Andrea And The Spiritual Roommate Episode 1 – The End

Andrea and the spiritual roommate.

Story by Crownway Amef

Episode 1

Andrea is an orphan,she lost her parent at the age of 10 and she lives in the wood (Forest) till she grew up to be a very pretty lady.Andrea built a small house for herself, lost animals and stray cats are her friends they do bring her clothes and food from the city.

She feed well and enjoy living with animals.One day as she was going hunting as usual she heard some fast movement behind her then she brought out a powder that was given to her by a wizard as a gift and she sprinkled it around her then another girl who is a ghost and also about her age appeared to her coughing she was so scared when Andrea tried to touch her and she step backward. Andrea felt bad for her because she is such a beautiful ghost
Andrea:its okay I won’t hurt you I’m a friend

Ghost:promise you won’t hurt me(looking at the powder in her hand)

Andrea:I promise(puttin it away)
can we be friends?

Ghost: with a ghost?

Andrea:don’t worry bout that I’ve been living in this forest for many years now.I guess I won’t be lonely anymore

Ghost: actually I’ve been living in your house for so long as well

Andrea:I’m not upset with you living in my hut without my permission… so what’s your name

Ghost:I can’t really remember anything

Andrea:hmm okay My name is Andrea and your name will be Anny.

Ghost Anny:Thanks a lot Andrea

Andrea:so friends?

Ghost:yes (smiling)

Andrea:let go home

As they were going,Andrea is walking while Anny is just disappearing and appearing since her body is fuzzy like electricity.Meanwhile there was a spooky man watching Andrea throughout her discussion with a ghost and that man is the Grim reaper who finally track Anny after she ran away from the underworld.

(Grim reaper is a personification of death that takes souls(ghosts) to the underworld)

Grim Reaper: so you’ve been hiding in that powerful seal hut?you must return to afterlife Anny(in a distorted voice).


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