HEARTBREAKS: Episode 1-The End

Heartbreaks (A True Life Story) Composed and written by Excelrhymez Aka Mummy E Episode 1 So I just got admission into the Delta State University, and my excitement to finally be free from my parents is unexplainable. For now I can finally be free, to live on my own, visit who I like, eat what … Read more


If I had known, I would not have played the American Visa Lottery. The lottery I played has put an indelible scar in my heart, causing me pains daily as I move closer to my grave. I am now 64 years of age. My undoing was the Visa Lottery I played in 2007. Prior to … Read more

JUST US: Episode 1 – 10

JUST US 👫 ✨ (Do you believe?) BY RUTHIE LEE 🌸 🌸 EPISODE 1 “Bella’s POV” Sometimes I think my life is like a Cinderella story, Only Cinderella lived with her step mother and two step sisters, and her life ended up in a juicy beautiful way. While me…. I’m staying with my aunt in … Read more

Husband And Wife Use Their Son for Money Ritual

– The couple were arrested alongside one Fatai Sefiu, following their neighbours’ suspicion – The suspects led policemen to where the victim was buried – It was discovered that the deceased was buried in standing position. Read the whole story below: A herbalist, Lajuwon Ogunleye, and his wife Adetutu Apalaya have been arrested by the … Read more

How My Wife Died Like A Fowl for Fear of Covid-19

-In January 2020, my wife developed the following symptoms: fever, breathlessness, chest pain, morbid weakness… -In frustration, I immediately took her to UNTH, Ituku/Ozalla. That was where the worst happened. -Doctors at UNTH watched my wife die like a fowl without helping her for fear of coronavirus. Read his heartbreaking story below: A 40-year-old man, … Read more