???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 91 – THE END

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 91 – THE END

?? ?????.


“Frenchie b… Bl.. bI.ood” Frenchie followed her line of sight and gasped at the sight of blood on Annalise dress

“No!!” Frenchie gasped

“Oh God!” She panicked, she felt like her soul had left her body

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 91 – THE END

“Layla call 911 quick” Frenchie said and Layla brought out her phone with shaky hands

“I’ve called 911 already let’s take her outside” a woman yelled and a man rushed to help Frenchie carry Annalise outside

The ambulance was outside already, Frenchie got in with Layla who had called Zane with Annalise phone

“Babe?” Zane called after he had answered the call

“Zane, it’s me Layla uh..”

“Where’s Lisa?” Zane asked coldly as he heard her panicked voice

“She…” She gulped hard

“Layla’s where’s my wife?” Zane roared and Layla flinched

“We’re headed to the hospital” Layla finally spoke and Zane got quiet for a second

“Why?” He asked calmly

“She’s unconscious and she’s bleeding, I d… I don’t know why” Layla was sobbing already

“Which hospital are you headed to?” Zane asked and she told him

He hung up the call and rushed to his car, he drove speedily to the hospital, his heart was racing, he was…. Scared

He ran to the doctor’s office as soon as he got to the hospital and the doctor explained

“Fortunately she only had a slight bruise on her forehead and a little cut on her thigh”

“And the baby?”

“The baby’s perfectly fine” the doctor replied

Zane sighed in relief when he heard this, she was alright…. She and their baby were alright

“Can I see her?” He asked

“Off course” the doctor nodded and a nurse entered

“She’ll take you to your wife”

The nurse took Zane to the VIP ward where Annalise was, she was asleep with a plaster on the side of her forehead, Layla and Frenchie were beside her

Immediately Frenchie and Layla noticed Zane they both stood up to leave

“Stay back Montero” Zane said, his voice sounded cold

Frenchie stopped while Layla and the nurse left

“Montero can you remind me what I told you when Lisa had called?” Zane asked calmly but his face was dark

“You said to keep her safe sir” Frenchie replied with shaky breath

“So what happened?”

“I just wanted to get popcorns and Layla insisted on following me,I wanted Anna to come but she said she was too tired and she also suggested that Layla follow me, when we got back she was unconscious….”

“You didn’t see anyone?”

“I did, actually when I got there I had seen Anna standing and then a figure appeared behind her but before I could rush to them, the person pushed her and ran off afterward”

“Could you make out if this person is a male or female?”

“No sir, I think the person was wearing a really huge hoodie and sweatpants” Frenchie responded

“What if something had happened Frenchie?”

“I’m so sorry sir” Frenchie muttered facing the ground

“What of she had lost the baby abs her life in the process, how do you think my life would turn out?!!

“I refused her to go at first knowing Lex might come after her but I agreed because I trusted you to take care of her, why would you be so careless Frenchie?” Zane asked.

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 91 – THE END

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