Jayden’s teary eyes turn to me. I notice a movement on the side.

So an undercover. I knew something was up when I met you.” Sarah says when I turn my head to her. “I had a share of them.” She say and stops next to Jayden. Seems like there’s a story between her and Mike.

“Where’s that hypocrite, Michael?” She asks.
“He’s searching for leads that could help Leo at headquarters.” I answer and she nods.

“Inform him that I’ll want a word with him later on.” She says as she starts leaving but Jayden stops her.

“That’s it? You’re not asking about you grandson’s search. How could you be this heartless mum? Leo loves you and you don’t care?” He asks while shouting.

“Don’t speak of things you don’t know Jayden Ken Williams.” She says in a cool but authoritative voice.

“Things that I don’t know? Do you know that Linda, your daughter, is still outside there? Alone?

She too needs a mother.” He snaps then storms out of the room leaving behind a quiet Sarah and a shocked Jada. I excuse myself and leave.

I call Cole to come to the mansion and take the watch and locket then drop me outside of the aerobic company to pick up my car. He agrees and I go outside.

I notice Alexis isn’t where we left her and I assume she’s in her room.

I rub my hands when the night cold hits my skin. Cole’s car stops in front of the gate twenty five minutes later and as I start walking towards it but Sarah stops me. I notice a box in her hand.

“Jacob and Lilian gave this to me before the tragic event. I heard your conversation with Jayden. Find my grandson.” She says and turns back into the mansion. I nod and take the small box then get into the car.

Cole does all the talking as I ponder over what Jayden just confessed. He has a sister called Linda but I have no information on her.

Cole. Can you search for a Linda Williams?” I ask abruptly making him shut up. I give him the objects.

I open Sarah’s box to find a beautiful photo frame. I power it on and the first picture is of Sarah, an older man, who I assume id Jayden’s dad, two teenage boys and a younger girl all smiling. They looked so happy. My eyes study one by one saving Jayden for the last. The brothers really looked good.

“We’re here.” Cole says and my eyes snap to him and I find him looking at me weirdly and intensively. Somehow his look doesn’t make me feel exposed just as Jayden’s does.
“What?” I ask annoyed.

“You’re not supposed to get attached. You know that right?”

He asks cautiously and I roll my eyes getting out of the car. Just before I shut the door his voice fills the silent night.

“The next question should be about your hair. Why is it black?” He asks and I slam the door getting away from him and get into my car.

I have to find an excuse for my hair.


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