THE GOVERNOR’S SON: Episode 31-The End


(? what my heart wants)

By Authoress Naomi Cindy

? Episode thirty-one ?

? Steve ?
A week later

I’ve become a shadow of myself, so weak and pale, since it happened, I took a leave from the hospital, I can’t Operate in my condition else I’ll ruin things

I cry everyday, brood everyday and it just doesn’t seem enough to wash away my sorrow

I wish I can turn back the hands of the time, I’d have set things right, I’d have made things the way it should be, I’d have been a better friend to Steve instead of a devil

I just locked myself up and I’m even too guilty to come out, my phone is still switched off too cos guilt won’t let me talk to anyone of them

I came out of my room today gloomy as ever

“Boss, you finally came out!” Betty my only maid exclaimed

I looked at her and couldn’t even smile, I just staggered and fell on the couch weakly

“Are you ok?” She asked concerned

“I’m ok, can I get some water?” I asked and she ran off to get it

She handed the glass of water to me and I gulped it down in seconds

I walked back upstairs and took my bath after brushing my teeth

I put on something casual and walked out of the house, I was actually going to Stanley’s mansion, I think I’ll tell him everything, I don’t care if he punches me till death but I’m just not ready to carry this load of guilt again

I drove to his house roughly and my heart started skipping beats as I stepped out of my car

I stared at the mansion and the thought of going in and tell Stanley the truth, Stanley punching life out of me and eventually going to heaven doesn’t sound nice, tears escaped my eyes as I entered my car and drove out of the compound, I can’t do this

? Richard ?
I took Stanley and Steve’s number, Steve’s from the hospital and Stanley’s from the company

I called both of them but Steve’s number is switched off, Stanley is not picking up

I tried Elvira and Hellen’s number too but they’re not picking

I need nobody to tell by now that something Is definitely off somewhere

I drove to Stanley’s mansion and found Steve zooming out of the compound fast

Before I can get out of my car, he’s gone far

I looked at the speeding car and sighed

I moved closer to the door and pressed the doorbell, luckily, it was opened by Stanley but what I saw is not good..

He’s as pale as a starved chicken, his collarbone can be visibly seen and his lips are so dry

He looked at me with an expression less face and left the door open before going back in

I followed him in and he sat
“Stanley what’s wrong?” I asked with concern but he refused to even look at me

“Stan what’s….

“Richard stop!, So you care about me now?, You know how to call Stanley and ask what’s wrong with me?, Have you ever thought of that when you suddenly stopped being friends with I Steve” he interrupted bitterly but I’m not ready to give in this time

“Stanley stop!, Did you and Steve ask me why I left?, No!,you never did, all you did was ignore me too!” I yelled back

He stood and faced me


He broke down in tears

“Just tell me what happened” I said

“I’m sorry Richard, I’m sorry for neglecting you and for not trying to reach you out, I thought you never wanted I and Steve” he said tearfully

“It’s ok, I just need you to tell me the reason for this paleness, you’re so thin, and just look at your revealing collar bone, I called you but you aren’t picking, Steve’s phone is switched off, Elvira and Hellen are not picking too, what’s happening?” I asked impatiently

He inhaled loudly and told me everything,by the time he finished, my eyes are already widened

“What!, That can’t be true, don’t you trust Hellen?, You don’t trust Elvira too?, Stanley you know they can’t do it” I said unbelievably

“But the voice note is their voices, and I was truly poisoned too” he defended

“Even at that Stanley, this happened too fast, you should have studied the situation and not take a rash decision, this is a world of technology, anybody could do a voice note and copy anyone’s voice to look like it,but the poison, you know anyone could be behind this” I said

“I don’t understand” he replied in confusion

“It must be someone close to you and…..

I was interrupted by the ringing of my phone

I picked it and it’s dad’s PA, I was told to come to the company now

“I need to get to the company right now, I’ll be right back tommorow and we’ll start our investigations,” I said before dashing out

I’m just too certain they did not do it

? Stanley ?
I’m just too confused, my head is not cleared right now, i went to the mini bar but the liquor has finished, I need to get a drink at the bar

I drove to the bar and settled down to three bottles

I just hate my life!

I haven’t drank the third bottle when I got drunk and started staggering while trying to stand up but I suddenly felt a hand around me

I looked back and found out it’s Rihana, I’m even too drunk to stop her from touching me

“What… are you doing…here?” I asked, drunk

“To help you of course,you can’t drive home in this state” she replied and crossed my arm on her shoulder while she Carried me to her car

I can’t even fight it, she drove me home

? Rihana ?
Don’t think too much about how I knew he’s there, I’ve been on his trail since he left the house

And now,my plan is working

I took him inside his room and layed him on the bed

I started undre$$ing him, I need him to $leep with me

He tried pushing me away but i guess he’s too drunk cos his hand is so weak

? Hellen ?
I stared at Stanley’s mansion as I stood, it brought a load of memories and I nearly cried but I’m not here to cry

Since Elvira And Helga found out about the pregnancy, they’ve been persuading me to go tell him, not because he’ll forgive me for the sin I didn’t commit but because he’s the father of the child

And I also found his ATM inside one of my bags, I must have mistakenly packed it while packing

I want to return that too

I saw the main door opened and I wonder what he’s doing leaving the door opened like this

I entered the house and couldn’t find him in the living room

I smiled as I remembered the care and love I once received from him as my boyfriend… it’s so short lived

I climbed upstairs and started hearing voices from his room

I got curious and walked there stealthily, I opened the door and what I found shocked me

Stanley on bed and Rihana undressing him

My eyes widened and tears nearly escaped my eyes as I witnessed the scene before me

Immediately they saw me

Rihana tilted up and a grin appeared on her face

“Like what you see?” She asked with a smug little smile

? Stanley ?
Immediately, all the god-damned liquor cleared off my face

I saw the look of disbelief on her face as she saw us

I stared at Rihana in shock, I pushed her away and she fell

“It’s not…. what you…. think” I stammered as Krystal looked on

“No need of explaining yourself, I disgust you, don’t I?, I came to return this” she said and dropped the ATM on the ground, she looked at me once again and I can see the tears brimming at the corners of her eyes as she ran out

I ran after her but couldn’t catch up, she drove out of the compound and I sat on the floor crying, I dunno why all these is happening

I rushed back upstairs and met Rihana sitting on the bed

I pulled her up forcefully and took her out

“Don’t you ever show your face to me again!, Or else…… and again, I’m starting to have an intuition that you have a role in all of this, just get out!” I shouted and saw her cringe

She ran out

I tried Hellen’s number consistently just to explain things to her but she didn’t pick

I’ll never drink again… never!

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