By Ariel Mirabel


ANGELO RODRIGUEZ… Just like his name depicts has an angel-like feature. Long silky hair, perfectly sculpted nose, sharp jawline, sxy pink lips, tall and an athletic body but mostly importantly he’s a pIayboy, yes.. A big time playboy.

He’s the only child to the Rodriguez, a wealthy family who owns a very big conglomerate with various branches located in different parts of the world.


Girls would literally do anything to be the owner of his heart but he doesn’t do love, he’ll rather fk all the girls in the world than to have anything to do with love..

Then everything took a huge turn when Harmony arrived.

Harmony is a very cute girl of 19 who grew up in an orphanage managed by nuns. It being a religious orphanage, she grew up to being a devoted christian who doesn’t know any bad thing about the world.

Then one day her dream came true and she got adopted into a loving family.

What will happen when she starts attending SUNNYSIDE COLLEGE, one of the most popular college in the town.

What will happen when the beginning of her new life will reveal so many secret about her life, secrets she didn’t knew existed.

Most importantly, what will happen when playboy meets innocent, two people from opposite world and perspective

Sounds intriguing and a little bit ¢razy right?

Hop on board as we sail through this sweet and fun ride.



By Ariel Mirabel



“Please don’t go, stay… Please” He muttered, hugging her from behind.

She sniffed and wiped her tears then turned to him

“Why should I stay, I heard you say it to her. You’ve been using me, are you blind? Can’t you see how much I love you!” She shouted at his face in tears but he stayed quiet, looking stunned.

“Still have nothing to say? Fine..” She muttered and turned to leave but he grabbed her hand

With a swift movement, he turned her to him and she crashed on his chest, their lips met immediately.

Her eyes widened.

“And cut!!” The director said.

The director began clapping happily, advancing to them.

“Excellent job done guys! And you Angelo, you’re a born actor!!” The director smiled.

Angelo smiled and ran his hand through his long hair, slowly going to the producer. The girl he kssed still stood on her spot, touching her lips while blushing foolishly.

It was all written in a script but still she couldn’t get over it. Playing a leading role with Angelo was like a life accomplishment for her.

“Thanks man” His angelic voice said.

Perfectly sculpted nose, plumb sxy lips, beautiful eyes who’s beauty is more glaring with his long hair that fell on his forehead, tall and athletic body.. All that was the right words to describe Angelo.

The alarm he set on his phone began ringing and he checked it. The first and only lectures he had today will be starting in 30 minutes.

“Gotta go now man..” Angelo said and bumped fists with the director.

“Sure catch you on Wednesday” He muttered.

Angelo nodded and turned to the girl then winked sxily at her before heading to the dressing room to change. Being the only son to the wealthy Daniel Rodriguez, he had his private room.

“You’re back” His personal manager muttered, making her gown look shorter as she brushed her hair with her hands too.

“Yep.. Have a lecture by 9” He muttered, unbuttoning his shirt.

“It must be stressful, attending to school work and your career. You must be really stressed out.” She muttered, making sure her bbs were standing out.

Angelo looked at her chest and then at her. She walked to him and slowly began caressing his chest, biting his lips sxily.

“Let me make you feel better” She whispered to his ear..

Angelo smirked and grabbed her hand, pinning her against the wall. A gasp left her lips and she instantly fell wet when his lips brushed against her neck, going upwards to her ears.

“How old are you?” He whispered.

“I’m…. 30” She blurted out with her eyes closed.

“You’re my uncle’s age mate, and he even has a son. I don’t do old outdated grandmas, I love it with when the ppsy is fresh and new not loose holes like yours” Angelo whispered

“Huh?” Her eyes immediately flew open.

A knock suddenly came up..

“Did you hear that? It’s menopause knocking at your door. And a certain grandma is still single, why don’t you go and marry? Oh wait, I forgot that cows can’t get married” Angelo smirked before carrying his things to leave

He spanked her a$s causing her to jolt up.

“You don’t even have à$s… Plank should be your middle name from now, see you on Wednesday Miss Plank” He muttered and left the room



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