Zoey groaned in annoyance as she kept pressing the the button to take a picture but it wasn’t going. She began hitting on the table for it to work

She tried to take a pic but still nothing..

“Argh!” She groaned in frustration.

“Need some help?”

She looked up and her heart palpitate when she saw it was Rudy.

“Oh,, yeah!!” She smiled awkwardly and Rudy came to her.

Her face turned red in embarrassment when she remembered her $illy action of yesterday. Actually, she lied to him that she was just saying what she saw in a romantic movie and thankfully, Rudy believed her..

She shook her head back to present.

“So this how you take a good picture.. You position the camera like this in your hand and then..” Rudy explained and Zoey did as he explained but couldn’t still succeed for the picture she took was blurry.

“How can you join a photography club when you don’t know how to use a camera” Rudy chuckled.

“It’s never too late to learn right?” Zoey pouted..

Rudy chuckled and came to stand behind her. Zoey immediately stiffed up when his hand held hers.

“Zoey?” He called, his breath htting her neck and Zoey bit her lips.

“What is he doing to me??” She screamed inwardly.

“Listen keenly, first don’t shake too much.. Relax” Rudy said.

“How I’m I supposed to do that when you’re standing right behind me!!!” She screamed inwardly.

Some girls in the club hall felt jealous watching them.

? Can’t believe handsome Rudy is helping this ugly girl with a funny accent.

? I even joined this club coz of him!!

Well not only Alex has a lot of girls crushing on him, Rudy does too just that he isn’t interested in any

“Nice! That’s it, you did it” Rudy congratulated her and took a step away from her.

Zoey finally released the breath she was holding.

“Rudy, can you please help me?” A girl called.

“No Rudy, help me instead.” Another one said



Rudy sighed and pinched his brows. Zoey chuckled behind him.



Whitney kept humming a melody as she walked happily along the corridor, admiring everything she came across

“Wow! This place is so huge..” She giggled as she walked.

She paused when she began hearing sounds behind a door.

“Hmm?” She wondered and opened the door.

Her mouth formed a small “O” as she watched Tyler ramming a girl’s hole from behind.

The basketball training finished minutes earlier

He immediately noticed a presence in the locker room so he pulled out of the girl..

“Leave” He said and the girl pecked his lips before leaving

“You again? Can’t you knock!!” Tyler snapped as he buckled up his belt.

“What was that,, you two were doing?” She pointed at the desk they were both fking.

“You mean to tell me you don’t know what’s sx,, nice..” Tyler said sarcastically, not believing a word what she said.

“Hmm? Sx? What’s that? She seem to be enjoying it a lot, can we do that too huh!!” Her eyes beamed.

Tyler’s eyes formed an “O” when he realized she actually doesn’t know what’s sx.

“Wait,, You really don’t know” He asked slowly and she nodded vigorously.

“Lian said that I have amnestia and I forgot everything” She explained

“Amnestia? Wait,, you mean amnesia?” He asked and she nodded again.

Tyler pinched his brows..

“Great! Now I have to to explain what’s sx to her” He said inwardly.

“Can we do it? Please!!” Whitney pouted.

“Uhh,, when you get home.. You ask Julian to do to it to you okay?” Tyler said.

“Really? Okay” She smiled widely.

“I wanted to thank you for yesterday. You saved me from that bad man” Whitney pouted.

“Uhh, welcome?” He thought..

The electronic bell rang.

“It’s time for our next lecture, let’s go!!” Whitney grabbed his hand and began taking him out.

Tyler looked at her hand holding his and then at her..

“You look just like a prince! I can call you prince right??” Whitney stopped to ask him.

“S.. Sure?” Tyler said with a funny look on his face.

Whitney smiled widely and they resumed walking.




Alex fell on the bench tiredly..

“How can dancing be more tiring than basketball” He said, massaging his feet which were aching badly.

He grimace when he saw how small his feet were.

Abbie entered the room and came in since she already knows Alex will be here. She already changed out of the clothes she came with.

“Brat” Alex looked at Abbie who crumpled on the floor.

“I can’t believe it!! My eyes have been disvrgned from seeing all those dks.. Me that I’ve never seen a dk in my whole life, I’m carrying one… Why!!” She began crying on the floor.

Well she’s just coming from the male dressing room with many guys changing out of their sportswear and her eyes saw what she has never seen before,, in multitude

“Stop crying!! You’re making me look ridiculous!” Alex stood up from the bench while limping due to her throbbing feet.

Abbie cleaned her tears and stood up.

“Did you have your bath after dance practice?” Abbie asked

“No..” Alex shrugged.

“What!! You need to take one now, my body always begin to itch badly if I don’t wash off the sweat off it”

“Now it’s technically my body now so I decide what I do” Alex said stubbornly

“Remove your clothes and enter the bathroom now” Abbie said.


“Remove your clothes now!!” Abbie said angrily.

“No, you won’t order me around.. Brat!!” Alex said.

“I said remove your clothes now!!”

Alma who was coming back from the swimming pool while gulping water walked in to change. She paused when she them.

“Remove your clothes now id!ot!!!” Abbie barked.

“I said-” Alex paused when he noticed Alma standing there, looking at them while blinking.

“Okay..” Alma slowly took steps back and closed the door.

“Wait!! It’s not what you think!!”


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