IN THE DARK Episodes 7,8,9,10,11&12

When i arrived from school,i hurriedly came out of
the car and went in search of kelvin. I met him in
the kitchen and excitedly threw myself into his arm
in a bare hug. I could tell he was surprised but he
accepted the hug. He released himself from my grip
and asked for the reason he is getting a hug. I told
him everything that happened in school, he smilled
and said i will have to start respecting him now
else he would tell my secret to the whole school if
i disrespect him. I pushed him playfully and left for
my room. Mom was not around so i had lunch
with kelvin and had my nap. I woke up by 5:00pm
and made dinner with kelvin. He taught me how to
make garri and vegetable soup,though the meal
was a little bit difficult, it was fun making it with
kelvin. Mom got back by 7:00pm,we had dinner
and went to our separate room after seeing a
movie. Jordan called and insisted we chat. So, we
had a long chat before i finally slept off by
I woke up lately the following morning due to the
late night chat with Jordan. I hurriedly got out of
bed, greeted mom and kelvin, then hurriedly
dressed and left for school without breakfast.
The litrature class was going on already when i got
to my department, i greeted Miss.esther and made
for an empty sit when i noticed people were
unnecessarily looking at me. I was about sitting
when miss.Esther called my name and i turned to
face her. She said “Nancy,are you not the one I
saw in chemistry class some minutes ago,you told
me you are a science student when i asked what
you were doing in chemistry class. I already told
the class you’ve switched to science department or
did you change your mind again??” I could not
understand what miss.Esther was driving
at,myself? In chemistry class?. Miss.Esther
question brought me back to reality,as she asked
again if i had changed my mind . I told her i was
just arriving school and i do not even know where
the chemistry laboratory is located. I could see the
surprise on her face when she asked if i really was
not the person she saw at the science lab this
morning,i replied positively and she asked me to
follow her. I dropped my bag and we both matched
out of the class. We got to the science lab the
chemistry teacher also was surprised to see me he
looked at me and said “Nelly I thought you said
you were going to the rest room, when did you
have a change of cloth?” I did not know what to
say so i just told him am not Nelly.The chemistry
teacher asked Miss.esther what was going on and
she told him she was as surprised as he was. The
chemistry teacher took my i.d and i was wondering
what kind of drama was going on,who the hell is
Nelly anyways?? I was still thinking when the
chemistry teacher removed his eyes from my I.D
and he concentrated his gaze on the entrance.
Miss.Esther did the same and so did everybody in
the hall. I followed their gaze and I saw the shock
of my life!!!!!!
Even without a mirror i could tell that she looked
exactly like me, she was expensively dressed as
well, with the same fair skin,pointed nose,big eye
ball and every other thing was the same as every
part of my body except the height. I was a bit
taller than her. Wow what a world!! She was also
looking at me from head to toe just the way i was
looking at her in surprise. Miss.Esther and the
chemistry teacher exchanged glance and kept on
looking from Myself to my look alike. ‘Are you sure
the two of you are not identical twin?’ the
chemistry teacher brooke the silence with his
question. I could not respond i just shook my
head. The chemistry teacher asked My look alike
to come in and she came closer,there was
whispering every where as everybody could not
hide there surprise. Miss.Esther asked if we have
met before and we both said ‘No’, she then asked
for her surname and she said ‘Stanley’, so you are
‘Nelly Stanley’ while you are ‘Nancy Williams’? The
chemistry teacher asked, we both noded and the
chemistry teacher said “truly God created human in
twoS, if the two of you are not blood related,this
will really be amazing”. The chemistry teacher
speech got me thinking if truly am not an only
child and if possibly Nelly is my sister,why would
mom ever lie to me? I asked myself without an
answer as miss.Esther took my hand and we
walked back to my department.
I did not pay full attention to the literature lesson
so the class ended on a boring note. I went to the
cafeteria to get lunch and if only eyes could kill,i
should be dead by now. I was waiting for my order
when i felt a tap on my shoulder, i looked behind
me and i saw another version of me! She smilled
charmingly and said ‘Hi, am Nelly’. God! She even
smilled like me!!
