By Ariel Mirabel


Barbie’s spoon fell from her hand in shock.

“What… What did you say?”


Barbie, Kaylee and Cassidy all held a shocked look on their faces. They did not see that question coming at all, especially from Harmony.

“The thing is that… Argh! It’s so embarrassing!” Harmony buried her face in her palms.

Kaylee slowly smiled.

“So you want to ask Angelo for sx and you worry if it’s gonna hurt?” Kaylee asked and Harmony slowly nodded.

“Fk! I did not see that coming” Barbie said, picking up her spoon that fell on the table.

“The thing is that… I wanna take our relationship to the next level other than holding hands and kssing. I think it’s time” Harmony said.

“I hope you’re not doing that because you feel insecure. Angelo is ¢razy over you, one can see it in his eyes that he’s in love with you” Cassidy said.

“Yeah, I know I’m not doing it because of that” Harmony said.

“Well if it’s so I can’t really answer your question coz I’m still a V” Kaylee said.

“Same here” Cassidy shrugged

They all turned to Barbie who was innocently eating her meal.

“Why are you all looking at me like that! Do you really think I’m that naughty? Okay fine, I’m not longer a V” Barbie rolled her eyes.

“So Harmony they’re tons of ways you can use in asking your man for sx. You can just dress sxily before asking him or if you feel to shy to ask directly you go the indirect way, dress provocatively and let him do the asking” Barbie shrugged and Harmony nodded, giving it her utmost attention.

“And if you’re still a V, it’ll hurt if it’s your first time but I think it all depends on the person breaking your vrgnity. If he’s good in it, you won’t feel too much pain” Barbie said and Harmony nodded again

“So what are you planning to do…” Cassidy asked


“No!!” Barbie exclaimed and immediately hid under the table when she saw Dennis coming towards them with Brandon

“What’s wrong with her?” Cassidy asked.

“Babe” Brandon pecked Kaylee’s lips before sitting down next to her.

“Why is Barbie hiding under the table?” Brandon asked.

“I’m not hiding under the table.. I dropped something there” Barbie chuckled nervously, slowly coming out.

She looked at Dennis and when she saw Dennis was also looking at her, she quickly looked away.

Dennis sighed then grabbed her wrist.

“Come with me” He muttered and dragged her away.

The others just looked at them as they left.

“Do you think something happened between those two?” Harmony asked and Cassidy shrugged.


“Hey! Let me go!” Barbie released herself from his grip.

“You’ve been avoiding me since that incident. Thought we agreed we’ll act like nothing happened.” Dennis frowned.

“It’s not really easy you know” Barbie bit her lips, looking down.

“How should I act normal when everytime I close my eyes, your touches, your ksses, what you made me feel always comes back in my mind.

I think I’m going crazy at this rate” Barbie said inwardly, biting her lips even more.

“I’m really sorry… I should have controlled myself back then” Dennis sighed and ran his hands through his hair.

“Maybe it’ll be better if we start avoiding each other” Dennis said.

“What? No!” Barbie quickly said.

“If we continue seeing each other, then things will only get weirder and I fear at this rate I might just dié out of guilt and…” Dennis kept talking but Barbie’s mind was already far away.

Her gaze was fixed on his lips that kept moving as he talked and he occasionally licked it, making it look even sxier.


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