ANIKE : Episode 31 – The End

ANIKE By Toyin Taiwo Episode 31 My mum adjusted on her seat. “He’s divorced with two kids right?” “Yes ma” “Why did he divorce his wife?” “You know naval officers travels a lot, Earlier in his career, he use to travel for six months, sometimes they are on the ocean for one year straight without … Read more

ANIKE : Episode 21 – 30

ANIKE By: Toyin Taiwo Episode 21 Months later, 500l second semester to be precised, I discovered I was feeling itchy in between my thigh, I also felt pain, before I knew it the itching became more severe, that I had to see a doctor. I would have used Prince’s hospital in Abuja, but I didn’t … Read more

ANIKE : Episode 11 – 20

ANIKE By Toyin Taiwo Episode 11 I woke up by 6am. I prayed briefly, at least I thanked God I didn’t die overnight. I took my bath, I wore a strap pencil dress. I lied on the bed after dressing up, I was called up for breakfast around 8am on Saturday morning. I met him … Read more

ANIKE : Episode 1 – 10

ANIKE By Toyin Taiwo Episode 1 The queue was so long and the sun was not helping matters at all. I had longed to be in the university, after 3years of seeking admission. At 19, I finally got an admission into Federal universities of technology, Minna. My Dad is not a big fan of private … Read more