Seeing her made me short of words and words
could not describe how i felt. I opened my mouth
but i could not produce a word. How can we look
this alike and not be blood related? I asked myself.
The cafeteria attendance voice brought me back to
reality, she was asking me to pickup my order and
allow my sister have hers. I quickly said ‘Hi’ to
Nelly and took my order. Since Nelly was the next
person in line, i waited on her to get her order for
me not to appear unfriendly. After getting her
order, she said ‘Thankyou’ and i responded with
We settled in an empty table and started to eat.
She asked for my name and i told her ‘Nancy’ then
she said “so you are Nancy and i am Nelly and
together we are N square” we both laughed and
continued to discuss as we eat. Nelly asked about
my parent and she said she would love to meet
them, suprisingly she is an only child as well and
she did not hide how happy she was to have a
twin sister. According to her, even if we are not
blood related, our appearance made us a set of
identical twin, we laughed at her theory and had a
selfiee after lunch. With Nelly it felt like we have
been together for years. We left the cafeteria
together after lunch and we walked hand in hand
to the general class.
The mathematics teacher could not hide his
surprise when he saw nelly, he asked why my twin
sister was just resuming school,i told him Nelly
was not my twin and he could not hide is shock as
he, diverted from the lecture to asking questions
about myself and Nelly. The class ended and i left
the school compound with Nelly, her driver arrived
early but she waited for my driver to arrive before
she left.
The car was moving slower because i was so
anxious to get home. I needed to tell my mom
everything about Nelly and be reassured that i am
an only child. Having Nelly as a sister wont be a
bad idea but i needed to be sure before i would
draw a conclusion. I got home 3:20pm,i hurried
out of the car to my mom’s room. Mom was
dressing up for somewhere when i got to her room,
i hurriedly greeted her with a hug and told her we
needed to talk. Mom sat me down on her bed and i
told her everything about Nelly,she asked for the
pictures and i could see the shock in her eyes
when she saw the resemblance. I asked mom if i
was adopted or if probably am a twin. Mom
smilled and said “Nancy my baby,come here” i
went into her arms and she continued ” dont you
ever think i will lie to you, you are all i have and
all i need, i have no reason whatsoever to lie to
you about anything. Surly this other girl looks like
you but am also sure i did not give birth to a set
of twin. You are the only apple of my eye. You
know what? invite this girl over for lunch on friday
and tell her i would love to meet her parents” Mom
ended her speech and released me from her arm. I
apologised for doubting mom and she said its a
normal reaction. Mom left afterwards and i went to
my room.
After changing my dress into something more
comfortable i went to the kitchen and met kelvin
making lunch. We exchanged pleasantries and he
asked about school. I told kelvin about Nelly and
mom’s request, i also showed him the picture and
he was as well shocked. Kelvin promised to make
the best lunch on Friday,since i would be bringing
my twin home and we both laughed. I was not
really hungry so i left the kitchen after talking with
kelvin. I called khole and Jordan,i told them about
nelly and Jordan asked me to share the picture we
took on whatsap.
I went to school happily the following day, i looked
forward to lunch during my first lecture. I was so
anxious to know what Nelly’s reply would be when
i tell her about my mom’s invite.
The class ended and i rushed to the cafeteria in
search of Nelly. I saw her sitting alone,immediately
she saw me,she jumped towards me and hugged
me. I returned the hug and we both went to place
an order for lunch. We were yet to start eating
when Nelly smilled and said ” Twinny, i told my
parent about you, and they were very happy. They
said i should invite you over for lunch today,please
dont say no” I was suprised, i told her about my
mom’s invite as well and we both laughed. During
lunch i called mom and she agreed with me going
with Nelly but on the condition that i will go with
the driver and her parent will come with her for
lunch on friday in order to clear all doubt. I told
Nelly about my mom’s conditions and she called
her dad to inform him about my mom’s conditions.
