A WIFE FOR MR POPULAR: Episode 21-30

Episode 21

Claire’s POV

Two Weeks Later

‘Are you both sure you want to do this??’..The judge asked and I sighed deeply looking at Gray beside me…

‘Yes your honor we’re sure’..He said..

‘Well the court is granting you both a month to live together and reconsider your decision’..He said..

‘A month?? I don’t need to reconsider anything your honor!! I want this divorce to be finalized so i can become a good single bachelor again!!’..Gray yelled and i sighed deeply…

Two weeks with the both of us have been h.ell with the stupid arguments and how he tells me that I’m super ugly and i just can’t help it anymore…

I can’t live with someone who ruins my self esteem and makes me feel less of myself..

I haven’t even gone out with my friends for two weeks!!!…

Just work,scream,argue and cry my heart out every single day!!..

I haven’t even been to the salon and my hair has started returning to it’s natural blonde color…

‘The court is giving you both a month to rethink your decision and that’s final!!’..

‘This is all your fault!!! You should have never agreed to marrying me in the first place and now I have to see your face every morning!!!’…Gray yelled at me as we both came out of the court only for me to see Emma and Mark outside with a banner WELCOME BACK SPINSTER!!..

‘Awwwww guys??’..i almost cried hugging them…

‘So you’re a divorcee now??’..Mark asked..

‘The court is giving us a month to reconsider but seems like there’s no need for any consideration so yeah—I’m technically a divorcee’..i replied..

‘Well then since it’s that way it’s time for a makeover sweetheart’..Emma said..

‘Makeover?? You’re joking Right?? What are you guys up to??’..i asked..

‘We’re all going shopping for new clothes for you,a hair makeover and you know everything!! You deserve to live Claire and you deserve a man that loves you more than anything’…Mark said..

‘Awww what would I do without you guys???’..

Gray’s POV?

‘Yeah I’m technically a divorcee and now I’m back to being the single Mr popular again’..I replied Martin who plunked down on the chair..

‘You know i always thought you and Claire would make a great couple even though it was an arranged marriage’..He muttered and i scoffed…

‘And what makes you think so??’…

‘Well who doesn’t?? She’s a beautiful woman and—

‘Claire isn’t beautiful’..i cut in..

‘Yeah cause you don’t want to admit it!! You can’t even look at your wife for five seconds!!!’..

‘Ex.wife’..i corrected..

‘You’re not divorced yet so she’s still your wife!! She’s like the second generation of Marilyn Monroe and Madonna infused together!! She’s smart and intelligent I mean the merger is the best thing that’s ever happened and because of her profit has boosted to a 60%!! She’s super nice Gray,everyone loves her,the staffs?? Your workers at home,everyone Gray what else could you want from a woman like that?!!Fine she doesn’t dress to your taste but she’s sexy all right!! You need to see the way the other guys talk about her when you’re not around’…He explained and i rolled my eyes..

‘Clarice is the only person that —

‘Ohhh who gives a dmn about Clarice?? She’s clearly using you and you don’t want to accept that…you’re making a big mistake Mr Popular and trust me if you end up divorcing Claire then I’m making a move on her!! A woman like that by my side is heaven’..

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