ANIKE : Episode 21 – 30


By: Toyin Taiwo

Episode 21

Months later, 500l second semester to be precised, I discovered I was feeling itchy in between my thigh, I also felt pain, before I knew it the itching became more severe, that I had to see a doctor. I would have used Prince’s hospital in Abuja, but I didn’t plan to travel that week.

I went to a private hospital, a doctor attended to me. I was diagnosed and he said I have v@ginal infection. He handed me the test result. I checked the results. I could easily interpret the results been a microbiology student.
“I know this bacteria, but doctor what I don’t get is how I got this…this vaginal infection. My guess before I came here was that it could be toilet infection”
“In layman’s term, it’s called Toilet Infection but toilet infection does not exist in the medical field. If someone says “I have toilet infection” they could be referring to infection affecting the V@gina, or S*xually Transmitted Infections” The doctor explained.
“ But doctor I can’t have s*xually transmitted infections, I have just one partner and he doesn’t sleep around” I stated.
The doctor took his time to educate me on what vagina infection is.
“V@ginal infections can also be transmitted mostly by carelessness, or poor personal hygiene rather than s*x”
“Doctor I used a public toilet last month. Could it be the cause?” I asked.
“Yes, it could be, some habits that make women have toilet Infection include use of dirty toilet, v@ginal douching, squatting to urinate, use of wet underwear, use of birth control pills to mention but a few.
The general signs and symptoms of toilet infections are: itching, pain on urination, abnormal discharge, abdominal pain and abnormal menstrual flow.

As for the treatment, Less severe infections, are treated with drugs such as
Vaginal tablet in which the tablet is inserted into the Vagina and has been found to be effective or cream application using an applicator stick: in which a cream is used for 7 to 14 days.
Clotrimazole (Mycelex, Gyne-Lotrimin) can be tablet or cream. This is more effective. That’s the one I’m administering. I’ll give you the tablet which you’ll insert in your private area”
“Thanks doc for the enlightment”
“One more thing, your partner must also be treated, there is all possibility that he’s also infected, especially in cases where you have unprotected s*x”
“Really, I would have given him infection too?”
“Yes, except you are having a protected s*x”
That means he had the infection too, since we have unprotected s*x.

I was more worried now, how will I tell Prince, he doesn’t joke with his health. I don’t know how to face him to tell him, this is embarrassing. My carelessness cost me all this. The day I used that toilet I was so pressed that I couldn’t hold it till I get home. I don’t use public toilet, but that day, I had no choice.

I got to my apartment and met Happy and I explained my situation to her. She said she had it few times before, she said I will be fine, I should just make sure I complete the doses.
I went to the kitchen and microwave the rice I left in the pot. I used the drugs, then I went to my bedroom to use the bathroom to insert the tablet.

I was still in the bathroom when I heard my phone singing ‘Mama Oyoyo a mama eh’…. I knew it was my mum calling. I left the bathroom to pick the call.
“Hello mummy”
“Anike, your brother was rushed to the hospital from school. I just got here, they called me from school. The doctors said he needs to be operated on immediately”
“Jesus! I’m coming over ma, he’ll be fine by God’s grace” I tried to calm her down.
I just picked my bag and left the room. I told Happy about my brother that I need to be in Lagos now, my Mummy needs me.
“Take it easy, he’ll be fine, have a safe trip”
“Have you called Prince Alawode?”
“No, I’ll do that later” I said and left for the airport”.


I got to the hospital, I was directed to the theater, I sighted my mummy sitting at the waiting room close to the OR.
“Anike, welcome, thank you for coming down here my child” she hugged me.
My sister too was sitted in her school uniform, eyes all swollen. So she likes his brother like this because they fight a lot.
“How is he?” I asked
“He’s still in the theater”
“What did the doctor say?”
“He had appendicitis, the appendicitis is ripe, that’s why they rushed him into the theater before it burst” she explained.
“Was he feeling sick before? Or did you notice any symptoms?”
“Not at all, he was fine”.

An hour after I got there, they wheeled him out of the OR and he was taken to a private ward, I already spoke to one of the doctors that I wanted a private ward.
I asked for the bill, I went to the cashier and paid #300k. We all sat quietly beside him, waiting for him to wake up, he’s still unconscious due to the anesthesia effect.

I gave Adekemi #10k to get food for us in a nearby eatery. She brought the food. I encouraged my mum to try and put something in her tommy. She hasn’t taken anything since morning.
I assured her that Okiki is fine, it’s just for him to wake up. I opened the foil ready to eat my fried rice and chicken then my phone rang, the ring tone was ‘ you are my strength when I was weak, you are my voice when I couldn’t speak’ I knew it was Prince. I picked it. All I heard was…
“Anike! take the next available flight to Abuja and meet me in Abuja now!” he said with a harsh tone and hung up.

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