Written by Authoress Mide

Settings; America………….

Location: America; California


Alex Rodriguez is a 24 years old handsome man. He’s tall in height and well known in the whole America for his amazing surgery skills, his handsome face and sxy body, he’s well built, his hot abs that makes the girls to drool over him, charming smile that melt the girls heart.

Everyone wants to go to his hospital so they can see his face and hear his voice even the old women are tripping for him but know something by he is a player infact a professional one.

60 DAYS WIFE : CHAPTER 1 - 20. Thingscouplesdo.com

He changes girls everyday as if he’s changing his undies, he doesn’t care about people’s feelings.

He’s a surgeon and chief executive of the biggest hospital in America “Happy hospital”

Delilah Thompson, a 19 years old college school girl who lives with her mom and twin sister and she has a best friend Eliana a meeky girl, beautiful and smart like Lila but is that Eliana true color.

Her mom owns a coffee shop and her dad is dead so she works in her mom’s coffee shop.

Delilah is beautiful, smart and average in height. Her dream is for her twin sister to get healed from her cancer and live a better life, so she could make her momma proud. But the dream got crashed when her twin sister Lily went into coma, which makes everyone devastated.

Lily was admitted in Happy hospital, there Lila get to meet Alex the handsome doctor in charge of her sister’s condition.

A situation made Alex to propose a deal to Lila and it will fetch her a lot of money, he told her to be his wife for 60 days and it’s gonna base on contract.

How will the Rodriguez family react when they get to meet Lila??

Will her 60 days in Rodriguez house be fun or it will be filled with drama??

Lets find out………..



Written by Authoress Mide

Chapter 1

A big Mansion with beautiful designs and painting, 15 bedrooms, 5 kitchens, a swimming pool, over 10 cars in the compound and 100 maids.

There are two living rooms in the Mansion, the big one and the small one once you enter the Mansion it’s the first living room you will enter, there are two floors in the living room. The first floor which is the main, the second floor and third floor.

The first floor rooms are storage room and kitchens.
The second floor is filled with bedrooms including the third floor.

In the third floor, the door by your left with is made with a strong wood, a name is boldly written on the door.


His room is very big and can contain over 50 people, a beautiful designs and painting, a thick glass on a wall which gave him a perfect view to see everywhere, his room is backing the swimming pool.

A girl in her early 20s sat on the bed without anything on, she’s just wearing her undies.

“Alex I’m talking to you stop ignoring me” she half yelled

A shirtless man stood in front of the mirror, he’s just putting on a black trouser and sagg a little bit, there’s a lot of tattoo on his body which make him look hot with his abs and six packs

“Stop disturbing me Rachael” he said without looking at her

She scoff “look Alex you can’t use me and dump me it’s not possible and know something I’m your girlfriend so stick to that” Rachael said as she flip her hair backward and scoff

“You’re not my girlfriend and you will never be one” Alex said as he turn around this time around and face her.

Rachael felt heartbroken when he said it, he doesn’t even feel remorse about what he said
“So what I’m I to you” she said as she look at him in the face trying hard not to get lost in body, Rachael lose control whenever she see him half naked

“You….. know….. you….are just my toy, I’m using you to satisfy my desire cause……….” He trail his words as he move closer to her

“Your body is sweet I can’t get tired of it” he said and he bounced on her.
Alex come in between her legs and trail ksses on her body

“Alex I don’t wanna be your sx toy, I wanna be your girlfriend, your wife” she said

He smiled “it’s too early” he said and he continued to kss her from her lip to her body
“Alex it’s not too early, we’ve been friends since childhood” she said

“Have heard you I will think about it” he said.
She felt hurt, he always have sx with her but he never dated, she has a crush on him for over 10 years and he’s yet to realize it even Alex mom Georgia want them to get married but Alex is the problem

“Alex stop what you are doing right now I’m not interested” she said as her eyes start getting blur cause of her tears

“Why…….I’m not stopping” he said as he continue to kss her body worshipping it like as if he’s worshipping his god.
“I said stop I’m not interested” she half yelled as she broke down in tears

“Alex you can’t keep having sx with me, what will the future hold for me” she said as she cry her eyes

“Fk you are a joy killer……………. don’t tell you are not enjoying it too” he said
“I’m not enjoying it” she said

“Oh really with the way you m®an my name, screaming my name out begging for more” he said

“I hate you” she said as she pushed him off her body and move out from the bed then enter the bathroom



She walked out from the bathroom and Alex was no longer in the room.

