A WIFE FOR THE PRINCE: Episode 21-The End

? A Wife For
The Prince ?

?(The girl in my dreams)?

Episode 21

By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

? Ryan ?

” We can’t go any further Ryan, I don’t think she’s anywhere around here ” Ava said.

I sighed and ruffled my hair tiredly, it’s been two hours we’ve been searching for her and no single sign of her is seen.

But I can’t give up!

” I will just call another driver to come pick you both up, I can’t go back without her ” I said sincerely.

I am not planning on doing so.

” Try understand this Ryan, if she was kidnapped, did you think the people will bring her to the road side ? They will definitely take her somewhere we don’t know and searching for her here won’t make us find her ”

Scarlett’s right!
We won’t be able to find her truly! But is she safe?

” The best thing we have to do now is to go back home, we might still meet that her friend if she came. Watcha say? ”

Ava asked.

” Yeah right, let head home ”

I sighed and made turn back home. Maybe that’s the best thing.


” I can’t really say my King ” the girl we assumed to be Alyssa’s friend said as we entered into the palace.

” Meaning you don’t know where she is?” Mum asked

The lady shook her head and my heart sank. What do I do?

” No idea my Queen but you don’t have to worry, Alyssa is smart. She will come back home safely ”

I sighed in relief a little. Words of encouragement will do at least.

I know she’s smart but what if the person is dangerous?

Removing all the negatives thoughts, I focused back on her.

I believe she will come back!

” We shouldn’t involve the cops?”
The lady shocked as Dad mentioned that.

” of course not my King, it will only endanger her. I assure you, she will be back home soon or by tomorrow ”

Tomorrow is too long, what if they starve her? Why did they want her in the first place huh?

And who? If I knew this was going to happen, I could have put a tracking device on her .

” Okay, let’s live on that. Thank you young lady ”


Miles POV

I drank from the bottle of vodka in my hand not thinking of using a glass. It’s the same anyways.

” Got some information about her?”

” Everything boss ” Stone replied.

” Good, you need to follow her and know each of her movements, then you kill her if she’s alone. Do that in 24hours ”

” Yes boss”

” And Stone?”

” Yes Boss ”

” I need a clean job ”

” Nothing less than that Boss ”

” Good, you can leave and inform Arc to get Zoey here ”

” Okay boss ”

I need to fk her to cool off my brain, she’s mine. No one else can claim her except me.




? Alyssa ?

I frowned crossing my arms.

” Are you trying to say that you have forgotten my mother uncle Mike? And yes, I am Alyssa”

I asked staring at him while he shook his head.

” Of course not Akira, I can’t definitely forget my own Susan my own sister. I didn’t get to see her, I only asked my boys to tie her up ”

” I am really sorry oh God! Will Susan forgive me for this? I have lots of explanations to give, Mark Raphael”

He called! I watched as both Raphael and another man appeared. He better do have some explanations to do.

I can’t believe this, my favourite and only uncle that disappeared into the thin air about six years back is right beside me.

He freaking own this place lord! How did it happen and he forgot us! His sister and his niece! .

My joy now is that I can explore this mansion like I have wanted at first.

And wondering why he calls me Akira? I don’t know either but that’s what my Aba do call me when he was alive too.

And I was referred to that most of the time especially when uncle Mike is around, I guess that’s why he didn’t get to know my real name .

Ama began calling me Alyssa fully when Aba passed on, she believes calling Akira reminds her of him.

” Yes Boss ”

Raphael’s eyes met with mine and I smirked.

I need to play a little mind game with him for breaking my heart. Since my Ama is safe, that’s all that matters to me.

” Get her released, take two maids to prepare her bath, dress her up then bring her to me right away ”

” Yes boss ”

Before Raphael could move, I crossed his part standing on his way. I signaled the other man to go and he gladly went.

” Am I still your favourite niece Uncle?” I asked pouting like a baby.

He gave me one if his charming smiles and nodded.

” You are Akira, my favourite niece in the world ”

Just what I wanted to hear. I glanced at Raphael and smirked again.

” Will you grant me this my one request?”

