By Marie G

Chapter 11

Collins eyes widdened in shock yet he burst into laughter as he watch kaylan stump out of the house furiously

“Gosh, she’s the real deal.. the perfect person you are looking for” Collins laughed and ran after het

He grabbed her hand and kaylan turn, ready to sI.ap him but her hands stopped mid-air when she realized it was Collins

Tears were trickling down her cheeks nonstop


“I’m sorry about what he said,,, he behaves like a dk sometimes” he said and kaylan clean her tears which wouldn’t stop flowing

“Your brother clearly needs some home training. How could he ask me for sx just because I want a job huh? Is this how all rich people behave? Why can’t they just give me a job without wanting to get into my p.a-nts”… She yelled in tears

“I’m sorry” Collins apologized.

He didn’t want kaylan to leave cause he saw her to be a very decent girl if she could sI.ap Dean for what he said.

” I was the fo.ol to come here for the interview. He’s such a je-rk” She said tearfully and Collins immediately pulled her into a hug since that was the only solution he could think of

“It’s fine. He was just testing you. He doesn’t want to have sx with you” Collins said and kaylan dis£ngage from the hug and stared at him

“Test? What sought of test is that? Do you think I will believe a je-rk like him?” She said wiping her tears

“Calm down miss,,, pls” Collins said . “I swear.. he was only joking, he wanted to see your reaction” he told her

“Really ?” She asked and Collins nodded

“There’s no need going back inside. I think I already failed the test because of the sI.ap” Kaylan said

“I doubt that” Collins replied and pulled her back into the house

Dean was still holding his stinging cheeks when Collins came back with Kaylan. He was expecting an apology but kaylan didn’t say anything

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” He asked angrily

“You were wrong. So why should I apologize? Kaylan asked and Dean looked at her angrily

“She’s got some guts” he balled his fist as she sat

“So what’s your name? I’m Collins” Collins chipped in

“I’m Kaylan” she replied with a smile

“You’re pretty” Collins winked and she blushed

She turned to Dean. ” I’m sorry but you deserve it” She said and adjusted herself on the seat

She looks decent but ¢razy and tough.. Dean thought as he stare at her. For a moment he was lost staring at her face. She was indeed beautiful

She looked at him and frown. “Is something on my face?” She asked and he blinked severally before looking away

“Collins. Bring the files ” he said instead and Collins handed Kaylan the docu-ments

“You can go through it” he said and resume looking at her

“A contract? Why are you giving me a contract when I Know nothing about the job?” Kaylan frown more

“The job is written on it and the pay too” Collins replied

She opened the file and went through the content before looking at dean

She felt anger building up in her as she glared at him

She exhale and stood up

“What do you really take me for huh? You want me to get pregnant for you?” She asked and he nodded

“The fo.ol even have the nerves to nod. I’m sorry to disappoint you sir Dean I can’t accept this offer” She slammed the paper on the table and turn to leave when he spoke up

“This is my business card. You can call me when you change your mind. I’ll help your mom with her surgery bills if you change your mind” he sm-irked and his word hit her h@rd and tears threatened to fall from her eyes

Truly she had seen Dean 2days ago when she took her mom to the hospital. Dean had mistakenly overheard her conversation with doctor banks that day

She turned to him at once. “Is it my fault I’m poor?” She yelled in tears

“Because your life is blissful doesn’t mean you should mock me?” She yelled and gave him another sI.ap before turning to leave

Dean’s cheeks were already hurting badly

Collins giggle softly as he watch Dean hold his already red cheeks

“I will pay you $70M” Dean suddenly spoke


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