By Marie G

Chapter 21

“Kaylan what’s wrong with you?” She asked herself

“How could you touch your boss’s face that way?” She said again

“Don’t forget the reason you’re here” she said again

“Is she alright? Why’s she talking to herself?” Dean wondered staring at her from the stairs

“Kaylan” he called and she turned to him


“I’m sorry about earlier” she said quickly and faced the ground

She couldn’t bring herself to look at him

“I’m home” Collins announced greeted entering the house

“You’re home” kaylan smiled.

“Yeah.. I am” Collins smiled back

“Hope work wasn’t stressful?” She asked cutely and Collins held her cheeks pulling them slightly

Dean’s expression change and Collins smir-ked

“Of course not my pretty Kaylan” Collins said knowingly and he knew his plans were working perfectly when Dean slapped his hands away from kaylan’s cheek

“Don’t you think it’s improper to touch a lady’s face like that?” Dean said and Collins giggled before leaning closer to him

“She’s not a lady to me”Collins mimicked in a whisper . “You said that remember?” He laugh briefly and turned to Kaylan again

“Anyway my beautiful Kaylan.. let me go freshen up,,, you can join me if you want” Collins winked and left

“I’ll be in my room too” Kaylan said and left too leaving Dean who couldn’t bring himself to say a word.



~8pm same day~

They all drove to Brittany’s mansion and Dean couldn’t stop staring at Kaylan

She looked breathtaking in the red dress she was wearing and her face was dolled up too making her more alluring

“Her beauty could melt a Stone heart. Not mine though” he muttered and looked away

They alighting the car and kaylan was lost staring at the beauty of the mansion

“It’s beautiful” kaylan gushed mirthfully as they Into the house

“See who we have here” came Brittany’s voice. She was descending the stairs

She walked straight to kaylan and pecked her both cheeks

“You look good dear” she said and kaylan smiled, making her look even more beautiful.

“How are you two?” Brittany turned to Dean and Collins

“As you can see” Dean replied nonchalantly and walk into the house fully

“Come in” Brittany held kaylan’s hands and led her into the house

“Lia” Brittany called the head chef and she came along with other maids

“Serve dinner” She said and they rush back to the kitchen, returning with different types of dishes

“Wow” collins exclaimed staring at the sushi on the table

“I’ve missed this” He add lic-king his li-ps

” I love you ma’am Lia but I love my Brittany more” he winked and everyone laughed

Lia and the rest did all the serving and left afterwards

“Let’s eat” Brittany smiled at them

“This taste so good” kaylan said eating from the cheese steak

“Of course it is, I made that specially for my daughter in-law” Brittany said and Dean choke on his food

“Here” Collins quickly offered him water

He took it and gulp down everything immediately

“Are you alright?” Kaylan asked and he nodded

“Just worry about yourself. I’m fine”

“I think I’m done here” Dean added and stood up

“But you’ve b-arely touched your food” kaylan said

“Don’t worry about him. That’s how he behaves” Brittany interrupted while Dean roll his eyes at her

“You guys should enjoy your food while I get some fresh air outside” Dean said and walk out of the house

Brittany turned to Kaylan and smiled as he watch her eat

“Don’t be bother about whatever Dean does. If you come to und-erstand him, You will know he’s so kind hearted” Brittany said and Kaylan smiled

“I know something must have made him this way. I will just look for a way to make him feel better” she said and Brittany gushed happily

She was happily her son found someone who cared about his happiness

“I will be grateful if you can do that”

“I @ssure you” Kaylan smiled

They were done eating and Lia cleared the table

“I will go meet Dean outside” Collins said and walk out

“Mom?” Kaylan called as they sat in the living room

“Yes dear..

“Did something happened to Dean in the past?” She asked and Brittany heave a sigh

“He didn’t tell you anything?” Brittany asked and Kaylan shook her head

“How could he not tell you when you both are dating?” Brittany asked and Kaylan laugh

” I have no idea” she replied and Brittany nodded

” Come sit closer to me” Brittany said and Kaylan quickly stood up and sat closer to her

She was curious to know what made Dean so cold and annoying

“You must have heard of Tyler?” Brittany asked and she shook her head

“She was once Dean’s girlfriend,,,, he loved her so much that he was ready to do anything for her but little did he know he was loving and caring for a snake” she continued

“What do you mean?” Kaylan asked

“Tyler was a slvt who was just after his wealth. Collins once caught her having sx with the director of his (dean’s) company”

“BI.oody h’ll!!” Kaylan exclaimed.

“You’re shocked? Don’t be” Brittany smiled sadly

“Collins told Dean but he didn’t believe him cause he trusted Tyler so much. He could practically die for her back then. He believed Tyler couldn’t do that to him,,, he trusted her to the core”

“Again, Collins caught her with one of the maids in Dean’s house, they were making out” Brittany said and Kaylan g@sp

“She was l£sblan?” Kaylan exclaimed

“She was bisxual ” Brittany replied

“She must really be heartless” Kaylan said while Brittany smile

He went through a lot,,, no wonder he doesn’t trust me and treats me badly… Kaylan thought sadly

“So did Dean believe him this time around?” Kaylan asked

“He didn’t.. he even pick up a fight with Collins to an extent he didn’t want to see Collins again because of Tyler”

Wow.. he must have loved her so much… Kaylan thought again. She couldn’t believe Dean could love someone to the extent of fighting with Collins

“He loved her even when I was against it,,,, he was ready to marry her that he started planning their wedding even without my approval. He thought I hated Tyler without reason”

” Few days to their wedding he left for a business trip leaving his properties and everything he owned to Tyler since he trusted her so much. They even created a joint account”

“Tyler ran away with all his money, every dime of his life savings. As if that wasn’t enough she also took the $50M in their joint account”

“He didn’t believe it when he saw the debits but when he went back home, he couldn’t find Tyler anywhere around the house but a letter

“But before that, he had caught Tyler himself having se-xwith his security man. He was pain but after she begged on her knees, telling him it wasn’t intentional, He decided to give her another chance and that was when Tyler ran away with his money. The money he worked day and night in his late father’s company just to open a toy factory but the bch stole everything.

“Two days after she left, he started developing mental disorder. He’ll talk to himself and laugh like he was mentally deranged. He’ll cut himself up with sharp objects and The only name he kept chanting was ‘Tyler’” Brittany said at the verge of tears

Kaylan felt a liquid w-etting her cheek, she touched it and realized it was tears then it dawn on her she was crying

“God,.. this is pure wickedness” Kaylan audibly without realizing it and Brittany smile

“It wasn’t easy seeing my son live two years of his life at the psychiatic hospital. God, I thought my world were sinking,,, He is my only son”

“Collins also couldn’t stop crying. He didn’t seized to go visit him everyday even when Dean do bite him and did crazy things to him every time he visited. Collins didn’t relent, he keep visiting” Brittany said and heavy tears left Kaylan’s eyes

I have misjudged him.. Kaylan muttered lowly

“But as days p@ssed, he started regaining his mind. Ever since then, the bond between him and Collins grew so much that one could mistake them for g.@y” Brittany smile.

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