By Samuel Favour


Nyx Lothario

My life was the worst to begin with. Never had a peace of mind since I was born.

Having useless parents, my father was a drunkard while my mother was a pro$titute.


I had to work 5 jobs to try to pay our house rent because my parents left all the responsibility on me.

I was physically abused by both of them. While my mates were in highschool I was working my a$s off to put food on the table.

If my life wasn’t bad enough, it was just the beginning of my misery.

My useless father borrowed money from one of the richest men in the country.

I didn’t even know and instead of him working to pay hard he didn’t.

I was just coming back from work feeling tired when I saw 2 Lamborghinis and 3 Bugatti packed outside.

Puzzled , I entered the house only to meet Mr Mathew Williams.

The richest and ruthless business man in the country

I saw my dad kneeling on the floor begging for more time but the confused me couldn’t grasp what they were saying.

But all of a sudden when my father noticed my presence I heard the shock of my life.

“Take her, she’ll be my payment”.

“And of what use will your daughter be to me”.

I stood there frozen unable to move or comprehend what was going on.

“You can use her for anything or give her to your son, I’m sure she’ll be a great use to him”.

The man thought for a while before he smirked and turned to me.

“Take her away”.

With that I was dragged out of my home and given to the son of the billionaire, Eric Williams.


By Samuel Favour


Nyx Lothario

I stared at myself at the small mirror in my room. My face was bruised from the beating I received last night.

I’ve learned to hide my pain and not to shed tears when I’m being h!t by my parents.

I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction that they wanted so I just bear the pain keeping a straight face.

But immediately I set my foot inside this room I pour all my emotions out.

My left eye was purple while my hand had already turned brown.

I removed my top as I turned my back trying to get a glimpse of the bruises.

My back hurts and my body is in pain. I was tired of this life but there’s nothing I could do

I’ve tried so many times to commit svicide but it’s like everytime I try it something must happen to prevent it.

Like one time I went to a nearby supermarket to get a blade and cut deep into my vein.

But after I paid and made my way home I was robbed.

So many attempt I’ve tried but it’s not in my favor so I just gave up the idea of commiting svicide.

Instead I cut myself.

The feeling of the blade against my skin gave me satisfaction. My arms were full of different scars of my design I did with a blade or knife.

That’s the only feeling that makes me forget my worries for a while.

Sometimes I wished I was never born. I’ve been suffering since the day I came to this world.

My parents never bother to care about me. In this house I’m both the father and mother trying to feed two adults in the house.

Sometimes I wonder if they are actually my parents.

Parents are supposed to love and care for their children unconditionally but mine is the quite opposite.

I had to do 5 jobs just to put food on the table and pay house rent.

If that’s not enough I get physically abused by my parents, mostly my father.

I’ve learnt to accept my life.

I stopped school when I just finished middle school. My parents said I was useless going there.

Not that I really care because I had no friends and I got h!t by other students.

I sighed as I walked into the bathroom to take my bath.

Immediately the water came in contact with my skin, I hissed in pain.


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