By Ariel Mirabel


“No… Mom!!” Like flash, he ran to Brandon and shielded him with his body.

Melissa pulled the trlgger almost immediately and Kaylee’s eyes widened. Her chest slumped back down immediately as she breathed heavily.

Angelo slowly opened his eyes and looked around.


“I’m.. I’m alive” He muttered, looking surprised.

Melissa slowly lowered her gvn. Thankfully, she diverted her gvn at the last minute.

“I.. I nearly klled my son” She breathed out in shock.

“Angelo..” Brandon also looked surprised.

“Are you okay? Did you suffer any major injuries? Did you got shot?” Angelo asked worriedly.

“How did you get in here…” Brandon whispered

“I saw a secret passage so I just followed it and it led me directly here” Angelo quickly began untying Brandon when Marco pulled him away and pvnched him hard.

“Don’t you fking dare touch my son!” Melissa pointed her gvn at Marco.

“Mom! Stop all this nonsense! What do you think you’re doing! Please tell me that you were forced, that you actually didn’t plan all this…

Please tell me that dad is my real dad, that all what I heard is fake” Angelo asked and stylishly looked at Brandon.

Brandon understood what he meant and used the opportunity that they were all distracted and he began untying himself. Thanks to Angelo, the ropes became loose

“Don’t you dare mention that bàstard here. As soon as I’m done here, I’ll be sending him to his grave too.

You don’t know the amount of maltreatment I went through in his hands and I’ll make sure he-”

“What the fk is happening here”

Cold chill ran through Marco and Melissa when they heard that voice. They turned to the entrance to see Mamba standing there.

There was no trace of smile on his face unlike the other time. He looked really angry.

Mamba marched to Melissa then grabbed her neck, slamming her back hard on the wall.


“I asked a question.. What is happening here? Why is my son tied up?” Mamba sneered

Angelo just stared at what was happening with wide eyes. No! He refuse to believe that this mo.nster is his real father.

“Love.. You’re hurting me” Melissa began crying, hoping it’ll soften Mamba but Mamba landed a deafening sI.ap on her face, immediately drying the tears.

“You bch!! How dare you act behind my back. Because of your reckless act, Matilda escaped and guess on who she landed on… Daniel!!” Mamba yelled and her eyes widened.


“It’s all over the news and in few minutes from now, the cops will be raiding this place.

You and I are now wanted by the law. All because of your foolish acts!!!” Mamba yelled at her face, tightening his grip round her neck..

Angelo to them then pushed Mamba off, standing in between them as he faced Mamba.

“Don’t touch my mom… I’m sure you’re the one who forced her into doing all these atrocities” Angelo glared at Mamba

Mamba snickered at that…

“You’re really foolish aren’t you. Is it how good of an actress that woman is” Mamba said, referring to Melissa

“I honestly didn’t imagine meeting my second son for the first in such conditions” Mamba made to touch Angelo but Angelo stepped away.

“There’s not much time. We have to leave the country immediately and you Angelo, you’re coming with us” Mamba said

“What should we do with the boss lady?” Marco asked.

“I have no business with her. My two sons are what matters to me now so-”

Brandon immediately pulled the trlgger and it pierce Mamba’s tummy

“Fk!” Mamba hissed and looked at Brandon who just shot him. He succeeded in freeing himself before grabbing a gvn nearby.


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