HEAD BOY – Feathers: Chapter 71-80

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 71


Just three weeks and we will be done for the semester, in just two weeks, my fate would have been decided on either I will remain poor or rich, it all depends on if I win the beauty contest.

I really want to excel in my studies this semester and also win the beauty contest even though i doubt it, considering the number of experienced models that will be present on that day.

But I’ll be hopeful.

As soon as I arrived home, that was after I left Albert’s house. I walked in and saw my dad watching my mom as she took her dr.ugs.

I stood still and imagined her, getting healed when I finally win the contest. Not only will she be healed permanently, I will become a popular and many brands will probably start to endorse me.

My father sighted me standing still like a statue.

“Alice, are you okay?” He asked.

“Yes dad!” I suspended the sweet imagination and walked to them.

I sat beside by mom and looked at her. She was about taking a new set of dr.ugs.

“Mom! are you getting better!” I asked.

She took her second dose of drug and turned to me, as she wanted to speak, tears poured from her face.

I buried my head in between her bre@$ts and consoled her.

I understood her pain so well, living in pain for three and a half years is not even funny at all

No one in the world would ever pray for such. I took my head away from her and said; “Mom, I’m sure we would get the money for your permanent healing so soon.”

She nodded and only looked away

My dad kssed her in the lips and said with all of the the passion in him; “I’ve being working hard since the first day the doctor said you had tumour, understand that my love for you will never drain and I’ll be here after you had get healed permanently, this will not even last forever.”

They hugged.

I stood and watched them display affections, I walked inside my room sadly.

I was planning to read when I get home but my mood just changed into a very sad one. No one would pray to see tears on their mother’s face.

I la-id on my bed and hoped that I will get over it so soon , so I can read

I didn’t even know when I slept off.

I woke up few hours to 11PM, I was now feeling better and felt like I could still read.

As I brought out my books from my bag and set it on my bed, I received a brief beep on my phone.

I checked sharply and saw that it was from Raymond, I became more elated to check what he sends.

“Alice, I wanted to tell you to come today but I felt like, you might have some things to do at home. Rest and be happy. Good night.”

Really? He just texted me a good night message. I was so happy.

I replied immediately by typing; “Head boy, thanks for the message. Sleep well too.”

His message came swiftly like he had been expecting my reply; “Did you have to tell me to sleep well before I sleep well? I know better to sleep well.”

Huh! I replied and typed; “I actually meant that you should close your eyes when you are about to sleep, Good night.”

It took a while before he replied, I had already placed back my phone somewhere on the bed but a part of me was still expecting a reply from him.

My phone beeped briefly and I curiously took it and saw; “Thanks for the advise, I’ll sure close my eyes before I sleep but please , close your mouth when you sleep too and don’t raise your legs up, it hurt, place it down. Good night.”

I chuckled on reading the message

I dragged my physics note to me and began to read, there was a part I didn’t understand so I picked my phone and was about texting Raymond.

I hope that he had not slept.

“Electromagnetic wave is a wave that does not require any material medium for their propagation, what are those material medium?” I asked through text.

He didn’t reply for several minutes, I assumed he had slept and I was not happy.

My phone beeped briefly when it was just 5 minutes to 12AM.

“Come outside your house.”The message reads.

Huh! At this middle of the night?;

” Are you outside?” I replied his text.

“No, with you inside.” He replied ironically.

I summoned little courage and went to open the door of the house, I saw a black jeep before our house. I took few steps close and someone got down.

He walked to me and I saw that he was Raymond.

“Teaching you what you ask through text message might not work, come and sleep the night in my place, I’ll teach you properly.” He said.

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