“I need to report him to his mom” she said as she wore her dress and walked out from the room heading to his mom’s room.

She’s wearing black gown with her white sneakers, her pretty long nails, her brown long hair with her Gucci handbag which worth over 10 million dollars which make her look classic, her nickname is human Gucci cause she wear Gucci clothe, shoe with bag everytime

Rachael a 21 years old beautiful woman or should I say lady. She’s a model and an actress.

Her Dad is a business tycoon, while her mom sells luxury clothe, bags shoes andperfumes imported clothes, bags, perfumes and shoes that worth a lot of money. If you are not rich you can’t enter her store cause she sells expensive and classy thing.

Rachael’s parents are super rich and popular which make her to be a spoilt brat. If you are not rich you can’t talk to her not to talk of hugging her.

She treats commoners as trash like as if they are nobody, she has over 100Million followers on Instagram. If you mess with Rachael just know you are playing with fire get ready to spend the rest of your life in a miserable way


Lila pov

“Hey when will you be back?” Lily my twin sister asked as I wore my shoe
“In the night around 11pm” I replied

“Can I follow you?” She asked
I tied shoe laces and carry my school bag and hung it on my shoulder

“Sorry lily you can’t follow me remember you are not feeling fine” I said as I rest my two hands on her shoulder

“Lila stop treating me like someone that’s sick” she half yelled as she remove my hands away from her shoulder

Father Lord help your child, my eyes become blur I wanna cry but I won’t

“Are you not sick, you have cancer you are the main reason why I’m working my ass out so I can treat you” I yelled as I let the tears out
“Did I ask you to do that?” She said as she scoff

“Don’t be an ingrate, I don’t have a dream for myself, my only dream is for you to be well and live your life in sweetness and not in pain” I yelled and walk out of the room

I step out of the room and I saw my mom standing in front of the door holding fruits, I clean my tears

“Lila it’s not…….”

“Mom it’s okay I understand” I said and walk past her

I’m not angry at my twin sister cause that’s her behavior, my behavior is totally different from my sister’s own.

She’s this type of girl that’s crazy and doesn’t like it if someone control and she’s older than me with just an hour.

My mom gave birth to her first then she fainted after one hour she woke up and gave birth to me. She fainted because she’s tired, body is new to childbirth

I covered my head with a face cap as I walk on the street. I do a lot of part-time job, I work in a coffee shop, restaurant, house cleaning, hotel and lastly club house, right now I’m heading to the club house.


Few minutes later…..……..

I manage to squeeze myself inside the crowd and I find myself in front of Eliana
“Hey you are late” she said

“You should be happy that I’m not dead” I said and she smiled
I pass through the door and sat down on the high chair infront of the counter

“Why are people much today?” I asked
“Alex is coming to this club so everyone wanna see him especially the girls” she replied
“Who’s Alex” I asked

“Are you an alien, you’re weird everyone knows Alex except from you” she replied
“Are you telling me or not” I asked

“Alex Rodriguez is a popular doctor, he’s handsome and he’s abs oh my goodness I can die for those abs” she replied

“Ewwww you’re crushing on someone that does not even know if you exist” I said as I roll my eyeballs

“He’s a player, a professional so if you see him avoid him” she said

“We can never meet” I said
Yuri come closer to us as she held four glass cup.

“Lila help me to serve table 9” she said
“No problem” I said as I get down and wait for her to pour the beer inside four glass cups
“Wait you don’t expect me to carry that four cups” I said

“Don’t tell me you can’t carry it” she said
“Yuri look at how Lila is slim like toothpick so which energy will she use to carry the cup” Eliana said

“Your mouth is too sharp” I said and she roll her eyeballs

I carried the glass cups and walk out, everywhere is crowdy I can’t even see well gos……………….oh my god I mistakenly spill the beer on someone

I look up to see a handsome dude with a tattoo on his arm, his abs gawwwd

??Oh my goodness she just spill beer on Alex
??Sooooo clumsy
??What is she feeling like
??Alex fire this girl
??Rachael this bçh wanna steal your man

We stare at each other face not knowing what to say, I’m expecting him to shout on me…..

This is peculiar……. it’s means strange


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