Abbie quickly got out of her car and immediately girls swoon around her. She swallowed hard, starring at them all.

The rainbow hair color already faded since two days has passed.

? Alex!! We love you!!

? I love your outfit of today

? A night please.. Just one!

“Uhh excuse me” Abbie said and immediately left the crowd.


Her eyes kept darting around the school as she walked. If she’s in the body of Alex then Alex must be in hers

“What the fk is the meaning of all these” She said inwardly.

Just at that moment, she spotted her body (Alex). Alex’s eyes widened when she saw her.

Abbie walked to him and grabbed him by the arm.

“We need to talk!” Abbie said and made to take him away but Rudy stopped her.

“Where are you taking my sister to?” Rudy asked.

“Uhh,, it’s okay Rudy.. I’ll follow him” Alex chuckled nervously.

Rudy looked at the both of them then touched Alex’s head before leaving. Alex frowned at that..

“Come here!” Abbie took him to an empty corridor..

They both began starring at each other..

“Abbie/Alex” They said at the same time and immediately exclaimed.

“What the fk is this!? Why did I wake up in your body!! What happened!!” Abbie immediately began panicking..

“We swapped bodies? How’s that possible!!” Alex exclaimed.

“Oh gosh!! Upon all the pretty girls I hard to swap bodies with,, it had to be you. Why did you even come into my life!!” Alex flared up.

Abbie immediately frowned.

“You think it’s funny to me? You think I like being in the body of an arrogant jerk like you!!” Abbie shouted.

“Can’t believe someone will see my body for free.. My precious body!!” Abbie cried

“As if there’s something on this body that I’ve never touched nor fked before” Alex scoffed

They both began glaring at each other.. Abbie sighed..

“Picking at each other won’t solve matters.. Let’s just look for a way to fix things. I’m sure there must be a scientific explanation to all these” Abbie said.

“You’re right, let’s work on how to return to our original body then after that,, you leave my life for. Deal?” Alex stretched his hands.

“Deal..” Abbie accepted his handshake.

Alex looked at Abbie with a funny look on his face. It’s so creepy and weird looking at one’s own body in front of him and not on the mirror.

“What’s up with the pink T-shirt, are you trying to disgrace me? Wait first of all, how did this find it’s way to my wardrobe” Alex said.

“I should ask you the same question, what’s up with the oversized shirt and long baggy jean..” Abbie said.

“This was the only decent clothe in your wardrobe so I decided to wear it. All your clothes are either crop top, mini gowns, or mini skirts” Alex said.

“But that’s my dressing code! If you’re in my body then you’ll start dressing like me!” Abbie said.

“Same goes to you,, brat!” Alex said and hissed at how girlish his voice was.

“Are you two still gonna stand there, arguing of what I don’t understand or should we go to our hall” Julian said with Whitney standing beside him.

They both turned to him. Whitney smiled widely and ran then hugged Alex who swallowed hard as his hand began going to her @ss.

Abbie immediately gave him the “don’t you dare do something funny” look and he paused.

“Sorry for going back early, I was feeling down so I decided to go home” Whitney explained.

“It’s alright… Uhh,,,” He began searching for her name.

“Whitney” Abbie mouthed.

“Whitney! Yeah, Whitney…” Alex laughed nervously.

“Let’s go..” Julian hung his arm round Abbie’s shoulder.

“How was your night dude?” Julian asked.

Abbie looked at his hand on her shoulder then at his face.

“It was nice” Abbie replied with a forced smile as they walked to their LH.




The lectures were currently going on but Blaire and Della were in a classroom, preparing their next plan on how to get back at Abbie.

The door opened and Estella walked in. She was actually attending her lectures when Blaire texted her to come.

“You asked me to come?” Estella said.

“Yeah, I want you to do something for me… I want you to keep an eyes on that Korean wench!! Keep a close eye on her and then report to me something crucial, something personal that I can use to get back at her” Blaire said.

If not for the fact that Abbie still has the video with her, she could have reported her to her father and then allowed him to deal with her..

“Blaire, I don’t think I can do it.. My GPA in first year was really low and I have to study harder so I can balance with my GPA in this year” Estella explained.

Blaire chuckled, same as Della..

“Look at my face Stella,, do I look like someone who cares of your dàmn GPA?? You can fail for all I care but remember to report to me every single detail about that girl!!” Blaire shouted.

“Yeah besides it’s because of Blaire’s father that you’re in this school.. You also don’t want the whole school to know of your “job” right,,, Star?” Della air quoted the word “job” while Blaire smiled.

Estella bit her lips and looked down.

“I’ll do whatever you want Blaire” Estella said.

“Good,, now shoo!” Blaire waved her hand as if she was chasing off an animal.

Estella turned and quietly left the hall while Blaire and Della laughed.

Estella brought out her small phone which had several cracks on the screen and she turned it on.. She smiled as she saw a picture of a girl of 12 years old.

“Patience baby sis,, your sister is gonna save you” She muttered as a drop of tear fell on the screen.

She quickly cleaned her tear before anyone will notice and immediately masked up with the usual arrogant look on her face.




Abbie walked to the basketball court as she checked Alex’s phone. Luckily, he saved all his daily program of his phone so it was easy to know where she’ll be going next.

“Can’t believe I’ll be playing basketball! I’ve never touched a ball in my life before so how I’m I supposed to do that..” Abbie kept thinking as she walked.

Her thoughts were interrupted with the usual screaming of the girls

? Alex!!!!

“Shut the f**k up!! Alex here, Alex there… Give him!- I mean me some breathing space!! Let me thinking in peace!!” Abbie snapped at the girls.

She hissed and walked in the basketball court.

? …..

“Captain, you’re late..” Tyler scoffed and rolled his eyes. He didn’t mean the “captain” he said.

“I’m sorry” Abbie replied, shocking Tyler..

Since when is Alex sorry??

“Alex! Cool! You’re here,, I came here to announce to y’all that the annual sports festival is next week so you should prepare your team well. We’re counting on you” The gym coach said.

Abbie’s eyes widened.

“Next week?! How I’m I gonna prepare them when I too I know nothing in basketball!!” She screamed Inwardly.

“Uhh,, okay” She slowly said.

“Cool, I’ll leave you to train” The coach patted Abbie’s shoulder and left

“Captain, what should we do now” Everett walked to him and handed him the ball.

“Uhh…” She looked at the ball and gulped down.




“So from today we’ll start an intensive training because next week our school has the honor of opening the sports festival and only one among you will be chosen to do the dance so that means people will be eliminated” Violet spoke as she gave them all a stern look

“Of course! You all already know I’ll be the one chosen since I’m the best around here but it’s permitted to dream anyways” Violet said proudly and Alex frowned.

“How sure are you?” Alex asked with a raised brow and the others gasped.

? OMG… She talked back at Violet!

Violet came and stood in front of him then gave him a nasty look before she scoffed

“I’m a 100% sure bch! That you nor anyone here won’t beat me… Bch!!” She pushed her head backwards.

Alex couldn’t do anything than to stare at her. Was this the sweet Violet he knew,, or he thought he knew.

He was really…disappointed.

“Alright, in position everyone. Let’s begin the rehearsals” Violet said and turned to Alex.

“Oh and Abbie,, you’re not needed. Just stand in the corner and watch us” She smirked and looked away.

Alex frowned.


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