Nelly’s dad said he could only make dinner on
friday because he would be bussy during lunch. I
called mom back to inform her and she agreed
with the arrangement. Nelly was happy about the
arrangement and so was i, i was just a bit nervous
about meeting her family.
After lunch,we left for English class together and
throughout the lecture i could not keep the thought
of what Nelly’s parent reacting would be out of my
After the day’s lecture i went to Nelly’s house with
my driver. Her house was a beautiful mansion,her
parent welcomed me like their child and her mom
kept calling me ‘her daughter’. We settled in the
large living room and Nelly’s dad asked me about
my background,he could not hide how happy he
was to have two daughters and he went on and on
to express his joy.
After the brief discussion, Nelly’s mom led us to
the dinning room and we had a delicious meal of
fried rice and chicken. We laughed and disscussed
like a family throughout the meal. Nelly’s mom
talked about nelly’s childhood and she kept asking
if we had the same childhood behaviour.
Nelly took me to her room after lunch and she
gave me her family album to go through. I noticed
different pictures of a particular guy and i asked
Nelly who he was. She took a deep breathe and
said “Twinny, his name is Uche and he his a son of
a minister, i was betrothed to him ever since i was
ten but i have no interest in him. Mom and dad
made it compulsory for me to marry uche in future,
in order to boost dad’s political carrier”. I could
feel the sadness in Nelly’s voice so i moved closer
to her and consoled her. I told her her parents,
might change their mind or she might end up
falling inlove with the guy. Nelly cheered up alittle
and asked if i had a boyfriend, i told her about
Jordan without hidding the fact that we were just
friends at the moment but we might end up
together in future. Nelly said she wished she could
fall inlove with some one of her choice as well. We
gisted alot and had fun playing video games before
i made my departure know to Nelly.
Nelly informed her parent of my departure and they
saw me off to the car. I collected Nelly’s number
and her parent’s as well before leaving the
Stanleys mansion.
Mom welcomed me with questions about the
stanleys as i arrived home, i told her everything
about the family and she was happy i found a
sister and a friend. Mom asked for Mr. Stanley’s
number and called to appreciate their kind gesture.
She also promised to send a driver to lead their
way to our house the following day for dinner.
I was about leaving for my room when mom said ”
Baby, jordan’s parent called to invite you to his
birthday party on sunday evening. I can see you
two are getting close, hope am not missing
anything ma’am?” i smilled and told mom i do not
know what she was talking about but i will surly
honour the invite. I could hear her laughter as i left
for my room.
I had a change of cloth and went to meet Kelvin in
the kitchen. He was making dinner and he
welcomed me with questions as well. I told him
about the stanleys as we made beans and plantain
for dinner. After dinner, i excused myself to my
room and called Jordan. I told him about the
stanleys and he said he would love to meet Nelly.
We decided we should all meet at our hotel gym on
saturday morning.
The following day was friday, school was fun with
Nelly and during lunch i informed her of Jordan’s
invite. She was equally happy and she accepted to
come over on saturday. I also invited Nelly to
Jordan’s birthday party but she declined, saying
her parent wont let her hang out at night. The
day’s lecture ended and we departed, promising to
see eachother at dinner.
Time checked 7:00pm, i was so excited when i
heard the sound of cars arriving our
compound,without been told i knew it was the
Stanleys. I rushed downstairs to join mom in
welcoming our guest. Just the way Nelly’s mother
welcomed me, mom also welcomed her like her
child. Formal introductions were made and we all
went to the dinning room following mom’s lead.
After dinner i took Nelly to my room and the adults
were left to disscuss. I invited kelvin over to my
room and we all discussed like long lost friends. By
8:00pm the stanleys were ready to leave, it was a
sad goodbye but nelly consoled me by reminding
me of our meeting the following day.
After the Stanleys departure i followed mom to her
room and immediately we settled on her bed, i
asked her if i am related to Nelly. She took a deep
breathe and said with a sad tone “No baby, she is
a sickler and you are not”. I went into mom’s arm
with mixed feeling. Sad i do not have a sister but
happy my mom has been truthful.

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