By Ariel Mirabel


Barbie suddenly bursted out in laughter.

“You’re ¢razier than I thought… Come let’s go, the next lecture will soon begin” Barbie said and held her hand.

She scanned through Harmony’s body..

“What’s up with this dress? Come let me give you something cuter to wear” Barbie said.


“But this is what I use to wear when I was going to school” Harmony said.

“Well I don’t know from where you came but here you gotta flaunt your cuteness girl, show what your momma gave you!” Barbie said.

They both walked to the girl’s dressing room and Barbie brought out a set of clothe from her closet before handing it to Harmony.

Few minutes later, Harmony changed into it. She was wearing a pink gown that ended above her knee.

“Oh ma gawd!! Pink was made for you… Look at this beauty!! Gosh!!” Barbie began fanning her fake tears.

Harmony smiled widely… At first she found it kinda short but since Barbie said she looks in it then it’s okay..

“Come, let’s go!” Barbie held her hand and they left for the hall.

They walked in their lecture hall and all eyes turned to them

👥 It’s that girl in the video!

👥 She looks so cute!!

👥 Feels like I’m staring at an angel!!

Harmony looked at all the eyes starring at her. Barbie led Harmony to an empty seat.

They both walked pass Angelo who was sleeping on his seat. The moment a scent of rose and honey invaded his nostrils, he immediately looked up.

He began looking front but saw no one..

“This scent… It’s familiar” He thought, trying to remember where he smelled it but couldn’t

Not long after, a guy walked in the hall.

👥 Look it’s Dennis

👥 Thought he wouldn’t come

👥 He’s so cute!! Too bad he’s taken

“Wassup man!” Dennis walked and sat down next to Brandon.

Brandon smiled and they bumped fists. Dennis is Brandon’s friends they’re actually three but one travelled out of country.

Dennis looked around and furrowed his brows..

“Normally you’re probably kissing one of your girls. Why I’m I seeing none… Wait, did you decided to give your life to Christ!” Dennis exclaimed.

“No! It’s not it” Brandon scoffed.

“Then what’s up? Are you sick, did you… have HIV?” Dennis whispered and Brandon shot him a glare.

Dennis laughed. Brandon sighed and looked down at his middle, the pain he felt when Kaylee bit him there began resurfacing and he swallowed hard.

Actually, it still hurt till now so he decided to abstain from anything that’ll make him grow hard for three days.

“Not f**king for three days… I think I’m gonna die” Brandon thought, almost crying.

The lecturer came in and soon, the lecture began..



That’s the agency Juliet works for. It’s an agency that trains people to work for bodyguards.

Juliet walked and stopped in front of the CEO’s office. She took a deep breath, trying to calm down her nervousness before knocking on the door.

“Come in”

Juliet slowly went in.

“Good morning sir… You called for me” Juliet said.

“Juliet Watkins, please have a seat” He said and she did so.

“So you must be wondering on why I called you over.. Well there’s a wealthy CEO, a friend of mine who contacted us asking for a personal bodyguard..

Specifically a female bodyguard and amongst all the other you’re the most competent to do the job so I’m appointing you under him” He said and Juliet’s eyes widened.

“You.. You.. Mean I’ll be working now as a personal bodyguard? For real?” She stuttered and the man nodded.

Her eyes brightened… Since she started working under the company they’ve been appointing her for temporal jobs like escorting important personalities but now she’ll be having a stable task, that means she’ll be earning more money.

“Thanks so much boss! You don’t know how happy I am!” Juliet stood up and bowed, showing how grateful she was

“It’s nothing… You’ll be starting work now. Here’s the name of his company, go there and meet him” The CEO handed a card to Juliet who took it.

“Thank you sir. I’ll be on my way now” Juliet said and turned to leave.

“One more thing! Please, exercise patience with him” The CEO said.

Juliet didn’t understand what he meant but he just smiled and nodded before leaving. The CEO sighed

“I don’t know who I should be worried about… For her or for Romeo”


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