???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 61 – 70

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 61 – 70

???? ?????.


“I love you” she whispered but immediately regretted cos he was smirking at her

He leaned in close with his naughty smirk on

“What did you just say?” He heard her clearly but he wanted to hear her say it again

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 61 – 70

“I… I’ll just..” she wanted to stand up with her hands covering her chest but he pinned her back to the bed

“I thought I heard…” He wanted to continue but she pecked his lips, causing him to pause

“You didn’t hear anything” she muttered

“I’m sure I did” he said

“I’d like to go wash up” she sitting up

“Would you want me to join you?” He asked

“No… No.. wh… No” she rushed as she covered her bbs with her chest her cheeks were totally red from embarrassment

She slipped out of Zane’s hold and ran to the bathroom, Zane chuckled and roughed his hair staring down at his erection

“That little fur ball” he was grateful she had ran off, he didn’t know if he would have been able to control himself

“I love you too id!ot” he chuckled

Meanwhile Annalise stared at herself while under the shower, she recalled what happened few minutes ago

Strangely she felt like she wanted more, more of what exactly??

He went into the bathroom after she was out, she changed into something else

“Let’s go for dinner, Marissa must be waiting”

“But.. I think I was a little loud back then” she said with flushed cheeks

“The door is soundproofed and besides we’re the only person occupying the first floor” he said and she felt relived

“Let’s go then” she smiled and Zane chuckled…

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 61 – 70

After dinner Layla left Frenchie alone in their room saying she wanted to get fresh air

Layla went out to the huge pool just outside the house but hissed when she saw Kai standing there, he seemed to have noticed her presence because he looked back

“You of all people?” She scoffed and turned to leave but he held her wrist

“Wait..” he muttered and she stopped

“What?” She asked

“I.. uh wanted to apologise”

“For suddenly being cold for no reason or being a total jerk” she asked her hands akimbo

“For both” he replied facing the ground

“I’m sorry” he said

Layla almost smiled, she hasn’t seen this soft childish part of him before, but she kept a straight face

“Why exactly were you being cold to me?” She asked and he slowly stared at her

“You.. said something about liking someone to Annalise the other day at work” he said and she creased her brows

Come to think of it that was the day he started acting weird, he had heard them?, That was why he had been cold

Because he thought she liked someone?, She felt like laughing, this cold guy was so childish.

“It’s you I was talking about dummy” she said amused and he stared at her


“I like you” she said again and his eyes obviously widened..

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 61 – 70

Frenchie went out to the balcony that faced the ocean, it was calm and she felt calm and peaceful until her phone rang

It was an unknown number, she answered it


“So you finally answered my call Montero” that was a voice that Frenchie would be able to recognize anywhere, even in her dreams

“B… Boss” she stuttered

“May I know why my calls haven’t been answered for the past days Montero?” Lex asked again

“I… I’ve been a bit busy sir” she replied gulping hard

“Busy with what exactly?” Lex asked, his voice sounded amused

“With the work” she said and his hysterical laugh came from the other end

“You’re so funny Montero” even if he sounded amused, Frenchie knew that if he was close, her brains would’ve been blown out by now

“Look Montero, I have your hope on the palm of my hand”

“My dad?, That son of a bch can die for all I fking care” she yelled angrily but Lex only clicked his tongue

“That father of yours is as good as useless” he said

Who was he talking about then?

“Oh you think I don’t know about your little sibling, the one you hid far away?”

Frenchie’s eyes widened in ho..rror

“Com’n now Montero, I’m not that stupid” she could imagine him leaning back on his swivel chair

“L… Lex please” she immediately pleaded and Lex laughed again

“I’m giving you three days Montero, three days if the mission isn’t complete then your little sis is gone”

“I… I’m on a vacation with them now boss, gimme at least three weeks”

“Two weeks max Montero, I’ve been too patient” with that Lex hung up the call

Frenchie let out ho.rrified breaths as the thought of her younger sister being to.rtured by Lex dawned on her

Her sister had been hidden by her mom at her grandparents place in a small town, Frenchie didn’t know about her sister until her mom had told her in her deathbed

She had hidden it from Lex for this reason, so he wouldn’t use her sister to manipulate her into doing more bad jobs, like this one

That was it, she would tell Layla and Annalise about it and maybe they might help her

That’s right, she’s gonna tell them about it

She turned to leave but froze at the spot when she saw Gary standing in front to her, his eyes were dark and bloodshot

He looked…. Angry

Before she could make a move, he rushed to her and pinned her to the wall, his hands wrapped tightly around her neck

She gasped for breath as she tried to remove his hands from her neck but he was unbelievable strong

“G… Gary … You’re h… hurting me” a tear slipped her eyes as she kept gasping for breath but Gary only tightened his grip…

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 61 – 70

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