HEAD BOY – Feathers: Chapter 81 – The End

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 81


Rose was the first to step out to display her modelling skills, then I was called out.

As I prepared to walk out, Rose said; “Why don’t you remain here, you have lost already.”

“Well, If I can make it to this round, I might as well win…” I said and smiled in a way that will intimidate her.

I walked out and displayed my modelling skills.

I went back to where Rose was.

“I’m winning this.”She said.

I smiled and said; ” But it’s not for you to declare, let the judge announce the final result. If you win, I will congratulate you.”

She looked away angrily.

“I hope that you will congratulate me, if I win as well?” I asked.

She only shot me an annoying look.

“We have the scores of the two final contestant with us, shall we announce it?” The man asked the crowds.

“Yeah…” The crowds echoed loudly Everyone was curious to know who would win.

“Rose had 86 points.” He declared and those in support of her clapped and cheered her up happily.

After the shouts subsided, the man said; “Alice had 86 points too.”

The crowds in my support clapped and cheered.

“Well, this was why we gave the judges the privileges of voting. We are honoured to have five judges amidst us, they will vote accordingly. Each of their vote is a point.”The coordinator said.

“Don’t even think Raymond would vote for you, his families are present there and he won’t try nonsense.” Rose said.

“Why are you disturbed? We would be here when the vote is over.” I said.

“I vote for Rose.” The first Judge said.

“I vote for Rose.” The second judge added.

It was like they had been bribed or something, how can the first two judges vote consecutively for Rose.

Well, being in the second place of this contest is not bad.

“I vote for Alice.” The third judge said and I came became happy.

“I vote for Alice.” The forth judge said and I became happier.

“You!” Rose pointed at me. “How did you do it?”

“Be calm, it’s time for Raymond to vote.” I said to her and took few steps away from her.

“Alice and Rose are now at 88 points each, the vote of the head boy of kochi college will determine who the winner is….over to you head boy.” The coordinator said.

There was a pin drop silence everywhere all of a sudden, everywhere was tense.

My heart was beating heavily myself, not like I didn’t trust Raymond but his families were there indeed and he may just do what is in their favour.

“I…vote for…Alice.” Raymond declared and everywhere scattered

I jumped up for joy that I almost fell.

I was so happy.

“Alice, please come forward.” The cordinator said and I stepped forward elegantly.

On getting outside, I was awarded and announced as the winner of the beauty contest.

My face darted at that of Raymond and he smiled until I took my face away.

I blushed greatly.


Immediately Raymond dropped me from his car, I ran inside to announce the good news to my parents.

I saw my dad helping my mom in taking her drugs.

“Mom, dad!” I called happily and hurriedly went to sit beside my mom.

“Guess what, mom? I just won a beauty contest and the money I was given as reward can be used for your surgical operation.”I said and my mom furrowed her brow happily.

She let tears fell down her face and she hugged me.

Few days later!

My mom had been taken to the theatre room for her operation, I was outside standing and restless. Raymond was sitting calm.

” After your mom get healed, seems we are going to commence your own treatment too.” He said softly without bothering to look at my face.

“Meaning?” I asked, setting my gaze on him.

“Implying that you should sit and remain calm, being restless would only make you hypertensive.” He said and I reasoned with him.

I sat beside him and tried to control myself but I was still restless.

Few hours later, a doctor came out of the theatre room and approached us.

“How is my mom?”I asked curiously.

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