ANNABEL’S LITTLE SECRET – Faith Lucky: Episode 11 – The End

Little Secret
(What happened to her?)

Episode 15

By: Faith Lucky.

Annabel’s Pov:
I walked around the mall and was beginning to feel impatient already.

G0sh! It was so difficult getting a good dress over here. I mean, I couldn’t find anyone that suited my test.

I grumbled and continued looking around.

Suddenly, I saw someone that caught my attention. Hm. Royce.

He appeared to be shopping as well as he faced the jewelries show glass.

I smiled and went to meet him.

“Royce” I called as I stood behind him and he turned to look at me.

“Hey. Annabel” he also called, sounding surprised.

“Hi…” I smiled, revealing all my dentition.

“How’re you? And what’re you doing here?” He asked.

“Oh! Just dropped by to get some clothes”.

“Oh, really? Well, I also dropped by to um…just get one or two jeweleries”.

“Hm. I see. Are they for my sister?”

“Yeah, yeah. Of course”.

I stared at the floor and batted my lashes, then moved closer to him.

“So…how’s work?”, I asked tenderly as l lifted my hand to his collar.

“Uh…work is fine. I actually need to go now” he replied and brought my hands down from his body, then turned back to the jewelries show glass.

There were no customers or attendants around.

“Royce” I called softly and held him from behind.

He flinched and pulled me away.

“Annabel! What’s wrong with you?” He asked, alarmed.

“Come on, Royce; chill will you? Don’t act like you don’t like me” I rolled my eyes at him and he scoffed.

“Like you?? Are you kidding me? What are saying, Annabel? I’m in love with your sister and you know it”.

“Oh, please! Stop acting like you really love her. All you feel for her is infatuation”.

“That’s a bloody lie. I love your sister with all my heart and I’m gonna be proposing to her real soon”.

“Oh!” I muttered and folded my hands.

Hm. Proposing to her.

“So…” I paused and chuckled.
“You wanna get married to her.

“Well, I’ll prove to you she doesn’t deserve your love”.

And with that, I walked away.
Vanessa’s Pov:
I knocked on Annabel’s door but didn’t get any reply and slowly, I pushed the door open and went in.

“Annabel?” I called as I traced my steps into the room.

“I’m coming!” She replied from the bathroom and I nod and sat on the bed.

I took in a deep breath.

I hope this gets to work out.

What I’m about to do – the question I’m about to ask her, only the real Annabel could answer it.

So, if that lady in there is an imposter, then it’d be easier to find out because she wouldn’t be able to answer the question.

I clasped my palms together and waited and after a while, she came out of the bathroom, drying her body with a towel.

“Hello sister”, she smiled and went to the wardrobe.

“Hi Annabel. How was school today?”, I asked.

“Urgh! It was boring, I swear.” She replied and giggled.

I watched her as she took out a short dress from the wardrobe and wore it on.

“So, is there a problem?’ She asked, making me raise my brows at her.

“Really? Does there have to be a problem before your sister comes to see you in your room?” I asked and she laughed and sat close to me on the bed.

“Of course not sis. I was just curious” she replied and hugged me.

“You know, Annabel, I was thinking” I said after the hug.

“Maybe we should go for a tour one of these days; you know, just like we used to. I’ve really missed all those beautiful moments of ours”.

“Hmm. True. Same here”, she replied with a wishful look.

“Maybe, this time around, we’ll visit countries like China, Paris, India..”

“Nah, nah nah. Not india”, she cut me off and I laughed.

“Why not? Why don’t you like India?”

“They’re so…poor” she replied and we laughed together.

“Anyway, I’m sure you’d want to go to Korea again”,I said.


“Yeah. I’m sure you’re missing your crush already.

“Remember the first day we had gone there, you met that cute guy and fell in love with him immediately. Gross. He was more like your first crush and you wouldn’t stop talking about him.

“But unfortunately, he didn’t pay attention to you. It broke your heart so much, you nearly cried. Urgh! What was his name again? Um…I think I’ve forgotten. But you, you’ll never forget his name. What was his name, Annabel?” I asked and looked at her in the face.

Immediately, I noticed a diffident look in her eyes.

“His…His name?”,she stuttered, a little crack in his voice.

“Yes, Annabel. What was his name?”

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