By Ariel Mirabel



Harmony walked out of her room. She already took her bath then changed into a comfortable pair of hoodie and bum short.

She joined her friends at the roof top..

“Mony!” Kaylee smiled when Harmony walked to them.


“Can’t believe our stay in California got shortened to a day because of me, I’m sorry guys” Harmony apologized.

“It’s nothing. You being safe is what matters” Tasha smiled.

Harmony sat down next to them..

“So tell us what actually happened” Tasha asked.

Harmony heaved in before she told them what happened. How she went to look for Angelo till somebody pushed her in the water and Angelo saved her.

“So that’s all what happened? You and Angelo didn’t do something weird?” Tasha asked.

“Tasha! What sort of question is that! You should be asking if she got hurt!” Kaylee frowned.

“Fine, sorry” Tasha muttered.

“Let’s not fght girls… I’m perfectly fine” Harmony smiled.


Harmony turned when a voice called her and her eyes widened when she saw Brandon. He actually followed her here.

“Brandon!” Barbie waved.

Brandon walked close to them.

“Can I talk to Harmony.. Alone please” Brandon asked

“Sure” Barbie smiled and stood up to leave but her gaze landed on the necklace round Brandon’s neck.

“OMG!! You and Harmony have matching necklace!” Barbie gushed.

“Huh?” Harmony raised a brow, slowly standing.

“Yeah, look!” Barbie said and Harmony looked at his neck.

Her eyes widened when she saw he was wearing the other half of the heart pendant she had.

“Brandon? It’s him?” Harmony thought, looking shocked.

“We’ll leave you two to talk” Kaylee said and glanced at Brandon who smiled assuredly at her.

She nodded before leaving with the other. Harmony looked down, fidgeting uncomfortably on her spot.

“Hey, you don’t need to feel uncomfortable when you’re with me. It’s me, Brany” Brandon smiled and Harmony looked up at him

“I just feel bad… I’m sorry I can’t reciprocate your feelings, I only see you as… My best friend” Harmony said and Brandon could feel his heart break but he still maintained the smile on his lips.

“I knew it was going to turn out this way. The answer was there but I tried to wave it off” Brandon said and sat down on the bench.

“Why him and not me?” Brandon suddenly asked.

Harmony bit her lips.

“I.. I don’t know” Harmony said and Brandon just nodded.

“Can’t believe I lost to that scumbag… Again” Brandon said and took in a huge breath.

“I’ll move on.. You’re not the only girl in this world, anyway. Trust me I’ll find someone better than you” Brandon smirked.

Harmony smiled and sat next to him..

“I can help you if you want” Harmony winked and Brandon chuckled.

“Brany..” Harmony took his hand and he looked at her.

“Remember when I made a video of you dancing and I promised to delete it if only you teach me how to ride a motorcycle? Well I wanna change my wish please” Harmony said.

“What’s that?”

“Fix things with Angelo.. Please” Harmony said and Brandon sighed, looking away.

“Harmony, it’s easier said than done.” Brandon muttered.

“Just do this one for me… Please” Harmony said and Brandon sighed again.

“I’ll think about it” Brandon said and ruffled her hair.


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