” Mention it and it’s done ”

He replied heartily! Oh lord! I am so happy now.

” I don’t want this, to work for you anymore. Fire him Uncle ”

I said bashfully! Raphael’s eyes widened in shock and he froze that moment.
It’s payback time !

Uncle Mike stared at me to Rachel and I still kept pouting.

” Consider it done Akira, I am sorry Raphael. I am trying to do anything to please my niece and her mother for leaving them all this years so ..”

” You are fired, you can no longer work for me. I want you out of my mansion in ten minutes, you know what I can do if you exceed that time ”

Happiness spread all over me as I saw the fright and hurt in Raphael’s eyes.

Yeah! I want him to feel what I felt too. I was heartbroken and hurt!

I could still remember everything clearly! It wasn’t less than 10hours that I gave him my b0dy that he said those hurtful words to me.

He sl@pped and pushed me out of his apartment!

Raphael fell on his knees immediately holding my hand and I quickly j.erked off.

” I am sorry Alyssa, please forgive me. Boss don’t send me away I beg for your mercy, I don’t want to go back to the street please ”

He pleaded. God! I feel like a Queen!

” That was what I felt when you hurt me Raphael, how does it feel?” I asked with a signature smirk still on my face.

” You might have done something to have hurt her Raphael, out ” uncle Mike commanded.

Raphael look at me pleadingly and an idea popped into my head.

” You know what uncle, you don’t have to send him away anymore. Each time I am around, he will serve me, I want Raphael as my servant ”

I squealed! Uncle Mike chuckled raising his hands.

” Anything you say Baby girl, you hear her right? You can leave ”
Oh my g0sh! I have bruised his ego!

” Have a seat ”

” And Raphael? Get me a drink ” I commanded.

He paused and nodded!

“Y..yes ma’am ”


” Uncle please ” I held Ama’s hand and made my best puppy eyes.

Ama was released and you will be wowed if you see her transformation.

I almost didn’t recognize her. She looks like a diva.

“You don’t understand do you Akira? King Nathan did really hurt me, I can’t forgive him. I can’t ”

” Of course we understand Mike, but what has happened has happened. Taking revenge won’t bring back the old memories and relationship but making peace does”

Ama shipped in.

Uncle Mike shook his head in disagreement.

” He took Anne and made her his wife even when he knows I was madly in love with her Susan, my best friend took my girlfriend because I had no money and power ”

” Tell me, isn’t that enough reason to retaliate huh? I am still broken till now, seeing Anne as his wife breaks me everyday ”

He said with hurt clearly written on his face.
King Nathan was really wrong, how can he have done that to his best friend?

” We know he was wrong Uncle but please let it slide and forgive him, you got married right? And have two beautiful daughters who are now divas , they are idols and people worship them aren’t you supposed to be happy?”

” Forgive him please, for the sake of the friendship you once shared. Make peace with King Nathan and his family ”

I said! I really don’t want this enmity between the two families!

Maybe King Nathan regrets his actions, I am sure about that because he’s a good man at least, that I know ”

” Akira ..”

” Please Mike ” Mum cuts in

” It’s not that easy you know , I just can’t”

I breathed out not knowing how else to convince him, with his wealth and men. He can kill King Nathan and his family with just a snap of his fingers.

” Uncle, you asked for Ama’s and I’s forgiveness right? For living us all those years and you know we haven’t forgiven you fully ”

He raised his head glancing at both Ama and I.

” I know and I will do anything to make it up to you, you are my family and I can’t help it if you both are mad at me. My favourite niece and my only sister, I can’t help it ”

A smile crept on my face while Mum gave me a ‘ what are you up to ‘ look.

” We will forgive you but on one condition”

” Just name it already and consider it done ”

My face beamed as he said that! Just perfect!

” Promise me that I have your words uncle ”

He brought out his finger and cross it while I chuckled. I am not a kid anymore!

” A pinky promise, I will do anything to earn both you and Susan’s forgiveness”
Humph! Just in my favour.

” We will forgive you if you let go of your grudges with the King and make peace with him, right Ama?”

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