Andrea And The Spiritual Roommate Episode 1 – The End

?Andrea and the spiritual roommate?

Episode 2

Months passed and Andrea now enjoy living with a ghost.Anny sometimes help her whenever she is in danger of wild animals or predators lurking around her pets.One fine day,two young men came from the city to hunt down wild animals.

Jeremy and Aramis are hunters but also ghost hunters.They have no magic just a soul absorbing orb that they use in catching wandering ghost that might cause harm to living beings.Whenever the orb is full,they submit it to the Grim reaper in return for more days on earth.These two men were once ghost as well but were given chance to live again but as a Grim Reaper subordinate.

They arrived at a forest very far from the city so as to hunt down wild animals to sell for money.luckily,they saw a boar and they lay ambush to trap it.
Andrea and Anny were strolling the forest when they heard gun shot.


Andrea:why are you so scared?you are a ghost you can’t die twice

Anny:its not funny

Andrea:stop getting emotional, hunting takes place in this forest every can you not know

Anny:let go home anyway

Andrea:okay okay

Jeremy and Aramis were successful in killing the boar,and not too long they saw a cat…a black cat. Jeremy wanted to kill it because its black

Aramis:no don’t kill it

Jeremy: it might be an evil cat trust me.(he shot it)

Aramis:seriously?(he yell at him)

Jeremy: tsk tsk(nodding his head)too sissy for a soul hunter

Aramis:shut your fucking mouth under your freaking ass..I’m hunting on my own

Jeremy: cool but if I hunt more than you,you’re going to starve.

Aramis and Jeremy part ways.Jeremy with his gun slung across his shoulder notice something moving in a thick forest,he drew his gun and shot it without taking a more careful look since it resembled an animal..but unfortunately it was Andrea.
Anny was shocked and she screamed. Her voice echoes throughout the Forest and it was ear deafening.


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